Senior Citizen Freebies

Our senior years may bring on the aches and pains but they also offer us some great money saving opportunites as well. A few benefits you may not know about:

College Courses

Check with your state’s department of aging for a list of universities that have “lifelong learning programs” – these are programs that offer seniors tution-free courses when space is available. In Ohio, for example, 36 institutions offer no-fee courses to people over 60.

Checking Accounts

Many banks offer no-fee accounts for seniors. Search for one at

Rides Around Town

Many cities and states give seniors a free pass for public transportation. In Pennsylvania, for example, all local bus and rail services are free for those  65 and over. Ceheck with your local transit authority to see if they offer something similar.

Computer Courses

Contact your local library to see if they offer computer courses for seniors. Many of them do and they are often free.

Do you know of any Senior discounts or freebies that you would like to share with fellow AMAC members? If so, kindly contact us: [email protected]




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Florence Nash
7 years ago

Ross gives 10% discounts on Tuesdays, to seniors. You have to sign up for them

8 years ago

I enjoy ordering senior coffees, and cokes, at our McD’s here in Colorado. I also ask for the free Big Mac they offer every Monday following a Sunday win by the Denver Broncos.
BOTH are their policies, their rules, their offer – not mine. I am not begging by simply asking for what they put into effect by their own choice.
If you feel “compromised” by asking for a senior discount, by all means – don’t ask. But try not to sound so self-righteous about it.
By the way, my “senior coffee” free Big Mac order is taken cheerfully by a senior employee!

8 years ago

I ask for a discount on nearly everything nearly everywhere. I say to the manager, “I like this very much, but I can’t pay XXX. Can you help me? It is rare that I do not get at least 10% discount. (Use common sense. Don’t ask for a discount on a McDonald’s Happy Meal.)

Donna Taylor
8 years ago

For me, it is so disappointing to find this article on the website that markets itself as the conservative alternative to AARP. It sounds just like what I would expect to read on AARP’s website. I think this article is a perfect example of the “free stuff mentality” that has contributed to the mess our country is right now. Although I was seriously considering signing up for an AMAC membership, after finding this article on your website, I probably won’t.

8 years ago

Yeah congress gets life time retirement and best free medical free also….Gee, thats what the told me I would get when I retired from the military, ……they changed the rules after I retired I have to pay for it now LOL, Funny thing is congress only had to put in 4 years but I had to put in 20 yrs !!!!!!!

8 years ago

Stop looking for freebies and take control,
I refuse to grovel and beg for handouts
I’m choosing to “Live with dignity”

8 years ago

Seni tor dollars do not go as far because the cost of living has gone up.
Lower gas prices and lower taxes will allow businesses to give seniors discounts.

For years seniors have voted in politicians that have brought us to economic failure.
In November you can increase your dollar value by voting out the Democrats that havve brought us to this point.

8 years ago

Many places will give you a senior discount but…….you have to ask for it! Anytime and every time you purchase something, ask for a senior discount. They won’t shoot you for asking. But a lot of them do not volunteer that info and their employees don’t always know. Ask….and yea shall receive.

As for wanting the government to stop screwing with us; never going to happen! The system is corrupt! Good people go in with the best intentions, but they are smothered with the lavish perks for being a Senator or Congressman/woman. Why do you think they spend MILLIONS to get reelected for a $150,000 a year job. One term and they get a lifetime retirement and health benefits. Whats the best thing you/we can do? Call, write and email your representatives, Federal and State on a constant basis. If you/we don’t tell them how we feel and what we want them to do, they will do what THEY want to do. They work for us! We pay their salaries. We are the employers and bosses.

8 years ago

Get the “KIDS Meal” at ARBY’S, plenty to eat and you get a prize for G-kids.

Judy Drewry
8 years ago

Chick-fil-A & Taco Bell both offer free senior drinks (small) – at least the stores where we have been, in Florida and North Carolina! And the refills are free as well! Walgreens gives a 15% discount on almost everything, on Tuesdays with a Military ID card – either active duty or retired.

8 years ago
Reply to  Judy Drewry

Well, all these discounts are find – IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO EAT OUT! Although I worked since I was 15 and am now 66, raised my adopted children, volunteered, and basically gave away my work abilities, I need discounts in the grocery store. I can’t qualify for food stamps (my income is just under $1,000 a month but in FL, that doesn’t allow me to qualify). How about a discount for renting from the same place for years – instead we get an increase the longer we live in one place!

8 years ago
Reply to  CARN

Have you tried Rent Subsidy – Section 8 – probably a county agency?? Look into it, can’t hurt!!!! Would your landlord accept it, tho, they don’t have to and some won’t!!!! Better chance if you live in an apt, rather than a private home!!
Should be lots more help for low income seniors, even in FL!!!!

Shirley Black
8 years ago

I live in Washington State, Taco Bell gives free senior drinks if you ask. I’d sure like to see more comments from
my side of the country!

8 years ago

ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask for the “discount” Senior, Military, etc. With the current state of the economy and all the free stuff the Government gives away, it doesn’t hurt to ask. And why not, gas is going up (why) the cost of food will soon be skyrocketing! o.M.G. = obama MUST GO!!!

8 years ago

Senior discounts are nice and I’ll take what I can get, but what I realy, really, really want is for the government to stop screwing with us.

8 years ago

In Pittsburgh, PA, the ‘company’ owned McDonald’s charge $1 for senior coffee, same for a small size for all others!!
Privately owned franchises can charge whatever they want; our local McD’s still charges only 69 cents for senior coffee!!
We do have a 7% state tax, on restaurant, or deli foods, but NOT groceries (food that YOU prepare yourself), from the supermarket!!

At Wendy’s, we do get a free beverage with a food order, but if you upsize you pay for that beverage!! AND, you must ask for the senior drink, they don’t just go by your appearance!!!!

PA is among the few states with huge senior population and WE fight for every discount we can manage; WE AREN’T all mental cases or idiot liberals!!

8 years ago

Each Tuesday, Goodwill offers a senior citizen discount.

8 years ago
Reply to  Chris

So does our Dollar Tree!! Pittsburgh, PA —
Wouldn’t it be nice if our city and state were shown, next to our name, coz we know all states are not equal??
(Don’t take that the wrong way, we’re supposed to be Mature Adults and I’m not gonna ‘splain it to the dense!!)

Willliam & Linda
8 years ago

We enjoy getting a free senior drink with our meal at Wendys and the discount on senior coffee is super at McDonalds.

8 years ago

Don’t know where you live, but we still have to pay for senior drinks at Wendy’s in Missouri. It’s discounted, though. I like the senior coffee at McDonalds, too.

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