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The impeachment trial has started in the Senate and the big question is, will there be witnesses? Also, according to the media, the leaked manuscript of former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s new book is a “bombshell.” Finally, President Trump made history by becoming the first sitting president to attend a March for Life Rally.

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T Taylor

Check mate the Senate will not call witnesses. This failed coup d’état by the Democrats is over! Now the President can continue to focus on the 2020 election, policies that restore America’s greatest and the restoration of the rule of law. Litigate privately Mr. President all involved in this political debacle; do not stop until all involved in this charade are removed from power with the single objective of sitting their butts prison.

Whiskey Sierra Lima

Greeting One and All, The sham of the Coup Attempt is not only aimed squarely at OUR Country’s Duly Elected President, Donald J. Trump; The Coup Attempt is aimed squarely at and upon, the American Voters of OUR Country as well.. The leftist liberals, of the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, Are NOT in sink with what it is that the American Citizenry is Wanting, and quite frankly, what it actually is mind you, that the Greatest Percentage of America’s Citizenry; IS Demanding of the Democratic members of the House of Representatives; Which is mind you, To HALT Immediately, what it is that they are doing, with regard to the present Coup Attempt of OUR Country’s President, and “WE THE PEOPLE of OUR United States!. The facts of the matter are, that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schift, Jerry Nadler, and the hoard of fully Despictable followers of the Leftist… Read more »


I love these video reports of the weekly news. Very high quality and lots of good info. It would be good to see more than just one per week. I know we are invited to share them with others, but wonder what else AMAC can do to distribute them on a wider scale.

John Winslow

He puts action to his words and he tells it like it is. Yay for Trump

Jerry M

The voters should remember to vote against their elected officials who voted for impeachment. They wasted valuable time embarrassing our country around the world and making a joke of our voters in the eyes of the world. These elected officials instead should have helped our country, by passing legislation, that would help the USA, like the drug crisis, homelessness, race relations, illegal immigration, and the general health and welfare of all of us.
It’s especially interesting how there was only one Democrat that listened to his conscience and not be a puppet of the new Socialist Democratic leadership. The New Democratic Socialist movement is the prelude to Communisim. I don’t want to live in Venezuela or Cuba. I love the USA.

John Winslow

He puts action to his words and tells it like it is.


After listening to this edition and how the MSM is ignoring the truth, I now realize that not only is the Second Amendment under attack, but the First Amendment as well. The MSM has taken to Hitler’s tactics and report only what their handlers want reported. IF the Democrats had worked as hard for the American people and our nation as they have to overturn OUR choice in the last election, EVERY U.S. citizen would now be millionaires (or at least pretty close to it)! President Trump can’t drain the swamp alone and come November I will do my part to help him succeed. Vote the bums OUT!


Get ready for the next impeachment attempt on Thursday. The House has decided that its reason for existence is to remove the president. I wish that two or three
republicans ( not many ) would resign Friday after CNN announces the next crime committed by this president. We have a sick government. Thankfully, the House of
DemReps is not the whole govt or we would all be communists. What is the appeal of Communism when it is the most unsucessful and corrupt form of govt in history.
Its like “gee. what do I need to do to guarantee my failure ?” Idea: Think.

John Winslow

He puts action to his words and he tells it like it is. Yay for Trump.