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Updates and breaking news from this week’s Senate impeachment trial, including new information about the whistleblower, President Trump’s legal team, and liberal complaints.

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T Taylor

I am so tired of the sham. After this failed impeachment attempt (coup) is dead in the Senate we need to clean house of ALL liberal leaning Democrats and any Republican that cow downed to the left in 2020; we need to indict and prosecute every willing participant in this dangerous, criminal debacle. We must never let another attempt to turn the people’s government into a socialistic dictatorship. We most demand that those who represent the people have genuine character, a willingness to defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law.

Gary H

Once upon a time Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and co would have been shot for treason. Sadly we no longer do this but they do need to be charged with treason and jailed.

Albert Paparesta

this is all about the courts. In his first term Trump had two Supreme Court Justices and more than 150 other federal judges. In a second term, Trump will have at least one, possibly 2 more Supreme Court nominees and many more federal judges. Think of what will happen to the radical leftist agenda for the next 20 to 25 years.


In November democrats will discover what Americans really think about their pathetic attempts to impeach President Trump.

The Freezing Senior

#OMG !
Good !
GBA/KAG Trump2020 – Deus Vult !

Barbara Ann Scherr

The liberals are engaged in propaganda intended to influence whoever will believe them to turn voters against President Trump. They lie so much that I have trouble listening. The Dems have become the Thespian society. Putting on a drama.



Rexford O Ames

This is about a Democrat coup. Make no mistake. The public is bored to tears, when it comes to this scam. That’s exactly what this is all about. If I may: What’s the norm for Politicians, especially at that level. Get voted, Then get to work for the next election. Think: That’s the system. The Democrats developed it, they run it and they know good and well that, their shoving the news to a frenzy, for quite some time will and has literally dulled the senses of the voters that care. What’s the point. The Class of people that are Democrat Leaders seeking control of the Executive branch, are at best, Idiots, Liars , Thieves. They Know it and don’t care and they appear to all be from California or New York State? That’s what I find strange. They are headed to destroy our political system and create a new… Read more »

Whiskey Sierra Lima

With the Sham Of The Impeachment (The Coup Attempt) being zealously pressed forward by the Socialist Minded, Radical Leftist types of the *so called* Democratic Party, and their lead individual Nancy Pelosi, followed closely by Adam Shift, Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler. This entire event, which had/has been fully orchestrated by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and that of Schift, Schumaker and Nadler, is nothing more, Nor less than, one of the most Despicable events in Our Country’s History. The *so called* Democratic Party members; Especially the aforementioned four individuals previously referenced here in this posting; Are beyond the shadow of any and all doubt, the Worst of the Worst types, which could have Ever been elected to their present position(s), within Our Country’s governmental elected types! The Ultra Radical, Fully Socialist Minded Dictator Type(s): The four-some, previously referenced here in this posting, are Fully Deserving of being Charged With,… Read more »