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Senate Democrats Continue to Block Trump’s Judicial Nominees

SenateThe Senate recently confirmed President Trump’s 51st appeals court judge, but obstruction games continue, according to Thomas Jipping, deputy director of Heritage’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. “In my opinion, [Senate] Democrats have been creating conflicts by objecting to nominees more than they would otherwise because it’s Trump,” Jipping told Bloomberg Law. Jipping says that Democratic members have forced the Senate to take separate votes to end debate on more judicial and executive branch nominations than in the previous 72 years combined. Heritage has an interactive tool to help monitor the judicial appointment process, including both presidential nominations and Senate confirmations. The Judicial Appointment Tracker provides both current data for the Trump administration and comparative data for the previous five presidents on six key components of the process. Browse the tracker to monitor and evaluate the process for appointing judges to the federal bench.

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7 months ago

the more democrats object to this judge the more you know he or she is the right person for the position.

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