Sen. Ted Cruz Federal Income Tax Day Message

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Charles Davis
7 years ago

The waste is that you voted your self a pay raise and we pay you to much as is. Please pack your bags and go home to CANADA your birth place and make it there!

J.E. McIntosh
7 years ago

What happened to the Ted Cruz statement?…….(I have only a large black box)

Patricia Jordan
7 years ago

Why is there not a list of all government expenses and where the money goes? For example, why are millions of dollars in arms and sophisticated planes and weaponry GIVEN to Egypt and other non-friendly countries without Senate or House approval? Why spend billions in aid overseas while our own people are suffering with job losses? Why are the American people denied access (White House tours) because of lack of funds, but we seem to have plenty of money to give to rogue countries? Who pays for the lavish vacations of the President and his family? They’ve been known to… Read more »

7 years ago

Talk is cheap……………….quit letting Obama run us into the hole any further than we are. Get some backbone, NO amnesty (aka path to citizenship) for illegals, No more taxes (aka investments), No more letting Obama have his way (aka bipartisanship), and put all congress persons and senators on OBAMACARE and Social Security. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for you. Don’t talk and promise….STAND TALL just once in your life.

Wes Peterson
7 years ago

Thank you Senator Cruz for your strong support of the Constitution and of our rights in this great State of Texas. Please remember that any infringement or restriction of our rights to own and carry firearms is against the constitution.

7 years ago

Excellent message Senator. It seems my last post vanished in the ether.

7 years ago

Excellent message! Now we need ALL of our representatives in Washington to get behind real tax reform, not what Obama calls tax reform. Yes, this will piss off a lot of special interest groups and people who demand “fairness” (what they call fairness anyway), but we cannot continue to grow the size and scope of government by increasing taxes on the private sector, where all wealth is really created and from which all government obtains every dollar it spends.

Marshall Sanford
7 years ago

Thanks for listening! And thanks for your taxpayer support. Supporting the tax payer should be the only thing that a elected official should do. KEEP FIGHTING AND WE WILL SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY!

Al Notter
7 years ago

There are many sides to the tax issue, and there is no simple reform. But we need to start somewhere, and a Flat Tax is a place to start. We do well then to eliminate duplication of programs, and unnecessary bureaucratic positions. (Let’s insist on the President NOT loading the federal payroll with cronies appointed to their control positions without accountability to the Senate for confirmation) There was a reason for the government exempting churches from tax paying. With some of the abuses of the late 1980s, I think we understand why that stance should be modified. I would hate… Read more »

Michael Bell
7 years ago

Ted you are a breath of fresh air and it’s good to see that there are others like you in Washington. We need more people like you and it’s my hope and prayer that we send more just like you to Washington in 2014. Please, keep up the good fight and know that you and others who think like you have my support. I know that there is a better way than what we’ve seen happening over the last several decades and I am praying that we see a major change in our tax codes. My ultimate dream is to… Read more »

Archie Davis
7 years ago

I know you’re familiar with FairTax.org…… this is the only immediate, workable tax reform that is fair to ALL Americans. They are not going to charge the Americans for the ideas they’ve fought for, we’ve fought for…… take it and impliment it! Then if necessary, fine tune it…..but only by single bill vote….. no riders, no amendments, no BS tagging along for the ‘free’ ride……….. citizens, businesses, churches, everybody pays and nobody gets a free walk……NOBODY! Not like the bamacare BS…… the politicians have ‘free’ health care……who do you thinks paying for that ‘Free’….. and now Washingtons ‘favorites’ get ‘free-rides’… Read more »

David Holtz
7 years ago

Paul and Cruz for Pres. and V.P.?

B Lawson
7 years ago

Thank you Ted for standing up for what’s right, for actually doing your job. I lost my job at the end of 2007 and I couldn’t get a job. I went 8 months without any income and when i got a job it only paid half what I made before. To keep from losing my house and cars and everything, I took out my retirement money. When I took it out, they took out taxes. Well the IRS hit me with a $13000 taxes penalty and interest monstrosity that I can’t pay. I took the money out to survive and… Read more »

Charles Biller
7 years ago

Sen. Cruz, Thank you for your message. My deepest and most sincere prayer is that you truly mean what you say. For a LONG time, out ‘elected officials’ have been promising that they would ‘work for the people’ and yet once in office, it only becomes all about the money. I work HARD for a living as a blue collar worker and am not ashamed of my work. Non of the ‘common folk’ can possibly know everything about everything so we ‘hire’ elected officials to look out for us and we are getting burned seriously in the process. I just… Read more »

Bill Johnson
7 years ago


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