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See Where Your Representative Ranks on Key Issues

amacAMAC Action has compiled an easy-to-use reference from mostly conservative organizations for you to use to score Members of Congress on key issues including Life, the Second Amendment and Taxes. Simply click on the link to see the ranking of your representative.

Citizens Against Government Waste

American Conservative Union

Freedom Works

Club for Growth

National Rifle Association

Numbers USA

Susan B Anthony List

National Right to Life

Planned Parenthood

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Jeffrey "Jeff" Gardner
27 days ago

This is a very useful resource, and could be an effective “tool” for AMAC Action delegates if it could be keyed/focused on some of the key topics that AMAC is focusing its Washington D.C. activities and efforts on . . . e.g., specifically, current legislation pending in the hallowed halls regarding Social Security, or VA Healthcare issues or similar matters. . . and it is somehow updated as the particular bills, or resolutions are voted on during their legislative journey(s). I realize that this is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but would be very helpful to the Delegates and to AMAC’s general… Read more »

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