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See How Your Senators Voted on Sanctuary Cities

capital-flagFrom – – by Kelsey Harkness

Senate Democrats blocked legislation that would punish “sanctuary cities” in a 54-45 vote Tuesday afternoon.

The bill, called the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act, needed to overcome a 60-vote threshold. It would withhold certain federal funding from states or cities that refuse to comply with requests from federal immigration officials to turn over immigrants who are in the country illegally.

Senators Vote Sanctuary Cities











Sen. David Vitter, R-La., introduced the legislation, which includes a provision known as Kate’s Law, named after 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot in San Francisco on July 1. The bill would impose a mandatory minimum jail sentence of five years for illegal immigrants who are convicted of re-entering the United States after being convicted of an aggravated felony or have three strikes for trying to enter the country illegally.

“It’s maddening that the Democrats are encouraging sanctuary cities like New Orleans that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement and let dangerous criminal illegals free,” Vitter said in a statement after the bill failed.

Vitter has been pushing to defund sanctuary cities since 2007, when he served as chairman of the Border Security Caucus.

Sanctuary policies vary from state to state, but they generally prevent local authorities from cooperating with federal immigration officers, allowing those localities to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation. There are currently 340 sanctuary cities in the United States, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

The issue of sanctuary cities gained national attention when Steinle was killed this summer by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who had seven prior felony convictions in the U.S. and had been deported to Mexico five separate times. He was released from a San Francisco jail in April under a city law barring the jail’s deputies from informing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of his release, despite the agency’s previous notification request.

Opponents of the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act question the taxpayer cost of implementing mandatory minimums at a time when Congress is working to reform the criminal justice system. Some, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., even mocked the legislation, calling it the “Donald Trump Act.”

“This Donald Trump Act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they are criminals and threats to the public,” Reid said on Monday.

During his bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Trump highlighted Steinle’s death as an example of why the country needs stricter immigration policies.

In July, the White House issued a veto threat on similar legislation that passed in the House, saying the measure “undermines current administration efforts to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals.”

Earlier this month, the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that supports reduced immigration, identified the 340 cities, counties, and states that are considered sanctuary locations.

A government report commissioned for Congress by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement found that sanctuary cities released more than 9,000 illegal immigrants whom federal authorities were seeking to deport between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, 2014. As of last year, 69 percent of those were still at large in the United States.

Of those still at large, 1,377 had another criminal arrest that resulted in the detainer. Of the 6,460 criminal aliens who were still at large during the time period studied, 3,802 (58 percent) had prior felonies or violent misdemeanors.

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5 years ago

When there is a law, it should be upheld. If politicians don’t get it right, vote them out!

4 years ago
Reply to  Mica

Arrest the mayors / governors for conspiracy to break Federal laws.

David Paradeau
5 years ago

So disgraceful

David Paradeau
5 years ago

I have so little respect for Politicians. Obviously they don’t have common sense or they are corrupt and are in politics for personal gain. Anyone that would not vote yes on this subject is a disgrace to our country.

Fred Foster
5 years ago

I see in your report that New Orleans is a sanctuary city. I was thinking of visiting there in early 2016. I just decided against it. Did or could AMAC publish a complete of cities?

Miriam bynum
4 years ago
Reply to  Fred Foster

Yeah, this was done as soon as they voted in democratic governor Edwards(OBama even came to his Innogeration). 100’s of illegals were flown into NOLA airport & released into our state without any notification to the La residents. To this day, I have no idea where they are located, I heard 1/2 of them simple went off the grid throughout our country. Rep Senator Vitter has been fighting for us, but Dems block every attempt. However, I have a home in South La & one in North La so I do visit NOLA from time to time during my travels. It is still a great place to visit. Like every large city, plan to stay away from bad areas (9th ward). The Garden District is a great place to stay. Jazz fest is held in this area the last week of April through 1st week of May, what-ever your plans, be safe, love lots and live well!

5 years ago

There should be a law that if a politician votes for a “sanctuary city”, and that if a criminal illeagal is released because of this law commits another crime, than the politician be charged as an assessory to the subsequent crime(s). If politicians were held accountable for the laws they pass, I’ll bet a law like “sanctuary cities” would never pass.

Nancy Theis
5 years ago

What are these cities granting sanctuary from? Perhaps I am being naive, however, I thought that as a country our legal system was responsible for granting amnesty. Singular cities should not be able to defy the legalities of this practice without being held accountable. My state’s senators also voted against this bill. Time for some changes here.

5 years ago

Not only do the legal, working, tax paying citizens of the U.S. have to support all illegals via our welfare benefits for health, school, food, etc. with our tax dollars, we allow illegal aliens that commit crimes the same financial support, but when they commit murder, our sanctuary cities protect their identity, release them back into our citizenry to commit more crimes. Get rid of these politicians that protect these criminals and elect representatives that will put American citizens’ safety first as they are elected to do.

Paul a tea bag
5 years ago
Reply to  Annie

Dear Annie, ur so right!

Sharon Long
5 years ago

I do not know how the democrats can sleep at night. They support Planned Parenthood and refuse to put restrictions on funding even after learning they are selling body parts but support the sheltering of illegal aliens who are wanted by the federal government. Both of my senators opposed this bill, which is no surprise since they are both liberal democrats. I will continue to oppose them and maybe some day Washington state will once again have common sense prevail.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Long

And yet, the people in WA continue to vote “democrat”.
I wonder what makes this state so liberal.

robert cosenza
5 years ago

thank you for showing us who wants these sanctuary cities,as we will start a campaign against each of them and we will tell the world who they our,and that they our in agreement with these illegal{means against the law}aliens staying in the usa,and will vote them out and will show the world everyday that they don,t care when a women like kate gets killed by an illegal alien,and that they our ok with that murder of kate.we know the lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias will cover up black out and hide this facts,but we the people will not.

5 years ago

Thank you for show who from my voted against this bill. I hope and pray for this country’s soul…..

Gary Provenzano
5 years ago

It’s an absolute disgrace. People can come into our country, commit a crime, and not be punished for it. What’s to stop them from coming over the border for that reason?
If I were President, and you come in illegally, and you would go to jail and be deported immediately and if you came back, It would be a 10 year sentence. Most importantly, there would be no sanctuary cities.

Devon Stavrowsky
5 years ago

Thanks for tracking this, AMAC. I am going to be sure to pass along to everyone I discuss the issue with that Senator Bennett disgraced Colorado by supporting sanctuary cities and opposing Kate’s Law.

5 years ago

The people need to take America back,the politicians work for us,not us for them.
I want term limits like the president has.
I want to see electoral college removed so as not to overide people’s vote. We need all laws that are imposed on American people to apply to all politicians, social security, pay raises, medical care and daycare. The American people need lobbyists because we have no representation. illegal means illegal.
If we do not defend our laws fire all the judges, really no need. God help us.

5 years ago

I was under the impression that Members of Congress were supposed to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Laws of the Land. How can all of these scumbag Democrats vote against legislation that would hold sanctuary cities accountable for violating Federal Laws??? This is absolutely astonishing. Democrats are doing all they can to destroy this nation. PERIOD, and Obama is this nations most dangerous enemy. PERIOD.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jake

You think things are bad now ?? Wait until Obama closes “Gitmo” and gives it back to Cuba and they give it to Russia,and we end up with a russian base 90miles off our shores.’
“WAKE UP AMERICA ” Obama is demented.

5 years ago

This fits right in with the Dems desire to create disruption in the country so they can justify more government control. Their goal is to have a dictatorial form of government. This is why the upcoming election is so critical.

Marilyn Goslawski
5 years ago

Whatever happened to the nuclear option the Democrats put in place so they could pass everything with a simple majority of 51. Did the Republican give it away?

5 years ago

I live in Virginia and both our Senators are Demon-crats! They are like two little puppets in the back pocket of Obama, voting at least 97% of the time for whatever their master wants. Mark Warner nearly lost his last election here in Virginia and I thought maybe that would wake him up but obviously not. He is back in the Obama groove. The man that nearly unseated him is not running for our next governor of Virginia. I hope and pray he gets there for Terry McAuliffe our present governor is just as radical as all the other Demon-crats. They promise the people of their state the moon if we only elect them and then they get to DC and become one of the good ole’ boys and sell us down the river. If these people were Republicans they would be crucified for doing far less than the Demon-crats get by with. A good example is what they are doing to our former Governor McDonnell. They are putting him up as an example of criminality, when what Terry McAuliffe did before being elected gov. of Virginia was far more criminal. He had his hand in some unsavory deals. Yes, the voting people in Virginia are as stupid as those in other states.
I am for term limits so how do we as a people who care about our country get this done? There should be age limits too. We don’t need all those old codgers staying on and on and doing nothing for our country. I am too old to really care, but I do care not just for my children but for yours and your grandchildren (I have no precious grands and never will), but I care about yours. We have to stand strong together and yes we need to Fully Rely On God (FROG). They are trying to take that away from us too. Loved reading all your posts and may God continually bless everyone of you that care enough to speak your minds so honorably.

Ray G
5 years ago
Reply to  Patricia

Virginia is becoming more “blue” by the day. Good luck to you going forward.

5 years ago

Thanks Senator Toomey (R-Pa) for again showing that you are a liberal flying conservative colors. I will remember this at next election.

5 years ago
Reply to  ray

Check his vote again unless you are against that bill.

5 years ago
Reply to  ray

Ray, if you are a conservative your comment against Sen. Toomey doesn’t make sense. He
voted FOR the bill, which is designed to help eliminate alien criminal coddling cities and other such areas.

Louis Weiss
5 years ago
Reply to  ray

Pat Toomey voted for the bill. I do agree though that some of his other votes have NOT been conservative and i am wondering if I should support or vote for him again. I did in 2010.

Lou Weiss

Ethan Allen
5 years ago

I’m from Massachusetts, I didn’t need to look to see how they voted. They are the most liberal/progressive bottom feeders in Congress. Markey only retains a Ma. Address for political reasons.

Farm Girl
5 years ago
Reply to  Ethan Allen

Same result, different state-Minnesota. I will also remember next time elections roll around, but also send them a letter/e-mail about it and see whether they respond.

5 years ago

America is about to reap the whirlwind. In less than five years America will cease to exist. It is like a zombie who is already dead but just don’t know it. It is only going to get worse from here. Lock and load people,get your supplies ready and have a plan to survive or you won’t. There is only one answer ,but no one will face it and that is the same thng that happened in 1861. Without an armed conflict to produce a revolution this Republic will disappear form the face of the earth— Congress can’t fix it, the Supreme court can’ t fix it and the executive branch won’t fix it. Think about it; 1777, 1812, 1861,WWI, WWII, —what happened?

5 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Joe, I still believe the pen is mightier than the sword, or at least we must try that weapon first. Americans are a peace loving people and our enemies have studied us thoroughly and know where our weaknesses lie and are attacking us there. We have not recognized the aggressive infiltration that our enemies have perpetrated on us since WWII for starters and especially during and since Vietnam. Good leadership makes a huge difference in the national spirit as witnessed by the Reagan and Bush years. But right now we have a pathetic leader who sees his mission as degrading America so other countries in the world, like his fatherland in Africa, have a chance to come out from living in our shadow and chart their own course in the world, as if somehow, we are responsible for all the evils in the world and if we are sufficiently restrained the world will just automatically become a much better place for everyone, except of course us. Replacing this mission with one to make America great again will bring about the transformation you have despaired is slipping beyond our grasp. Believe it is possible and gather the others who do too behind a leader who does and it will happen. Believe me! We can be greater than ever before. We just need to find the leader who will take us there. I happen to think he is in front of us now. What do you think?

Arizona Sage
5 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Unfortunately, Joe may be right. Conservatives (Republicans for the most part) are finally outnumbered at the voting booth. Socialism has grown to proportions that can no longer be reigned in by political action. The only hope is if the welfare trash, LGBT, La Raza, union toadies, vengeful blacks and dope heads, are not enthused enough by Hillary to get out of bed and go vote..

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