SCOTUS Rules 40-Foot ‘Peace Cross’ Can Remain on State Property in Maryland

Democrats Kavanaugh confirmation hearing protests set-up Trump biased judges political scotus cross peaceThe Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a 40-foot “peace cross” commemorating the men from a suburban Maryland town who died in World War I can remain on state property.

Writing for the 72 majority, Justice Samuel Alito held that the cross did not violate the Constitution’s establishment clause, as was alleged by the plaintiffs, a group of humanists who argued the war monument represented a state endorsement of Christianity.

“The Religion Clauses of the Constitution aim to foster a society in which people of all beliefs can live together harmoniously, and the presence of the Bladensburg Cross on the land where it has stood for so many years is fully consistent with that aim,” Alito wrote. “The cross is undoubtedly a Christian symbol, but that fact should not blind us to everything else that the Bladensburg Cross has come to represent. . . . For all these reasons, the Cross does not offend the Constitution.”

Liberal justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented while conservatives Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas jointly concurred. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote his own concurrence.

The cross was initially built on private land by members of the Bladensburg, Md. community in 1925 to commemorate the 49 Prince George’s County natives who died in World War I. The state took over the property, which is situated next to a major intersection, in 1961 and has since spent $117,000 to maintain it.

The American Humanist Association sued in 2014 to have the cross taken down. A three-judge panel then ruled in 2017 that the cross’s presence on state land violated the establishment clause, which codified the separation between church and state.

Attorneys for the American legion, which initially funded the cross’s construction, argued that the cross’s removal would lead to the destruction of hundreds of religious war memorials currently situated on public land across the country.

“This is a landmark victory for religious freedom.  The days of illegitimately weaponizing the Establishment Clause and attacking religious symbols in public are over,” said Kelly Shackelford, President, CEO, and Chief Counsel to First Liberty, which represented the American Legion. “Our Founders would have been appalled at this attempt to make the government hostile to our religious heritage, history, and symbols. The attempted perversion of our Constitution is now over, and every American now has more freedom than they have had in decades, with a government no longer hostile to people or expressions of faith.”

While conservative groups celebrated the ruling, they expressed concern that the opinion did not more clearly delineate the establishment clause’s limitations.

“Today, the Supreme Court delivered a much-needed win for the Peace Cross and similar memorials. In no way do such memorials violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” the Family Research Council said in a statement.

“However, this decision leaves in place the tangled confusion of past Establishment Clause opinions, which are currently being used to remove religious messages, signs, and symbols from public squares around our country,” the statement continued. “These issues will continue to arise, and we are thankful for those on the bench who point this out. Further, this case reveals the incredible importance of judges and justices on the bench who view the Constitution as originalists.”

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Justin Bogie

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Todd Taylor

Instead of wasting tax dollars on litigation on attempting to remove all Christian refence in public life perhaps the atheist can learn to look way. As a Christian I must practice looking away all the time with regards to the secular mess liberal atheist have caused within our country. Its “Freedom of Religion” not freedom from religion; I am glad to hear the courts are finally getting this right.

Rick J.

About time…If the cross bothers you don’t look. Something is wrong when the majority always has
to give up their rights for the minority. Why am I not surprised that Ginsburg and Sotomayor, the
courts leading commies, dissented.

Mark Jebe

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” A great many judges have read this sentence from the Constitution and interpreted it to mean the government cannot allow any visible signs of a religion. They read the first phrase, and forget the second: “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” I don’t know why. It’s there, in black and white, right after the comma, but for some reason many judges miss it. And, since most Americans are Christian, the target at which they aim is always Christianity. Other religions get a pass. Want to erect a Buddha somewhere? No problem. Statue of Satan? Have at it. Only Islam hasn’t been attacked for public displays because Muhammad forbade images, so Muslims don’t want to build statues anywhere, although I’m not sure how many antireligious activists have the courage of their lack of convictions. Had… Read more »

Paul W

FINALLY!!! A ruling that is indicative of a so-called conservative majority SCOTUS. Some recent rulings makes me wonder just how constitutionally conservative some of these supposedly Constitution-adherent justices really are. Good to see that it was a 7 to 2 decision. Only RBG and Sotomayor dissented.

Bob L.

First of all, there is no such thing as separation of church and state. What there is as defined in the First Amendment, is the prohibition of the adoption of an official national denomination by the federal government such as Great Britain has with it’s Church of England. What’s more, there is no prohibition of the individual States from adopting an official State denomination if they so chose. America was founded as a Christian nation of various denominations and we must never lose or dilute that foundation.


Thank God for President Trump. He has become the champion of the Christian community. His appointment of conservative constitutional judges has saved our faith based nation. Pray that he will be able to appoint many more judges before his full 8 year term is up. And for the future of our faith based nation VOTE TRUMP in this next election!!! And let your representatives know that they can only get your vote if they back the president in his decisions!! Drain the swamp of career politicians. Even a president can only have 8 years. Why should they get more than a president????? Term limits!!

R Jeannotte

Good decision

Todd Taylor

Liberty is guaranteed by the Constitution for all; this also covers Christians. It is time to acknowledge (teach) our country’s deep historical roots in the Christian-Judeo faith. Those who reject the Christian faith have that right but seriously need to get over their offense; we all have the right to publically and privalety live out what we believe; our courts need to protect that fundamental rights. There is no way active liberal atheist can expunge, in its entirety, the Christian-Judeo influence on American history. Liberal atheist need to practice tolerance; they need to get over their bigotry directed at Christians.


It’s about time! Most of the earlier decisions on this subject should be reviewed with the definition of the word establish projected on a screen in large type. The left continues to successfully change the meaning words to fit their narrative; but allowing something and establishing it are two different actions. America has been labelled a Christian nation in the past because it was founded by Christians and their faith was important to them but no national religion has ever been established by law. However, the free exercise of religion has been under intense attack by law for many years. The success of these attacks is going to culminate in most of our founding documents being ruled unconstitutional. Then our freedom can be taken away.


We need to Honor our Veterans!
All Veterans!

john s nunan

right thing to do period….


I am so HAPPY to read this. This country was founded on religious freedom; In God we Trust, Freedom to worship they way you please unless it breaks the law-torture etc. George Washington’s chair had the symbol on it, We salute the flag which represents all that died for our freedoms. I am so sick of these idiots tearing down statues, flags, etc. They stood for centuries and now they are whining. Go live somewhere else. This is OUR country and we must stand up to all these idiots and stop them. Too bad if you little feelings get hurt looking at a statue. don’t look. We don’t want to see you either. This Political correctness has evolved into this country’s evil side. No one gets punished for breaking the laws. slaps on the wrists; judges afraid to sentence crooks, folks don’t go to church anymore, they don’t know the… Read more »


Ginsburg and Sotomayor had to save face with the DemoCommies.

Greg Russell

The so called, “separation of church and state” is a liberal myth, and a satanic lie. Thomas Jefferson used that phrase once in a letter to the Danbury Baptists, to reassure them the fledgling U.S. government would not mandate a state religion as had King George III. The First Amendment only says the government shall make no LAWS regarding religion and worship. It NEVER says ANYWHERE that government may not practice or endorse a form of worship. In fact, the first Continental Congress more than just prayed before they began the People`s work, they held a full-blown worship service. The truth is, the First Amendment insomuch as it speaks to religious liberty, is intended to protect the People from government mandated worship, NOT to prevent government from continuing our Christian heritage and traditions. The Lord, Jesus Christ has blessed these United States only because for our early years, we were… Read more »

Roberta Williams

Thank You to the Supreme Court! Praise God that America has a Supreme Court as part of our way of justice. We may not always like the decisions that are made, however by GOD’S GRACE today’s decision was and is a step in the right direction of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. THANK YOU, MERCIFUL LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, for having in place some conservative judges that understand what our founders thought of as the Constitution came into being; and that the current Supreme Court judges are using their intellect to understand the hearts of the men and women in the military, WHAT they were willing to give for America and her way of life to be able to continue; and finally, that the families, relatives, neighbors, friends, and other like minded generations of Americans recognize the importance of remembering that FREEDOM AND THE GOOD AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE HAS A COST!


How can that cross bother ANYBODY?

Diana Erbio

Important decision! Our constitution protects freedom of religion. It does not support freedom from religion!

Brenda Blunt

Yes! Finally! Crosses is a symbol of Christianity for us Christian’s and should be kept. This aspect is no different than other religions who have symbols. Praise God for the win!!

The OLD Warhorse

These “humanists” will NEVER stop. Ya gotta remember; WE must be tolerant of anything any dingbat fringe group might some up with that might cause them to “feel uncomfortable”, BUT, don’t ask them to be tolerant of anything we might say, or do.


Yes and all others as well there is NO separation of Church and State in the Constitution No were is in the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN because our founding Fathers were mostly Christians that Believe in GOD a High Power than we stupid humans and it seem the humans are getting dummer instead of smarter just look around in the world even with the damage man has done you can still find God the things we take for granted where not made by a speck of dust anyone with half a brain can see this, life itself is way to beautiful for a speck of dust , Common Sense must teach all these children Common Sense because somewhere along the line the last 2-3 generations have seem to lost it, that’s why these immoral perverted freaks are making such a mess out of this world so start teaching the Truth with… Read more »