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SCOTUS, Bigotry, Medicare

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First up, in this historic week the left is furious at the direction of the supreme court nomination hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Next up, Judge Barrett’s hearings have truly revealed the hatred and more importantly the religious bigotry of the left. Finally, AMAC Vice President of Sales Carl Hohsfield Jr is here with an important update for AMAC members on the Medicare open enrollment period.

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Dyan Ricks
11 days ago

Trying to get ACB to recuse herself in the event that the court has to decide the election tells me that they are admitting election fraud on their part. That is the only way that Biden can win!

Elizabeth Murphy
10 days ago

So proud of ACB. Thank You, President Trump, for bringing this exceptional woman forward to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

10 days ago

Judge Barrett showed that she is smarter than all the loony’s on the left if you combined all their gray matter in to one ball. The only real bigots and the Demonrats Democrats for keeping minorities pen up in their inter-city plantations and only call on them ever 2 years.
God bless Donald J. Trump
God bless America
God bless the NRA
Save America vote Republican

Stan d. Upnow
10 days ago

After that POS, Hirono, asked Barrett those absurd questions, I fully expected her to produce a “witness” claiming that ACB was the leader of a gang rape while she was in high school 30+ years ago. Shades of Kavanaugh.

The fact that we have scumm like Hirono, Pelosi, Schumer…. heck, the entire Progressive-Socialist Party in our govt. running things, makes me sick!

Three Point Paper
10 days ago

Greeting One and All, Point-1. From this American Born Patriot’s point of view that I thoroughly believe that Judge Barrett is not only highly qualified for the nomination to our country’s Supreme Court; That Judge Barrett is by GOD uniquely qualified to be the newest member of our country’s Supreme Court without exception.. Point-2. With the monumental lunacy of the leftist liberal’s on/of the Judiciary Committee Hearing(s), which are now behind this Remarkable American Born Patriot Woman, Mother of 7 children, and Wife to the Love of her life Husband; Is finally the Right step, and more over, the Righteous… Read more »

10 days ago

Vote Red in NOVEMBER if you love this country. After watching the liberal elitist’s during this conformation hearing I have came to the conclusion that they truly hate this country and the freedoms our constitution offers us. They truly want to RULE rather than govern for we the people, it shows with their distain for this extremely exceptional nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Maryella Ganzekaufer
10 days ago

Loved how she presented herself and her knowledge. Feel she is a true constitutionalist and will be a fair and will put her personal feelings in check and will vote on the law.

Art A
10 days ago

It is remarkably obvious that this week was another despicable disgusting exhibition of “dumpster diving” by the liberals. They knew there was no way Barrett was not going through toward confirmation. They could not in any way destroy her record. She was so well prepared that it was impossible for them to put her down. This episode of political theater had a short run. The Left had to resort to soliloquies about their personal issues and beating up POTUS. My observations indicate that Graham ran a great hearing. Feinstein did a good job. Hirono sounded like an idiot but– her… Read more »

John A. Fallon
10 days ago

“WE THE PEOPLE” need to think about what is going on here, CITIZENS like Amy Coney Barrett, Lt.General Flynn, K. McEneny are having thier RIGHTS ASSAULTED, what chance do “WE THE PEOPLE” have of being safe? WE CANNOT SURRENDER OUR NATION TO EVIL!! We need to take our country back and MAKE THESE TREASONOUS GREEDY CORRUPT LEFTIST PAY FOR THIER CRIMES AGAINST GOD AND COUNTRY!! R. E. D., KAG, KAF, KAH, VOTE TRUMP2020 AND VOTE TO GIVE HIM THE HELP HE NEEDS TO SAVE AMERICA!!!

10 days ago

Once again, I just think those one the left who profess to being ‘practicing Catholics’ are so duplicitous and they have no idea what it means to be of that faith! They are just pandering when they say they are ‘practicing Catholics’. Does that mean that they are merely ‘pew warmers’ on Sundays? Did they ever think that ‘practicing’ means actively being and doing, or just showing up?? I’m so sick of the left and their delusions, definitions and lying…not only lying to others, but to themselves! Go Amy Barrett!

Phil Hammersley
10 days ago

ACB is not on the NINTH circuit. The DIMMs don’t mind her “being” a Catholic; they mind her “exercising” her religion. They love “Catholics” like Pelosi and Biden (and all the Kennedys) who violate the canons of the Catholic church!

Bill Brown
10 days ago

If we all get out and VOTE, YES we, the true AMERICAN Citizens CAN win back the House and hold the Senate!  Join the Trump Movement – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become a Counter-Revolutionary!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  Remove Every DemocRat!!!!!

Bill Brown
10 days ago

No Federal Judge Nominee should ever commit to anything other than to”Protect and Defend” the Constitution of the United States! To ask for anything more is unconstitutional! It is fair to make a confirming decision based on Past History! The DemocRats (today every DemocRat) follow the Marxist/Communist principle that it is not just OK but it is required to lie anytime it serves the Cause!! FACT: every Marxist/Communist is lying when they take any oath of Office!! Therefore, no Marxist/Communist should every be allowed to hold Office or Position in the United States of America!! Join the Trump Movement –… Read more »

Patriot Will
10 days ago

Mazie often appears to be so full of vitriol against those who have different views than her own, that I sometimes wonder if she had a horrible childhood that stunted her development as a well adjusted adult. She appears to be in an ever ready attack mode at even the slightest hint of a provocation. Mazie is a perfect spokesperson for the unhinged, irrational, Communist Democrats!

Lynne Pace
9 days ago

A strong, intelligent, principled woman of faith that also happens to be a judge of morals, understanding of the law and its’ application must scare the living daylights out of the looney left. Congratulations to our next Supreme Court Justice!

Don B.
8 days ago

The arrogance of Biden not telling us of his plans yet has the audacity to ask for our coveted vote. Trump therefore has my vote

9 days ago

Judge Barrett is a brilliant, devoted, strong woman! May God bless and protect her and her beautiful family. God bless our wonderful President and God bless America!

Lynda Buchholz
10 days ago

I have tried to get in and review and view medicare plans and I can’t do it. I have comtacted by replying to the email and received an email that they can’t do anything about it.

Three Point Paper
8 days ago


Judge Barrett is exactly what the jaded socialistic liberals are frightened of! Judge Barrett shall not simply dismantle, over turn, or do away with anything, which is of real value to Americans.

The dems need to get their minds wrapped around the aforementioned, period!.

Julia J.
10 days ago

Please don’t yell, speak softly and slower. Speed causes you to spit-talk.

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