“Sanctuary City by the Bay” Knee-Deep in Filth

san francisco sanctuary city bayTony Bennett may have famously left his heart there once, but today’s San Francisco has a lot more lying on its streets than the crooner’s atria and ventricles. Large swaths of the city have been taken over by an increasingly aggressive homeless population who are treating the city, quite literally, like a toilet.

An NBC Bay Area investigation recently found that in a survey of 153 blocks of the city, there was trash on literally every block, more than 300 piles of feces on 96 of those blocks, and more than 100 used drug needles on 41 of the blocks.

A common sight on the streets of the city is the disturbing image of drug users shooting up, right out in the open. At Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations, commuters and tourists complain of increasingly aggressive panhandling by vagrants with obvious mental illness. Over the past several years, hundreds of homeless encampments, with shelters made of cardboard, duct tape, and whatever else people can find to keep the elements off of them, have popped up all over the city.

And San Francisco, long a tourist and convention destination, is feeling the pinch. “[Visitors] are noticing it and hearing about it and saying, ‘well, why would I bring my conference here?’” said Kevin Carroll, the executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco.

Why indeed? While the city still boasts views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and cable cars, the filth in the streets cannot be ignored. And the behavior of the city’s homeless population is becoming increasingly frightening. An Australian Reddit user, /u/nashtendo, described his visit to the city thusly: “Is this normal or am I in a bad part of town? Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces [high on drugs], screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave the hotel now.”

Currently the city is spending more than $300 million per year on its homelessness problem. A large part of its future homelessness mitigation plan is a new command center which looks to streamline governmental processes in dealing with homeless people. “Before this, each department didn’t know what the other had on the to-do list,” said the San Francisco police commander who is in charge of organizing the new initiative. “What’s better here is that we’re face to face, looking at each other all day. I don’t have to call you and wait for a return phone call or wait for a return e-mail. That’s the big difference we haven’t seen before.”

Maybe — hopefully — the new initiative will help. But the problem is that it’s just another government solution in a city awash in government solutions. Free needles haven’t worked. Mobile shower and toilet facilities haven’t helped. The city has thrown money at homelessness for decades, but the problem continues to grow. Why?

For more than 50 years, San Francisco has been run solely by Democrats. This is not all that unusual for any large American city, but San Francisco should be different. Besides being the de-facto host of the Summer of Love, the center of the gay pride movement, and one of the nation’s first sanctuary cities, San Francisco is also a very wealthy city. Per capita income is over $100,000 per person.

So, with a leftist political monopoly combined with a great deal of wealth, shouldn’t we be seeing a liberal utopia by now? The utter absence of any conservative opposition combined with great wealth and stupendous weather should equal progressive paradise, shouldn’t it?

The smell of human urine and fecal matter in the air say otherwise.

San Franciscans, and other Californians, are starting to leave the state in droves, mostly citing high taxes as their reason. And those taxes certainly are enough reason to leave the state. But in the places in their mind they don’t like to talk about, there are other reasons that they are leaving, such as the homeless problem.

San Francisco risks more than losing conventions and tourists by failing to properly address the growing problem of homelessness in the city. It risks losing its rapidly dwindling middle class — the people who can’t afford security guards to keep them safe. And San Francisco — and all of California — can’t blame President Trump for this. They can only blame themselves.

From - The New American - by James Murphy

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2 years ago

I have an idea!! Close Alcatraz as a tourist trap and reopen it as a homeless “Home.” Drop them off there to fend for themselves. If they don’t like it there, let them swim to “Freedom.” They could grow their own food, organize a government and govern themselves. Use their own feces to fertilize their gardens. Sort of like D.C.

2 years ago

This is what happens when liberal, socialist democrats get control of a city. What a shame.

2 years ago

Liberal politicians and the socialism they have implemented have done the same thing in California as it has done around the world. Fortunately, you can still leave CA for the freedoms our forefathers died for which remain elsewhere in America. That’s what I did.

Glenn Lego
2 years ago

Nancy Pelosi is the Congressional Representative here. She is worthless

Texas Belle
2 years ago

If the border situation continues and people are allowed to come here with no skills, no education, with hordes of kids, our entire country will become a giant San Francisco. The Moonbeam Governor should have to spend a few days and nights in the area where such conditions exist. It is more than shameful that such situations continue to exist in our cities.

Sgt. Preston
2 years ago

Guess it is time for the rest of us to give Gov. Moonbeam, a hearty, “Thank you, Gov. Moonbeam, for making a beautiful city into a cesspool by the sea.”

Paul W
2 years ago

Name one thing…just one thing that the left has put its grimy paws on that hasn’t turned to sh.. well, you know.

2 years ago

Isn’t this a Nancy Pelosi district? She always has answers to everything. I say clean out your own backyard before trying to solve the country’s. It seems like she can’t do either

2 years ago

Sadly, if things continue the way they’re going our entire country will eventually be brought down to this level. We’re dealing with three epidemics in this country right now, the opioid epidemic, the greed epidemic and the illegal entry epidemic. We’re in deep trouble folks!

2 years ago

How many limousine liberal politicians
Would willingly reside in
The environments
That their senseless policies create
I would nominate Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and Bernie Sanders to be at the beginning of the line.

Burton Pauly
2 years ago

Folks as a lifer in the USN I was seeing the decline in Northern California as far back as 1951. The politicians are at fault for allowing the so-called golden state to deteriorate . And the populace is also at fault for keeping the left in power . For instance Moonbeam the governor. The average citizen has so much taxes to pay on every little thing. I don’t blame families for packing up, and selling their homes which are overly expensive , and moving east and having similar homes for half or less than Ca. The whole state has become… Read more »

2 years ago

San Francisco is bad, but has your writer been to Seattle? Portland? Thank goodness there seems to be a change in attitude toward our ineffective liberal leaders by the liberal citizens of Seattle (King County) who are growing sick of the stench in our once beautiful, safe city. So many of us, including my family, moved out quite some time ago.

2 years ago

Rule 45. Pay for it yourself.

joseph Kiesznoski
2 years ago

A national Disgrace…………..

2 years ago

The entire STATE OF CALIFORNIA is a cesspool, and I don’t want to pay for their follies! We have enough problems of our own in Massachusetts with Sanctuary Cities all over the place.

Thomas Haj
2 years ago

Hmmm… I thought democRats were for keeping mother Earth clean? Perhaps they view human waste as a fertilizer?

Alvin Crofts
2 years ago

Being in IT looked into moving from Texas to Cali…due to the taxes driving the prices through the roof I needed a $30,000 increase in salary to equal what I was making in Texas. I briefly thought of moving there as a jump point to travel asia…reality told me that was a foolish idea.

Dennis Stewart
2 years ago

Homosexuals wreck and ruin everything.

Gwendolyn E Mugliston
2 years ago

I was shocked at the per capita income of the people who work in SF. Amazing. I could live 6.159 years on year of that income. Just amazing. No wonder the homeless are pissed off…I bet a cup of coffee is $20 and a bowl of cereal is $30.00 or more. and monthly rent must close to $10,000 for a micro? Has anyone done an income disparity check on the USA yet? They could start in SF and end in the Big Empty of PA.

Chris stuart
2 years ago

Have you see Seattle lately, it’s competing with SF for the cesspool awards!

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