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Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case

sanctuary cities

Ronald Reagan used to say, “facts are stubborn things.”  They still are.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the debate over whether to secure the southern border, deter and reduce illegal immigration, or accommodate it.  

Last week a video emerged and went viral – of a Tucson, Arizona city council meeting.  The video is emblematic of what is happening nationally.  Ironically, liberal media outlets celebrated the video, in which a female protestor with a “Respect Our Laws” sign was laughed at by a man in a green shirt, apparently unable to contain his disdain for her. 

Entertaining perhaps, but what lies behind the clip’s popularity?  The woman seemed genuinely concerned, the man oddly unhinged.  In microcosm, they represent the national standoff – amplified in Border States – between those who respect US immigration laws and those who want to throw them off for “sanctuary cities,” welcoming illegal immigration.

This is where facts enter the picture.  Tucson will decide whether to become a “sanctuary city” in November 2019.  If the population so votes, Tucson becomes the first in Arizona.  If they reject the move, Arizona remains cooperative with federal law enforcement. 

The choice is stark, on the numbers. The top-ten “homeless” cities in America are also “sanctuary cities,” tax costs for public health and safety disproportionately high.  But the real contrast is in projections. Cities upholding federal law tend to deter illegal immigration, while those that disrespect federal law – turn into magnets.

Consider the big picture.  Most of the last year saw rising illegal immigration, caused by fear that the US border would close and federal court rulings against Trump.  However, June and July 2019 saw the start of a reversal.  

That reversal resulted from four factors.  The first was President Trump’s ability to convince Mexico to redouble enforcement on its southern border, slowing the flow of Central American economic migrants north.  The second was an assurance by Mexico to hold more Central American asylum-seekers on Mexico’s side of the border.  Both resulted from Trump’s threat to impose a five percent tariff on Mexican goods entering the United States. 

Third, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s reprograming of $2.5 billion in Defense money to start wall construction.  The fourth was aggressive new efforts by US law enforcement to deport illegal immigrants facing “final deportation” orders.

Against that backdrop, traffickers of illegal immigrants had to adjust.  How?  While total illegal entrants fell from 132,870 in May to 94,908 in June, then to 71,999 in July, they shied from cooperating states like Arizona and Texas, instead shifting to “sanctuary cities” in places like California.

Overall, President Trump’s commitment to reduce illegal immigration through deterrence, interdiction, international cooperation, and removal of those with “final deportation orders” has been working.  

At the same time, pressure at the border has split the in-migrating illegal population.  Fewer now seek “safe harbor” in non-sanctuary cities, more pour into cities promising not to cooperate with the federal government. 

Thus, for example, between July 2018 and July 2019, the cities of El Paso and Laredo Texas saw a drop of 80 percent and 66 percent respectively, in unaccompanied alien children (UAC).  Tucson saw a 56 percent drop in UAC.  

At the same time, places that promised not to cooperate with federal law enforcement saw the exact reverse.  San Diego – a proud sanctuary city and leader in homelessness, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and other California cities – saw a leap in illegal immigration.  Over the same one-year period, San Diego saw a 35 percent increase in unaccompanied alien children.     

So, as Tucson considers which side of the law, line and liminal process they are on, they might consider hard facts:  Cities that uphold federal immigration law are seeing a drop in illegal immigration and associated costs.  Those opting for sanctuary city status are experiencing the reverse – increased inflows and costs.

One other set of numbers is noteworthy.  As debate swirls over crime, certain numbers stand out.  For example, in California – the nation’s only “sanctuary state” – human trafficking is inordinately high. 

A recent account noted: “With California leading the way, human trafficking, especially in the sex and labor trades, jumped again last year (2017) and has surged 842 percent since the creation of a federally-supported hotline for victims (in 2008).”   California reports 15 percent of all sex trafficking calls.

And San Diego is an example of how bad things can get.   Analysis:  “The numbers are staggering,” since  “there are between 8,830 and 11,773 victims or survivors of human trafficking in San Diego County,” “55 percent … either homeless or have been homeless,” and San Diego “has consistently ranked in the top 10 cities for human trafficking.“

In the end, facts speak louder than an emblematic exchange of emotions in a Tucson city council meeting.  The vilified protestor – a young woman – was saying, in her MAGA hat, she wanted those around her to “respect the law,” not an unreasonable request.  She was met by ridiculing laughter from a self-assured man, who later reveled in his new-found popularity. 

The issue is bigger than this.  It is about what happens when emotion replaces fact, when numbers are met with laughter, when sober evaluation of incentives and disincentives gets sidelined, when rule of law is glibly abandoned for political advantage.

These are the times in which we find ourselves – when logic, history, reason and law are seemingly subservient to lethargy, laughter and dismissive voices.  But Ronald Reagan was right:  Facts are stubborn things.  They were in his time.  They still are. 

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Sanctuary cities and states are breaking the law and should not be eligible to receive government working class tax payers dollars. If America did not support all of the illegals we would not be billions of dollars in debt. Do not give any more money to the cities and states that are breaking the law!

Richard A. Ellbeg

My grandparents arrived at Ellis Island September 6, 1897 from Cherbourg France. They came from Istanbul Turkey. Before they could come to the US they had to have a sponsor and a job. I have the documents. They both worked in a shoe factory, sometimes 16 hours a day. They didn’t speak English, but they learned. No welfare, no handouts. Just hard work. They became US citizens, bought a home and were proud and thankful to have had the chance come to this country. They instilled in my father who instilled in me the importance of citizenship, love of country, personal pride, respect for all and the willingness to work hard for everything you want. I’ve tried to instill those values in my children.


If immigrants don’t have to follow US laws why should anyone follow them?

Bob M.

“These are times that try Men’s souls.” Wake up, ALL of America! I don’t understand why these folks don’t stay in their home countries and FIGHT to make things better THERE!

R. Shoemaker

Let’s not forget that during the Obama administration, the State of AZ passed laws to enforce Federal laws that weren’t being enforced. They were shot down by a liberal progressive judge. At the same time, these judges support the right of sanctuary cities to ignore Federal law. It takes a year or more to get something to the Supreme Court so enforcing exiting Federal Laws is a slow uphill process.

Perhaps the most important thing we do in electing a President is to set the standard on what judges will be appointed (lifetime appointments).


Think I’ll declare myself a “Sanctuary Citizen” and quit paying taxes. Think it’ll work?


I urge President Trump to cut off all federal aid to sanctuary cities and to California as a sanctuary state. With the loss of federal money, they will re-think their positions as sanctuary cities and as a sanctuary state. They cannot exist without federal dollars and those dollars come from taxpayers like us. Illegal aliens entering the U.S. is a financial and social plague on our country. If you want to come into our country, do it legally. Think of how the political correctness of the immigration situation has morphed into a social issue. First they were illegal aliens. Then they were illegal immigrants. Then illegal migrants. And now they are just migrants, suggesting that they are “just passing through.” Well folks, they are staying, not migrating and it is costing all of us serious money. I urge everyone not to ignore this problem. This is the Left’s first step… Read more »

Stephen Russell

Sanctuary City outcomes for Tucson:
More crime
More trash, debris
MS 13 haven
& loss income
Business leave.
Good call Tucson
Trying to rival LA CA?
Bye bye tourism

Better NOT impact Sedona AZ area.


If “helping an illegal” causes that person to end up a sex slave, or labor slave, then shame on the people who support these sanctuary cities and states. So many politicians sell this criminal activity to voters. The values of so many are up side down.

victor F. Bastianos

GET RID OS SANCTUARY CITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul DAscenz

Stop Enabling Illegal Aliens! No More Sanctuary States or Cities!

Rick J.

Activist liberal judges and do nothing democratic lawmakers have turned the whole country into a sanctuary country


Cut the funding, NOW!


Facts are disregarded or manipulated by the MSM and others on the left to suit their narrative. And since they have no true God, they feel a pressing need to do insane things to atone their sins, real or imagined. Sanctuary cities being one of them; reparations, quotas, increased taxes, etc., all stem from their “feelings”, which stem from their guilt.


Take away sactionary cities bad people will leave and the good people will start looking for jobs


Hopefully this election season will be the end of sanctuary cities in our state. POC Democrat Governor will hopefully be unseated and we can join states on either side of us with legislation against sanctuary cities.

Rexford O Ames

Good Morning. Arizona is by all logic the one place that Illegal do not want to come to. However, having said that. Arizona has just as many idiots, or whats in it for me to actually change the human landscape to fill their pockets. That being said. It is of my opinion that State as well as the City and County legislatures and councils do their due diligence. The above article will find itself in the trash. Unfortunately, there are those that elicit emotion before intelligence and research the issue before deciding on becoming a Sanctuary for the Illegals/ Homeless / terrorist invasion . The Desert and mountains are wonderful places to have those type of camps. Will those people read the above article. Probably not. Local Politicians don’t read, investigate and do research. They follow the Money and / or the bully who has the power to cause them… Read more »

Judy robertson

It is not okay to separate moms from their child…..except in abortion…..hhhhmmm.

Tom kaye

Entry to the USA and the opportunities must be controlled. Only with adequacy in immigration can laws and societal needs be achieved ; short of this results in damage to exiting populations

Big Al

Worse yet, look at the housing market. What Congressional Districts do we think will be most open?