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Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case

sanctuary cities

Ronald Reagan used to say, “facts are stubborn things.”  They still are.  Nowhere is this more obvious than in the debate over whether to secure the southern border, deter and reduce illegal immigration, or accommodate it.  

Last week a video emerged and went viral – of a Tucson, Arizona city council meeting.  The video is emblematic of what is happening nationally.  Ironically, liberal media outlets celebrated the video, in which a female protestor with a “Respect Our Laws” sign was laughed at by a man in a green shirt, apparently unable to contain his disdain for her. 

Entertaining perhaps, but what lies behind the clip’s popularity?  The woman seemed genuinely concerned, the man oddly unhinged.  In microcosm, they represent the national standoff – amplified in Border States – between those who respect US immigration laws and those who want to throw them off for “sanctuary cities,” welcoming illegal immigration.

This is where facts enter the picture.  Tucson will decide whether to become a “sanctuary city” in November 2019.  If the population so votes, Tucson becomes the first in Arizona.  If they reject the move, Arizona remains cooperative with federal law enforcement. 

The choice is stark, on the numbers. The top-ten “homeless” cities in America are also “sanctuary cities,” tax costs for public health and safety disproportionately high.  But the real contrast is in projections. Cities upholding federal law tend to deter illegal immigration, while those that disrespect federal law – turn into magnets.

Consider the big picture.  Most of the last year saw rising illegal immigration, caused by fear that the US border would close and federal court rulings against Trump.  However, June and July 2019 saw the start of a reversal.  

That reversal resulted from four factors.  The first was President Trump’s ability to convince Mexico to redouble enforcement on its southern border, slowing the flow of Central American economic migrants north.  The second was an assurance by Mexico to hold more Central American asylum-seekers on Mexico’s side of the border.  Both resulted from Trump’s threat to impose a five percent tariff on Mexican goods entering the United States. 

Third, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s reprograming of $2.5 billion in Defense money to start wall construction.  The fourth was aggressive new efforts by US law enforcement to deport illegal immigrants facing “final deportation” orders.

Against that backdrop, traffickers of illegal immigrants had to adjust.  How?  While total illegal entrants fell from 132,870 in May to 94,908 in June, then to 71,999 in July, they shied from cooperating states like Arizona and Texas, instead shifting to “sanctuary cities” in places like California.

Overall, President Trump’s commitment to reduce illegal immigration through deterrence, interdiction, international cooperation, and removal of those with “final deportation orders” has been working.  

At the same time, pressure at the border has split the in-migrating illegal population.  Fewer now seek “safe harbor” in non-sanctuary cities, more pour into cities promising not to cooperate with the federal government. 

Thus, for example, between July 2018 and July 2019, the cities of El Paso and Laredo Texas saw a drop of 80 percent and 66 percent respectively, in unaccompanied alien children (UAC).  Tucson saw a 56 percent drop in UAC.  

At the same time, places that promised not to cooperate with federal law enforcement saw the exact reverse.  San Diego – a proud sanctuary city and leader in homelessness, along with Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and other California cities – saw a leap in illegal immigration.  Over the same one-year period, San Diego saw a 35 percent increase in unaccompanied alien children.     

So, as Tucson considers which side of the law, line and liminal process they are on, they might consider hard facts:  Cities that uphold federal immigration law are seeing a drop in illegal immigration and associated costs.  Those opting for sanctuary city status are experiencing the reverse – increased inflows and costs.

One other set of numbers is noteworthy.  As debate swirls over crime, certain numbers stand out.  For example, in California – the nation’s only “sanctuary state” – human trafficking is inordinately high. 

A recent account noted: “With California leading the way, human trafficking, especially in the sex and labor trades, jumped again last year (2017) and has surged 842 percent since the creation of a federally-supported hotline for victims (in 2008).”   California reports 15 percent of all sex trafficking calls.

And San Diego is an example of how bad things can get.   Analysis:  “The numbers are staggering,” since  “there are between 8,830 and 11,773 victims or survivors of human trafficking in San Diego County,” “55 percent … either homeless or have been homeless,” and San Diego “has consistently ranked in the top 10 cities for human trafficking.“

In the end, facts speak louder than an emblematic exchange of emotions in a Tucson city council meeting.  The vilified protestor – a young woman – was saying, in her MAGA hat, she wanted those around her to “respect the law,” not an unreasonable request.  She was met by ridiculing laughter from a self-assured man, who later reveled in his new-found popularity. 

The issue is bigger than this.  It is about what happens when emotion replaces fact, when numbers are met with laughter, when sober evaluation of incentives and disincentives gets sidelined, when rule of law is glibly abandoned for political advantage.

These are the times in which we find ourselves – when logic, history, reason and law are seemingly subservient to lethargy, laughter and dismissive voices.  But Ronald Reagan was right:  Facts are stubborn things.  They were in his time.  They still are. 

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3 years ago

I was a Democrat (perhaps I could of been considered ‘liberal’ by some) for 46 years, but since 2016 and the DNC shenanigans with Hillary, no longer! I’m so sad to see what the Democratic party has become. So many of their ideas are totally illogical and dangerous. It appears to me that they, as a party, are hell-bent on destroying this country. The Dem’s behavior (including most of the mainstream news media) appears to operating on a long-term agenda to undermine our country’s values by a ‘mass-hypnosis’ using the news media. Many of my old friends who watch the TV and the news have full-blown cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome. People who used to be fun to talk to are now hate-spewing machines who can only focus on slandering and spreading lies about Trump. It is interesting to note that many of these same people, when asked, didn’t like Hillary either! My grandparents, who were staunch old-school Democrats from the early 1900s would be rolling in their graves if they knew what the Dems have transformed into during my lifetime. Illegal aliens are not the same as immigrants who enter the country legally! (Although when the Dems and TV news keep repeating the lie over and over again, they persuade weak-minded people to agree with them.)

linda russell
3 years ago

could you release the sanctuary cities if any in ohio, or would any one know for sure if Dayton Ohio actually became one.

Kathy Thompson
3 years ago

I totally agree with Denise. Stop the flow of money and you can stop sanctuary cities. These people are idiots and the only way they will understand is to hit them in the pocketbook. Their behavior is uncivilized and anarchistic. But as Forrest Gump always says, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

3 years ago

The socialists (democrats) need to get as many as possible across the border and signed up to vote next year. Good that illegals are being concentrated rather than spread all over but with the census also taking place these states of concentration will also get more electoral votes for those who blatantly break our laws in order to get power OVER the people.

Robert Alfred Moore
3 years ago

We just returned from San Diego; there are homeless people everywhere… every street corner. Very sad. My observation was that most appeared to be white males; no idea of where they came from, but they sure should not be on the streets of this fine city. bob

3 years ago

The illegals took their jobs and their social benefits in exchange for drugs and maybe a tent.

3 years ago

We’ll researched and written story.

John Gross
3 years ago

This why the left is not doing anything to stop anything except trying to end the second amendment. They if successful in doing this we will have no chance of ever being heard from again. Check the history on gun control of any country that has done it ever freedom is lost forever and the people are enslaved forever. Check the history books please!

3 years ago

thanks for trusted information

Dr. Scott
3 years ago

Greg Russell commented to stop calling them “Immigrants” at all. They are Illegal Aliens and have no legal standing in our country’s laws or places. Those who refuse to provide them to Federal Law Enforcement are not only hindering the capture of federal criminals, a crime in itself, but by releasing them back on the streets without following the Federal Retainer issued by Federal Judge I believe can be arrested and placed into federal custody for committing crime against the USA. Am I right in that?

3 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Scott

Unfortunately powerful socialists have gotten away with breaking the law for too long already. They will continue to do so unless America can stop them.

Scott Davis
3 years ago
Reply to  DanM

So, how else can America stop them unless the justice department actually start charging them with crimes against the USA? I’m not a lawyer. Somehow other than a weak and feckless justice that supports the sanctuary nonsense, the American people have to be able to make citizens arrest against these people who block federal agents from doing their jobs. What we really need to get happening in all these events are handcuffs slapped on every person who obstructs, lies to conceal prisoners in custody of illegal aliens with retainers for federal expulsion, etc.
Enough of this stupidity that any entity can usurp federal law enforcement from performing their legal duties through this sanctuary nonsense. ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT IN THE USA. Simply put, they have no legal status or standing in our judicial system except deportation.

Gregory Alan Wright
3 years ago

With no boarders and no enforcement of the laws it will not be very long before we will not have a country.

3 years ago

Don’t Mayors, governors and other officials take an oath to uphold the laws of the US? Why can they not be removed for failure to do so?

3 years ago
Reply to  Herb

This is what corruption is. Why the people don’t wise up vote them out is a mystery. Maybe it’s getting to be that no genuine person in their right mind wants to run for office, or be a cop or be a school teacher anymore.

Richard Watts
3 years ago

More proof: Conservatives believe what they see, liberals see what they believe.

Bill Kelly
3 years ago

How did the US come about having sanctuary cities, what does it cost the US tax payer?

3 years ago

Sanctuary status at its heart is criminal in that it aids and abets human trafficking and violates federal immigration laws. Simply put – any politician who initiates sanctuary cities/states should be arrested. A brief aside: 30% of state inmates in Arizona are illegal aliens from south of the border. I’m a retired prison guard who worked in Florence, Arizona for the AzDOC.

Michael V.
3 years ago

Excellent article. Thank you!

Jack Thomas
3 years ago

The title of this article says it all: “Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case.” But of course, the various left-wing Democratic mayors of sanctuary cities wouldn’t agree. Nor would Gov. Newsom of California who has consistently thumbed his nose at Federal immigration law and continues to provide refuge for illegal aliens, both criminal and non-criminal. Nor would Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago — one of the most violent U.S. cities — which she has arrogantly stated will remain a “sanctuary city.” Nor would the mayor of Oakland, California who has openly said she’ll tip off city residents of any pending ICE raids, blatantly admitting her willingness to obstruct Federal immigration enforcement. These and many other examples across our country prove that Washington D.C. has exacerbated the problem by allowing disregard for the rule of Federal law to continue.

Those who refuse to cooperate with ICE should be arrested and prosecuted. If we’re a nation of laws, then NO ONE should be above the law —- not a governor or a city mayor, or anyone else who willfully impedes US Immigration officials from doing their job. It’s time that Washington D.C. sent a loud and clear message to every sanctuary jurisdiction in America.

3 years ago

That it even comes to a vote whether to make a city a sanctuary for illegal non-U.S. citizens is itself unconstitutional simply because:
1. Non US citizens have no rights under the Constitution
2. Congress’ deliberate failure to protect the American people and America, AT THE BOARDER, allowing foreign invasion is a violation of American sovereign, itself a violation of their obligation under the Constitution
3.The Democratic party and all of the mainstream radical left, including the courts, prohibiting Pres. Trump from doing his obligation as our president of protecting our boarder is indeed, high treason.

Why is this even a question?

Edward Petru
3 years ago

Why is it when a governor, mayor, state and city officials commit a Federal crime as in not coroporating with Federal Law, they are not arrested. Is there any one with enough BALLS in Congress to file a warrant. All talk, talk, talk but no action. The Republicans had their chance and decided to do nothing. It will be a cold day in HELL, when I give up my Rights.

3 years ago

Socialist mantra-I want what you’ve got but I don’t want to work for it. I want everything for free.

Kenneth Jackson
3 years ago

Can’t California and other sanctuary city locations be prosecuted for breaking Federal Law?

3 years ago

Yes but that could be a tall and expensive order. Best of course if the people could just vote more wisely. That is of course if the elections are not corrupt.

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