Why Are The Salaries of a Quarter-Million Federal Employees – Paid With Your Tax Dollars – a State Secret?

republicans-can-block-subsidies manning washington tax dollars salaries federalWhy is the U.S. government withholding salary information on nearly 255,000 employees whose salaries are paid for by American taxpayers?

 Over the past 11 years, our organization, OpenTheBooks.com, summed up and posted online the salaries and bonus information for nearly every person employed in federal government agencies – a tally that mostly keeps growing and growing…

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From - FoxNews.com - by Adam Andrzejewski

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What? … Government hiding something? … and you’re surprised! … In my wonderful town of Huntington Beach, CA, the Executive Director of our Senior Center has a salary in excess of $90,000, the Recreation Supervisor has a salary of $83,000, with benefits they’re both in the $130,000 range and 90% of the seniors don’t even know what they look like because neither individual comes and mingles with the seniors. Yet, 60-70% of the entire staff are volunteers. A police officer has a salary of $80,000 plus overtime. Get this, a lifeguard has a salary of $90,000 and are seasonal. Forget college, the trades, tell your grandchildren to work for the government, city, state or federal.

Rex Whitmer

This system was set up this way to allow government workers to not be replaced every time there was a new president. It was paid less than general employees of that day, but they kept their jobs with the change of parties, and reciieved benefits not given to non-governmental employees. It wasn’t too long until the labor unions got in and convinced the employees to demand union coverage. Since then, they’ve become a sheltered, almost without worry of loosing their jobs. The reason pay isn’t open to public view, is that they make much more for less work than any civilian in normal employment for that sort of job, more than twice as much in many cases! The benefits alone would make them the envy of normal such employees.


Are these the same people who spend a couple of hours a day watching porn on their computers?

Paul W

Career politicians in congress who go along to get along (and get rich) obfuscate information that taxpaying American citizens are entitled to. What a complete debacle the federal government has become. It’s been bad for a long time, but the swamp has become an ocean sized quagmire. Throw in the public sector unions that have virtually no accountability to their employers…us, and you have a perpetual motion machine of corruption and irresponsible spending, ridiculous public sector salaries included.

Lawrence K. Marsh

What we really should have the right to know is an itemized break-down on how our tax dollars are spent, i.e. how much of our tax money is spent for purposes NOT authorized by the U.S. Constitution Article I section 8? We should not be compelled by law to pay taxes for THESE extra-Constitutional items.