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Rep. Paul Ryan slams Acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel for not understanding the ACA

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Does anyone understand any of this? What a massive, massive nightmare. It’s appalling and keeps me up and night. I wake up nervous about future doctor visits, hospital visits, etc., and I am still a well person. I might currently see a doctor once a year. Somehow, we have GOT to get rid of this monstrosity. I hear the unions are likely going to get a pass, as well as government employees. What kind of country has this become? And these democrats are hollering “fairness” at every turn? These people are no longer democrats. I grew up in a democratic family and none of them agree with any of this garbage.


Daniel Werfel. Is this the same Danny Werfel that played college for one of the Florida colleges?????

Bob M.

Picture Obama standing on a pedistal with his Greek collumes behind him,and the people of this country on their hands and knees crawling towards him with their hands out begging for their free stuff.This is what we have become.Ironic the president chose Greek collumes in his first accceptance speech since that is exactly where we are headed.there is no way we can pay for all this crap.


With over 75% of Americans getting pay checks or some type of government money either by working directly for a government entity or through grants or contracts, do you really expect a different outcome than what we have now?
Get real people none of you are willing to give up what the government is giving you, to fix the problem. That being easy money.


Again. thanks, Paul Ryan. You always speak plainly and insist that committee witnesses do the same. Bet Nancy Pelosi never thought we’d ever find out what’s in Obamacare.


Obamacare: Ready, Fire, Aim.