Russian Collusion? Yep, But It Was Clinton/Obama, Not Trump

-from TheNewAmerican

With all of the focus on the alleged (yet never demonstrated, much less proved) connections between President Trump and Russia over the past year, the liberal mainstream media have bent over backwards to keep the attention off of the demonstrable (and likely soon to be proved) connections between Hillary Clinton and Russia. New reports may make it impossible to continue that ruse.russian-collusion-hillary

Hillary Clinton got quite a bit of political play out of calling Trump “Putin’s puppet” during debates and throughout the election cycle. In the end, though, her attacks missed their mark and she missed the necessary votes to secure the White House and the advent of a Clinton 2.0 presidency — an administration that would certainly have continued (and escalated) the corruption of the Clinton 1.0 presidency.

Newly released information confirms that it is Hillary Clinton — as secretary of state — and not Trump who can be shown to be “Putin’s puppet. The Hill, Fox News, Newsweek, and others are reporting that a deal between Clinton’s State Department and Russian interests that transferred 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russian control involved bribery, collusion, and coverup. And Clinton’s fingerprints are all over it.

This confirms reports published by The New American even as the failed Clinton campaign and its accomplices in the liberal mainstream media continued to beat the stillborn horse of Trump/Russia collusion. In an article originally published in our print magazine and later published online, this writer addressed the evidence of “unethical, illegal, and corrupt behavior” revealed in the leaked Clinton campaign and DNC e-mails and documents published by WikiLeaks:

“Those e-mails and documents serve as a box full of smoking guns against the DNC and Clinton campaign. A quick look at just a few of those smoking guns — any of which alone would be damning — illustrates why Clinton (with the help of the liberal media) wanted to keep the attention on the supposed source of the leak, rather than on what the e-mails show about Clinton and her comrades in the DNC….

As secretary of state, Clinton “reset” relations with Putin’s Russia, which helped the Clinton Foundation and its donors make millions of dollars off a deal that sold the mining company Uranium One (and 25 percent of our strategic uranium production) to Russia.”

That report by The New American — in February — was published months before The Hill “broke” this story.

Now, more is known about that deal. And the more that comes out, the worse it looks for both Clinton and Obama: FBI and court documents show that the Obama-era FBI (under the “leadership” of ousted FBI Director James Comey) was aware that Putin’s regime in Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, according to a report by The Hill. As an aside, does anyone still think it was a mistake for Trump to fire Comey?

The evidence of bribes and kickbacks is not mere conjecture and innuendo (as in the case of allegations against Trump), but is solidly supported by “a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry” who gathered “extensive financial records,” made “secret recordings,” and intercepted “emails as early as 2009,” according to The Hill. Moreover:

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

The racketeering scheme was conducted “with the consent of higher level officials” in Russia who “shared the proceeds” from the kickbacks, one agent declared in an affidavit years later.

And yet — even with the FBI and other federal authorities being aware of this in 2009, the DOJ dragged the investigation out until 2015, allowing a deal to go through that transferred between 20 and 25 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia in the Uranium One deal that fattened the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, strengthened Putin’s Russia, and weakened the United States. For the anti-American element (for whom Clinton was the perfect candidate), that is a win/win/win scenario.

As Newsweek put it, “The Obama administration signed a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow despite prior FBI findings that Russian officials were bribing their way into the U.S. atomic energy industry, according to government documents just published by The Hill.”

So, while Hillary Clinton was using Russia as a bogeyman during the campaign by claiming that if Trump were elected, Putin would gain control of the United States, the reality is that she had — as secretary of state — already laid that groundwork. As president, she would likely have continued to build upon it, doing exactly what she accused Trump of planning to do.

As a result of this information coming to light, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is calling for his committee to conduct a real investigation into the Uranium One deal, the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton. As Fox News is reporting:

“Grassley on Wednesday released a series of letters he fired off last week to 10 federal agencies, addressing those issues in detail and raising the question of whether the committee that approved the transaction was aware of the FBI probe. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

At the beginning of a hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions today, Grassley said, “This committee has an obligation to get to the bottom of this issue.” So true. And the bottom of this issue could be a long way down for Clinton and Obama.

As for those Democrats who have been raising the roof calling for an end to “Russian collusion,” none appears to have come forward to celebrate this break in the case. It appears they are only interested in ending alleged collusion when it involves their opponent, but not actual collusion when it involves at least two of their darlings.


The New American - by C. Mitchell Shaw

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This is the most telling quote of the whole article and it speaks volumes about how Washington operates: “At the beginning of a hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions today, Grassley said, “This committee has an obligation to get to the bottom of this issue.” So true. And the bottom of this issue could be a long way down for Clinton and Obama.” Here’s my problem with how this is playing out: Jeff Sessions is the head of the DOJ as Attorney General of the United States of America. Yet at no time during his appearance before the committee that day, did he state he would direct the FBI and the DOJ to hand over everything they have accumulated on this transaction since 2009 to the Congressional committee without the usual redaction of everything but the page numbers. The ONLY investigation Sessions is recused from is the phony Trump Russia… Read more »

Jerry in Nebraska

Can we finally put her in prison now? I know it will never happen, but I can still wish for it, right?


Yet the investigation goes on and you me and all of us are paying for it. Will anything be done? Nope. After all there is a two tier system of justice in this country. Justice for the elites and justice for us serfs and peons. i dont beleive that jeff sessions has the cojones for this fight and what is needed. I think he is an honorable man but i also think that he is over whelmed and outnumbered. What is needed is an exterminator. I have rats in my house and i want them out NOW! I dont care if he is genteel and refined or coarse and rough. All i want is the rats out and not someone who will coddle the rats and show em all a good time. I want them out.


The Clinton Gang and the Obama Marxist Regime were the most corrupt government officials in American history. They should be in prison for the high crimes that they have committed.


I’ve been saying from the beginning of the Trump ‘witch hunt’ that it is a ruse by the Demonrat embedded deep state to desperately try and keep their skeletons in the closet. Darkness cannot hide from the light forever.


No matter how much evidence piles up against the misdeeds and corrupt behavior of Hillary
Including how She talked to the Gold Star families of the Behghazi fallen.

She will Act and Speak as if She did Nothing wrong.
She will blame everything on a Concoction of the Right Wing Conspiracy, Fox News and Talk Radio.
Advise us to Move Along because there is Nothing to See Here.

The Elite Deep State and Media will let it All slide by.
So that they can get back to the business of living off the taxpayer $.
Hillary Please go back to your walks in the woods, preferably with a GPS anlkle device.

Stephen L.

Once again evidence of corruption,collusion and kickbacks, and nothing…no investigation….no indictments….no nothing!

Charles Hooper, CDR (RET) MC USN

Uranium One is the topic that threatens the United States of America and Citizens more than any other topic. It is undeniable collusion with Russia, Vladimir Putin, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Obama Administration and every Intelligence Leader (both FBI and CIA) during the time it was negotiated. They all failed to protect both the Citizens of the United States and the Free World. I would not be totally surprised if Russia did a Nuclear First Strike against the United States with their Uranium One Advantage.


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein


A democrat can’t be guilty of any political wrongdoing in the same way that a black person can’t be a racist.

Mike Travis

While I am delighted to see real evidence coming out that proves beyond any doubt that it is Clinton who is the real criminal, when I heard that the congress announced they were going to hold hearings, my heart ssank for that announcement ended any chance of indictment and imprisonment for the criminal Clinton as it means a political fix is already done and she will get off without justice being done or for America. Face it folks, America is finished. We are living in a fallen society with only a facade of any sign of our constitutional republic being left. For evidence of that claim, one need look no further than the entire scam none as Ovomit that was long planned then executed (“executed” being the proper word too) leading to an unconstitutional presidency followed by 8 years of blatant corruption, violations of the Constitution, criminal, and civil law,… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin

Uranium has one primary purpose. It’s a nuclear fuel and it is essential to develop nuclear weapons. Yet our geniuses in the former administration sold a large chunk of our uranium resources, 20%, to the Russians who have thousands of nuclear weapons, still today, aimed at us. The Russians are therefore clearly not our friends but an adversary. That sale was treasonous. One may question whether any of that uranium has found its way to Iran or even North Korea! So then why was that nuclear fuel sold to an adversary? For money, of course, because there was zero other benefit for doing so. In return, those “Americans” who engineered and approved the sale were given many millions of dollars as “donations” to a foundation run by one of the primary supporters of the deal thus making treason very profitable indeed. Today, one must wonder how much of that money… Read more »

Timothy R. Buttner

This whole issue is an extreme example of the Projection Theory: if one wishes to know what the Demmycrats are up to, take a look at what they are accusing their opponents of doing…(Other extreme examples include both anti-women activities and the race card.)


LOCK HER UP1 LOCK HER UP1 Take Pres. Obama and all his cronies with her. It’s about time the Republicans got some backbone and
fought fire with fire. I hope that there will be people in authority that will take this whole corrupt matter to the highest level of investigation
and find them all guilty.


So typical of HilLIARy & Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation. Usually what they accuse others of doing they’ve done themselves. I wonder when anybody is going to pick up on what they did to Vince Foster and look into that, because I have never believed that Vince Foster committed suicide! I’m so sick of hearing the Clinton name, and I pray to God that daughter of theirs never goes into politics because I don’t want to even hear the Clinton name anymore, and Chelsea is about as odd as they come!


Just another case of the Washington gang of thugs looking out for each other. Isn’t that right Jeff Sessions?

Dawn Bove

Finally the truth is coming out. Disgusting that it’s taken so long. A perfect example of the swamp.


Lets not forget the connection to the Bundy Ranch and Maleur standoffs. The Bundy’s and other ranchers were being squeezed off their own lands to give away these uranium rich lands as part of the Uranium one deal. Not one word of that connection hit the lamestream media. Private property rights need to take priority to corrupt deals with foreign nations no matter who gets a big payout.

Jere Wilmot Crouse

Take that Clintons.

Thomas Young

These are the facts that conservatives need to know to counter the stupid things their progressive Trump haters talk about as if true. We can’t just put up opinions. It is fact that wins arguments and changes the direction of polite converdations.