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Russia Bogged Down, Losing Ground

Russia and Ukraine

Russia knows the drill because Nazi Germany used it against them between June and December 1941. Blitzkrieg,” or “lightening warfare,” is the idea that speed, mechanized infantry, air dominance, and surprise can deliver a fast victory at low cost by catching an enemy off guard, advancing, regrouping, or repeating. Russia is trying it in Ukraine – and failing badly.

Ironically, Ukraine is doing intuitively what Russia did in WWII to stop the Germans, stopping the enemy by using the equivalent of asymmetric warfare, misdirection, amateur explosive devices, roving snipers, defensive weapons, well-positioned obstructions, and spontaneous engineering. See, e.g., Operation Barbarossa.   

The double irony is that Russia’s boasts about a modern military seem more empty than full, like their scuttled tanks. The Russians are fumbling, getting bogged down, losing ground – or not quickly gaining it – in the face of highly motivated Ukrainians. See, e.g., Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova: The Russian Blitzkrieg Was Not Successful; Putin escalates the war on Ukraine as blitzkrieg calculations fail.

As global support for Ukraine grows, morally and materially, the whole story Russia has told, the whole lie that Ukraine or NATO was preparing to attack, becomes a farce. War, the assault begins to look, even if eventually successful in grabbing land, increasingly like “David and Goliath,” with the Russian Goliath stumbling, and caught off guard by Ukrainian “blitz-defense.”

Put differently, as you look at the map of Ukraine, Russia should have been in key cities within hours if the planning, intelligence, operations, and supply lines had been prepared, and they certainly seemed to be obsessed with planning – throughout the Biden Administration’s tenure.

But no, the assault has foundered. In the north, even by the end of a week, Kyiv – Ukraine’s gemstone city – was not in Russian control, nor was city number two, Kharkiv. Attempts at encirclement were almost amateur, incomplete, held by lack of fuel, and mysterious inability to operate at night, along with many other errors.

Meantime, Ivanki to the north should have been taken before Kyiv and yet held its own as the week progressed. To the south, Chernihiv and – very close to the Russian border – Mariupol should have fallen easily. Kherson appears to have fallen, Odesa is fighting. But confirming control of any of these cities is hard, and Russia has stumbled badly in the attempt.

What else is surprising? Air dominance was supposed to be easy for the Russians, and – remembering WWII and other conflicts – airpower is critical for “lightning warfare” to work. With the combination of manned and unmanned systems, sustainable command and control, and sheer grit, Ukraine has denied Russia that component of the battlespace.

Then go to cyber, and ask – why and how is it possible that Russia, which many imagined consummate at targeted cyberattacks, has not been able to decisively end the internal communications that have allowed Ukraine to keep resisting? No obvious answer emerges, except that they spluttered.

Then think about the strategic downside to not winning fast. If this story continues much longer without some level of decisive end, a capitulation by the Ukrainian citizens, as well as government, and a sense that the mass engagement is in retreat, the story just gets worse and worse for Russia.

Beyond not taking the ground needed fast, they begin sliding sideways, losing greater and greater international support, losing sympathy, losing hope of any credible storyline to justify the immoral, brutal, almost medieval assault on a peaceful, contiguous nation. They start to look more like WWII Germany than post-Soviet Russia, which accelerates economic, diplomatic, and political losses.

Back in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other parts of Russia, all this is not playing well. The Russian people – most of whom are Christian, decent, and have no interest in becoming WWII Germany – are not happy. 

Here is another Putin miscalculation. If the population becomes as hard to hold as world opinion, the world begins to change in ways that are increasingly unpredictable for him. If the Army becomes disillusioned, distressed, and demoralized and begins to hear their views reflected in protests around the country, where might that lead? The answer is unknown, but a question worth asking.

Finally, the idea of acting fast and winning has more than immediate implications. If you say you will hit the basket, net, or goal line – and then miss badly in warfare – your credibility sinks fast. This moral, economic, diplomatic, and now military misstep will affect perceptions of Russia’s preparedness, well beyond Putin’s own loss of personal credibility.

This conflict is far from over and may evolve into an extended, expensive, and politically disastrous decision for Putin – if it has not already. But the bigger point is that Russia’s status in the world is fast eroding. The lightning warfare idea worked in WWII for their adversary, but Russia is bogged down, losing ground.

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Linda Sweet
10 months ago

I find it an interesting coincidence that one of our best past American presidents, Ronald Reagan, was an actor, and the heroic President Zelensky of Ukraine was an actor and comedian before becoming president. Let’s start saying no to career politicians worldwide! Our nation was founded by men from all walks of life, so let’s return to electing the same sort of leaders as our founders.

10 months ago

People are tired of wars that only bringBloodshed and terrify our children ofThe world…you would think past warsWould teach us…nothing good comesOut of destruction….War what is it good for…nothingA song from the past…

10 months ago

I’m praying for Ukraine and all its citizens. God bless you and keep you safe.

10 months ago

time to finish-off putskin

10 months ago

Putin’a next step is to slaughter the civilian population

10 months ago

They showed on tv that Putin’s tanks are in one lane only. What I would like to see happen is for Ukranians to get one tank and turn it so that no other could pass. Or if they can’t blow one up and put it in the way, get two big trucks and put them in the way. The time it would take to clear that away would slow down the column.

10 months ago

Boy, this article seems to be based upon the current media propaganda out of the West and far removed from what is actually happening.

Dan W.
10 months ago
Reply to  Ernie

I suppose that you prefer Putin’s rationale of why the Russians are bombing civilian targets in Ukraine ?

10 months ago

History repeats itself. Winter and arrogance defeated Hitler in his quest for eastward expansion into Russia. His army lacked winter clothes among other miscalculations. In Ukraine, we see a determined leader and a motivated citizenry that love their country. They are pitted against mostly young men, conscripted into the military with little or no motivation to fight against people they have much in common with. It’s mud season there, not so good for mechanized armor. The Ukrainians may be somewhat outgunned, but they have enough weaponry to vastly slow down the Russians. And that is why my friends, we have the 2nd Amendment here in the United States. To protect us against a tyrannical government.

10 months ago
Reply to  Drue

Which is why Ametica’s Socialist Party, otherwise known as the Democrat Party, is so intent on taking them away from us as fast as they can. At some point, the American people need to recognize the Democrats for what they actually are, instead of what they pretend to be.

Donald A Colongeli
10 months ago


Bob L.
10 months ago

I can’t imagine what’s going on. Russia has the manpower, equipment, and fuel to have already overrun Ukraine. I now have to wonder if they are intentionally holding back as a global diversion – an all eyes on us in Ukraine while something else is getting ready to come down.

Our, Israel’s, Taiwan’s, Japan’s, as well as NATO’s intelligence branches had better be on the lookout worldwide.

10 months ago
Reply to  Bob L.

The old saying “God moves in mysterious ways” may just be happening…… belief system is working overtime…….hang in there folks……..STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPPENG

Casey C Matt
10 months ago

Again…….suggesting that Russia is being bogged down because they aren’t using the American approach to invasion..the “shock and awe” approach. Please listen to the conditions Russia laid out in the peace talks being held with Ukraine. What are they asking? For Ukraine to be neutral and not form anti Russian partnership agreements such as NATO membership……..agree to that and the Russians say they will leave.
Are we saying that the Russians are evil because they havent obliterated Kiev as we did Baghdad? Is everyone insane or just blinded by the narrative coming out constantly from the corporate media?

Dan W.
10 months ago
Reply to  Casey C Matt

Stop waving the Russian flag. Putin has already taken one piece of Ukraine (Crimea) and now he wants a second piece (or maybe the whole pie).

If Putin can get away with telling Ukraine to limit its contacts with the West, who’s next on his list, the rest of Georgia, the Baltic States, Finland, Poland….?

10 months ago
Reply to  Dan W.

That is an over-simplification of events. The Crimea thing is a whole conversation in itself as to how and under what circumstances it became part of Ukraine as opposed to Russia. To ignore all of that history and the relation Crimea had to Russia is not presenting the whole story. As far as Putin telling Ukraine who they can contact, that is not the case. Russia is responding the same way we would (I hope) if a known enemy of the US was formally making a military alliance with Mexico and becoming a direct threat to us. In addition, the revelation of the many military bio-labs we had in Ukraine makes the threat all that more dire. Russia did not make the first move in this and their response to our actions were obvious and foreseeable.

Dan W.
10 months ago
Reply to  Brian

I hope that our response to a known enemy making a military alliance with Mexico would not be to bomb civilian targets in Mexico City.

10 months ago
Reply to  Casey C Matt

Do you honestly believe Putin will honor any such “promise”? He and Zelensly have negotiated 3 5-hour (I believe) cease-fires, but Putin ended them prematurely. YOU CAN’T TRUST HIM TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON ANYTHING!! YOU CAN’T GIVE HIM AN INCH!! He’s targeting civilians, so, yes, that makes him evil. Wake up and smell the burning flesh.

10 months ago
Reply to  Kim

I don’t honestly believe anything any politician says. In this case, it seems like Putin’s offer would fulfill his objectives. There are ways to verify his commitment to holding to his word without laying down weapons and just giving up.

10 months ago

Leaked intelligence from boots on the ground don’t support your narrative.

10 months ago

Although this may seem a bit “off topic”, it has a value: I read A Lot, generally 2-4 texts a week. Presently I am reading non-fiction and historical fiction, but also have included a little general fiction, novel, mystery thriller, and short stories.
My point here is that I (like many of you) am no “spring chicken” and I use my reading to relax from the purely unbelievable circumstances in our world. Even reading non-fiction books and articles offers reprieve from the tribulations around us. Usually I am reading 4 to 5 books concurrently, I suppose trying to give myself a little touch of everything. And honestly, reading has the added advantage that it helps me to maintain by issues with pain.
I am certainly not saying to reject or avoid the commerce of life, I am merely suggesting to enhance events. By fortuitous luck, last night I happened to have read on the Blitzkrieg in June and December of 1941. Which coincided well and added depth to this article.
Well, all that said, this was just a little suggestion for those of you who sometimes find the fate of daily events hard to swallow.

Tim Toroian
10 months ago

He hit Ukraine with a similar number of troops as the Allies used the first day at Normandie, then piled on much more in the next few days. 150,000 or so is not enough to take and occupy a land area the size of Ukraine which bog down any force.

Mark B
10 months ago

You have to know if Russia wanted to take Kyiv, they would be able to in short order. I think Russia is only using Kyiv as a diversion or decoy to keep Ukranian forces in the north while they attack the areas, they are actually interested in the separates area east of the river.

10 months ago

At the risk of being eaten by my own, I would offer a different perspective: If China was actively setting up a military alliance with Mexico, right next door, would we not feel threatened and take action? We would – or at least should. This is the position we have put Russia in by making moves to include Ukraine in NATO. Remember, the purpose of NATO is to oppose Russia (the former Soviet Union). With the further revelations that we had a large number of military bio-labs (which are outlawed in out own country) scattered throughout Ukraine, the threat was made all the more urgent. We are being led to “look over there” to take our feeble minds and short attention spans off of the continued destruction and ineptitude of our own government under the Biden Administration. The dollar is eroding to nothing, our people are divided, our economy is in shambles and our people don’t want to work. All of this is GOOD if you are a globalist seeking to bring the American people under the reign of the “ruling elite.” We need to use our God given minds and be critical thinkers. This “Unify against a foreign enemy” is the oldest play in the book. God help us.

10 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Under normal circumstances, a strong administration would oppose such an alliance, but refer to Bob’s opening comment down below as the problem is stated most clearly.

10 months ago
Reply to  Brian

You just took words out of my mouth. Totally agree. This is not our fight, oligarchs on both sides, including ours like Clintons and Bidens, were using Ukraine as their personal piggy bank. NATO does not need any further expansion East, Ukraine should remain neutral buffer zone, Eastern flanks are Russian anyway, considering themselves Russian. Take Putin’s offer and end this. This for Biden and green deal Democrats is convenient diversion from disaster they created with our economy. Inflation and energy prices through the roof, trouble on every front, middle class crushed out of existence, stock market with pensions and lifesavings tanking through the floor, our own energy independence established by President Trump gone out the window, 2020 election stolen, store shelves empty, and whatever remains there is unaffordable. All this now will be conveniently blamed on Russia and war on Ukraine. Fake news media, as a media arm of Democrat party will see to it that this message is out 24/7.

10 months ago

OMG! Biden is so inept, on so many issues — especially managing Putin — he is making Jimmy Carter seem competent! Biden is putting party over country.

Get the oil going — NOW! Export to Europe. And yes, cut a deal with the Saudis (our ally in the Middle East!) to up production.

Flood Ukraine with weapons. We have more than enough advanced fighter aircraft to meet their needs. Ukraine to supply the pilots.

Send a NATO fleet into Odessa. By its very presence, w/o engaging, it will stop the Russian advance westward along the Black Sea coast. (The Russians will not attack that fleet.)

Start knocking-out the Russian power grid. Just do that from sites in Ukraine so Putin can’t track it back to the U.S.

Flood the Russian population with facts. Get the population against Putin and his false “war of repatriation.

The same with Russian troops. Remind them they were duped, and this is not their war — its Putin who has put their lives in jeopardy.

And for Heavens’ sake, shut-up Kamala Harris!

Blessed Patriot
10 months ago

I’m disappointed in AMAC. The truth is that Zelensky is part of the NWO globalists that benefits from war and destabilization. Putin has no desire to give up Russian sovereignty to any NWO. The U.S. DID put bio labs and other weaponry inside the Ukraine, right on Russia’s border, which violates agreements between Russia and the U.S./NATO.

WE ARE TO BLAME. Not to forget that the Ukraine is one HUGE, SWAMP INFESTED nest of corruption and money laundering schemes for the globalist swamp. Burisma is just the tip of the ovomit backed and perpetrated, 2014 coup of the Ukraine ….

Not that Putin is our friend. He is not. But he is not at fault here, as America would have reacted the EXACT same way if our borders were compromised.

KEEP UKRAINE the neutral buffer zone it’s always been as per our AGREEMENTS WITH RUSSIA.

Please SHEEPLE! Do the research! Don’t you ever wonder why the global media is in lockstep with our swamp infested, lame stream media? WELL?


10 months ago

Since the start of this conflict I have not been convinced that Ukraine is the holy one here…….I believe there is much corruption in that country and I am not convinced Zelinsky is eligible for sainthood……we were convinced Castro was the anointed one too……remember that shambles folks?

Fred Noel
10 months ago

Joey is a joke on the world stage. The American people and the Ukrainian people are not laughing, however Putin is.
Did you hear the one about the old man wondering around Washington D.C. and Delaware befuddled, he thinks he’s the President of the United States

Fred Noel
10 months ago

Putin is doing what Stalin did after the Russians pushed back the German invaders. Just ruthless tactics against citizens at all cost regardless of Russian loses. He would stop. He doesn’t care about his military personnel or the Russian people! The sad part of all of this is the world just sits back and watches from the sidelines. Hopefully the sanctions will work, however it’s the Russian people that will suffer the most! He doesn’t care!

Blessed Patriot
10 months ago
Reply to  Fred Noel

Putin is doing what America would have done if our borders were compromised, and agreements to keep Ukraine neutral were broken.

Don’t believe the global media swamp.

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