Runaway Food Stamp Spending

SNAP food stampsThe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), often referred to by its older name “food stamps”, cost $20 billion and had 17 million people dependent on the program in 2000. This year, even with a growing economy and record low unemployment, 46 million people are dependent and at a cost of $80 billion. What has happened? For one thing, in 2009 President Obama waived the work requirement that had been in place since President Clinton and Republicans in Congress signed landmark welfare reform legislation in 1996. Fully 37 states still have the waiver in place. And further, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements for SNAP, there is no limit to how long you can receive food stamps.

Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA) has introduced a bill that would implement work requirements for those dependent on food stamps. Click here to read more from an interview he gave recently about the need for his bill to become law.

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Waive the waiver! The federal government should be incentivizing work, not dependence on government programs that keep the recipients stuck at a barely functioning level of existence.
Just some quick math:
Let’s say there are 333,333,333 people in this country. Multiply that by $3 and you get a $billion. If $80,000,000,000 is the current bill for SNAP, then 3 times 80 gives you the approximate cost to every man, woman, and child to fund this parasite. That’s $240 per year per person. What’s the average household? Maybe 3.2 people (guessing)? Now we’re up to over $800/year/household, by the time you adjust for the population and the fact that 46,000,000 people are contributing probably nothing. I’m being generous here; if I did real math, I might lose my lunch. Please tell me where I’m going wrong here…


A “work requirement” to be met before anyone can claim food stamps entitlement was a great idea when Pres. Clinton put it into effect. Of course, then, the phony president who entered the WH in 2008 removed the work requirement. Just a way to get taxpayer-paid money to more people who don’t bother to work — he probably wanted to do this because of the lack of any familiarity with actually working himself. It’s just plain theft from honest taxpayers to benefit a group of recipients which includes a significant number of people who just don’t want to have to bother with working. Let’s get rid of Obummer’s waiver and get back to the requirement that some amount of work must be performed by anyone given food stamps.


This needs to end for those who are not working poor, elderly or American Citizens. I worked till I was 71 years old in order to have enough to take care of myself and be independent….I guess that pride is slipping. When I stand in line behind who, I expect are illegal alien latinos in Kensington, MD, my stomach turns when I hear them speak Spanish and take out food stamps. Why did I have to work to 71 and pay for these people who do not belong in this country and/or receiving benefits to which they did not work to achieve? Why are American citizen taxpayers paying for these people? End it for illegal aliens and those who do not fit into the working poor citizens, disabled citizens and elderly citizens.

Laurie Bee

The taxpayers are imposed upon even further. Public schools give away breakfast and lunch to those who qualify. Most probably these are the same families who also receive SNAP groceries. In a suburban district close to my home, the school cafeterias stay open in the summer to provide lunch to those same kids. I was broke when my three children were small. We survived just fine with a loaf of “no frills” bread, peanut butter and jelly. We washed it down with powdered milk. They all turned out to be healthy adults. I think it’s very unfair for taxpayers to take on the parents’ responsibility of feeding THEIR children. I recognize that extenuating circumstances do exist and those families who are genuinely needy are welcome to my portion of taxes paid. However, the numbers show that the system is being abused by many. Our society has completely lost its pride.

James McCabe

Everyone on food stamps should have to take a drug test every month. You fail, you don’t eat.

Ed Gold

I worked for social services in California the thing I noticed many of the people I was working with the third or second generation on welfare and it has not changed. There are seniors on the program who do need the help. Plus the number of people who are or have been leadoff. But the problem is the residuals who stay on and put their siblings on the programs.

Frank Cicero

Now they just realized that ? There are people who own homes and businesses on food stamps. How how about all these small convenience stores selling cigarettes and booze on the food stamp card. People using multiple surnames who are married with children getting the max on welfare and food stamps. There is even a manual for certain immigrants to obtain all available government programs with assistance from bogus non profit organizations. Hello US government,anybody home ?


Government Accounting Office says there are about 147 million working people in the US. So that’s about $544 from everyone who is paying into SNAP. More than half the nation is not paying into this system. Food stamps are treated like a sub-currency. People will accept them at sub-face-value and turn around and spend them at a profit. Including booze for cigarettes. A better plan – The WIC plan requires the recipient of the benefit to show ID that matches the check that has the monetary benefit on it. The check also has the items to purchase (i.e., milk, bread, butter, oat cereal,…,etc.) The items have to be generic, or store brand – not brand name. This restriction helps reduce the cost of the items purchased. It cannot be easily exchanged – like food stamps. It’s more of a pain, but how can you complain when it’s free? I worked… Read more »


Hi Sarge– In order to get to the replies, look for the little arrow or the words “view replies” to the right of the time of the posting. This is located at the bottom right corner of the comment box. The few times I contacted AMAC (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site) about the new format they were using and for other issues, they very attentively responded via my email. And see? We got back the old, familiar format! Now all we need is for AMAC to automatically post the replies… please? A few relatives have expressed interest in the articles and in my opinions, and I have started to make copies of them, but the replies do not copy. And the replies are often better than the comments! So, AMAC, can you do this for us—restore the replies without clicking for them? Hope you… Read more »


If you gave each participant one million dollars that would be 46 million dollars so how can they spend 80 billion dollars? Somebody is getting RICH and its not the food stamp people. This shows how screwed up our Government really is.


Approximately 32% of people on SNAP are the working poor. Then you also have the disabled and elderly that make up another 25%. That leaves 43% who don’t fall into either of those categories.

Judy Hoffman

I have been receiving Snap Benefits for almost 4 years. I qualified due to a total disability. I started out getting over $100.00 a month now it is down to $15.00 monthly. I am still thankful for the $15.00 but my expenses have gone up and my Income has gone down. The social security increase that was given this year was wiped out by the rise in the Medicare fee. My rent went up so I’m actually starting the year out in the hole.

Donald Tucker

When we complain about runaway welfare this is another one of the programs the naysayers fail to consider.