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Rosenstein Undercuts Dems’ Main Argument for ‘Obstruction’

Rosenstein Dems argument obstructionRod Rosenstein just blew a huge hole in the Democrats’ “obstruction of justice” narrative, dismantling their foremost argument against President Trump.

It has been almost two months since Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his report to Attorney General Bill Barr. Mueller concluded—after almost two years of an investigation that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars—that there was no “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia, and declined to come to a conclusion about whether there was any obstruction of justice. A short time later, Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced their joint conclusion that there was not sufficient evidence to conclude that the President in any way obstructed justice as a matter of fact and law.

For many Democratic members of Congress, the report and the conclusions by Barr and Rosenstein were simply too much to bear. How could their White Knight, Mueller, and his team of Clinton supporters have failed to find the collusion and obstruction that was so clear to liberal partisans?

Rather than moving on and focusing on public policy initiatives, Democratic committee chairs in the House of Representatives have remained fixated on the Mueller Report, threatening to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress if he does not give them an unredacted version of the report—perhaps hoping to find in the redactions that it was all a misunderstanding and that Mueller really did find collusion and obstruction.

One Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee even convinced her colleagues to hold a public reading of the Mueller Report, perhaps with the hope that reviewing the politically charged “facts” the Mueller team put in the report would provide some catharsis.

While House Judiciary Committee Chair Nadler and his fellow diehards still hang on to the collusion myth, others are now taking Mueller’s irresponsible equivocation on obstruction of justice as license to make their own factual and legal findings—naturally, they’ve concluded that the President simply must have obstructed justice in some way.

The favorite contention of most Democrats in Congress, and many in the media, is that the firing of James Comey as FBI Director must have constituted obstruction. Mueller devoted at least 26 pages of his report to the matter, and Nadler let himself get so carried away on the subject that he achieved the rather dubious distinction of being called out by the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s project for making false claims.

The Comey firing is a curious choice for the Democrats to use as their leading evidence to support their obstruction claim. Comey was, for a time, the Democratic Party’s villain after his announcement concerning Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal, in which he declined to pursue charges against Clinton but still detailed her extensive wrongdoing. After Donald Trump’s election victory, that press briefing by Comey provided one of the countless excuses offered by Democrats for Clinton’s shocking loss at the polls.

However, once it was learned that Comey and his fellow travelers at the Justice Department were actually working behind the scenes on a plan to defeat President Trump or oust him from office once he was elected, Comey found redemption and was welcomed into the anti-Trump camp. He burnished his “#resistance” credentials on his recent tour to promote his book and redeem himself publicly, taking every opportunity to attack the President.

Comey’s firing as FBI Director also is a curious focus for obstruction of justice allegations against the President for reasons noted by some of the nation’s leading constitutional scholars, who have opined that the President’s use of the Executive Branch powers he lawfully possesses cannot constitute obstruction of justice as a matter of law. Further, by statute, the FBI Director serves at the President’s pleasure, and there likely would be constitutional barriers to giving the FBI Director some sort of tenure or requiring cause for his firing.

But constitutional and statutory provisions, or facts, for that matter, have been no obstacle to the anti-Trump camp. They are determined to succeed by any means necessary in their quest to destroy Trump’s presidency, no matter what the collateral damage to our system of laws.

Recent events, however, have sharply undercut their narrative that President Trump obstructed justice with Comey’s firing. It was, of course, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who notified Comey that he was being fired, and who provided the official justification for his firing. But the Democratic narrative, adopted by most in the media, was that Rosenstein was merely acting as the President’s unhappy pawn and did not believe in the decision. After all, Rosenstein himself had earned significant credibility with the rabid anti-Trump crowd for choosing Mueller as the Special Counsel, for giving him an extraordinarily broad mandate and long leash, and for his bizarre purported plan to tape-record the President in hopes of removing him from office under a perversion of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

Those were serious anti-Trump credentials, and the Democrats hoped that once out of office, Rosenstein would wholeheartedly support their absurd notion that the President obstructed justice when he directed Rosenstein to fire Comey.

Those hopes have just been dashed.

Last week, Rosenstein spoke publicly for the first time since resigning from his post as Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein characterized James Comey as a “partisan pundit” who as FBI Director crossed “bright lines that never should have been crossed,” adding that Comey absolutely deserved to be fired for his misconduct in office. While Rosenstein might have handled the Comey firing in a different manner, he has now made clear that he (Rosenstein) single-handedly wrote the memo listing the reasons for firing Comey, and that the President did not tell him what to put in his memo.

Rosenstein’s biggest complaint about Comey was the way in which Comey mishandled the Clinton email scandal; but he can find a great deal of support for his decision to fire Comey in other areas, as well. Take, for example, the unprecedented action by Comey in leaking memos to a friend in order to advance a personal agenda—a matter now under investigation by the Justice Department’s Inspector General. Legal authorities familiar with the facts have reported that the leaked memos contained sensitive and classified material, and that at the very least, Comey’s actions violated the affirmation he signed when he joined the FBI.

Comey likely faces many more challenges ahead regarding his FBI-related misconduct. Former FBI General Counsel James Baker recently disclosed that officials at the FBI were “quite worried” that Comey was trying to blackmail the President. Whatever the consequences, Comey’s actions during his time at the FBI and after cannot be reconciled with the claims he makes in his book about placing a premium on ethical conduct in public service.

Rod Rosenstein has made it crystal clear that there is no factual or legal merit to any claim that the President obstructed justice in connection with the firing of James Comey. For Rep. Nadler and company, an apology—and maybe even a thank-you note to the President for firing Comey in the first place—would be appropriate.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by David Schoen

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Wayne D Peterkin

Speaking logically rather than legally, I do not understand how an investigation can determine no underlying crime was committed, “collusion” in this case (which is not even a crime under any statute), yet the one being investigated can be charged with obstructing justice. How can justice for a crime that did not occur be obstructed? The only thing that might be charged in my view would be obstructing Injustice! Scooter Libby went to prison for a couple years for the very same farce. He was convicted of obstruction when the crime being investigated was determined to not have happened! That in my view is a miscarriage of justice. In fact it mocks the term justice and is injustice at its worst. The Democrats and their allies in the media and Hollywood pursue this madness for no valid reason. They simply hate this president and want to prevent another four years… Read more »


I am 85 years old and have at times seen what I would call disagreeable decisions come from our government but never to the degree that I have seen in the past two years. At this point I am discouraged and greatly worried


The dems are showing anyone who bothers to remove head from sand whats coming if they arent defeated. There is circumstantial evidence that influence was somehow brought to bear on roberts, sessions and possibly cavanaugh. Whats more obvious is their brazen attempt to intimidate any opposition into silence… or not running for office, or joining their side, or else. Their aim is a one party system and the absolute power that comes with it. It remains to be seen if the Trump administration follows thru on the investigation of the crimes and misdeeds of the dems. Remember, they got away with a lot during the last administration. Nothing happened to lerner, holder et al. Nothing has yet happened to the clinton crime family or the corrupt fbi players. Show trials and gulags will be the inevitable result if we fail to support Trump and one of those marxists replace him.… Read more »

Anna Petrocelli

I have not read and will not read Comey’s book. So he considered his ethical duty to humiliate, blackmail and lie about the President of The United Staes? What are we saying to the world when our trusted officials cannot be trusted? I would like for me to ask himself that question and then write a book about it. He disgusts me.


Not only are the demoncrats still beating that dead horse but the carcass is quickly filling up with gas and soon will blow up in their collective face.


“Justice” should be the goal of everyone who supports our Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law. So who are the real obstructionists of justice in this not yet dead “Russian Collusion & Obstruction” fiasco? Rod Rosenstein selected the Mueller investigative team, despite their nearly unanimous past support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the DNC. Mueller’s team–albeit indirectly–helped pay for the false “Steele Dossier!” With the aid of a crooked FISA “secret court” judge and dishonest journalists, the project moved forward. That fictitious dossier started this infamous process. Democrats in Congress who have repeatedly undermined our nation’s leadership (including AG Barr’s Department of Justice), said nothing when Barack Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, “obstructed justice” and refused to testify or provide documents related to the illegal “Fast and Furious” Mexican gun-running program! What happened to Obama’s promise of “the most transparent Executive Branch ever?” All members of Congress should… Read more »

Stephen Russell

Great more Dem division in ranks, blow this “impeachment” BS out of the water, bogus.

Neal Christensen

Ethics don’t matter to Democrats…they have an agenda.

Phyllis Poole

All this corruption and still they have followers! I have a couple in my family and cant believe what they are believing They listen to nightly news of the left and won’t listen to facts and common sense that’s how the democrats will get voters. We need to pray because
This is the work of the devil for sure!!!

Ed Curtis

The “Left”. the “Far Left, Socialists and Liberals just refuse to admit they are wrong.They cannot even admit Hillary lost the election. They are like a plague that that refuses to be cured. Hopefully those who vote the Democratic ticket will wake up in time to save us from being a “progressive” country like Norway, Italy, Greece, et al. They are all broke or well on their way. I have said for years that a country,in many ways, is a business. A country has a CEO of the Board (or equivalent), a Board of Directors and stock Holders. Our country has equivalent offices in the President, Congress and Citizens. The problem is their inability, or refusal , of the first two entities to do their job and represent the wants and desires of the people who put them in office. We vote them into job, so vote them out for… Read more »

Helen Corey

Just opened my Bible to David’s Psalm 64–Treacherous Conspirators punished by God.—
They sharpen their tongues like swords, ready their bows for arrows of poison words.
They shoot at the innocent from ambush,, shoot without risk, catch them unawares.
They resolve on their wicked plan, they conspire to set snares, they say: “Who will see us?”
They devise wicked schemes, conceal the schemes they devise, the designs of their hearts are hidden.

Sounds to me like what’s going on in DC by Dems.

Helen Corey

Dems want to make US a socialist country Dems use Sweden as an example of a Socialist country. Dems should get updated on Sweden. Sweden is moving away from socialism.


This whole Trump Russian fraud thing shows just how evil the DNC’ommunist Putinesta party is. If there was anything illegal going on, and their was, it was the Clinton mafia and everyone already knows it. The rank’n’file dems are just to stupid to admit it and we now have a congress full of dishonest players covering it all up. Odumer is every bit as quilty of treason as the dems in congress are today. Did anyone ever wonder just who the DC swamp was! This next election will be known for election fraud and because the Dems have been doing it for to long they are getting sloppy about it.


It’s still all talk and no action on the part of the Republicans who should band solidly together and tell the Dems loudly and clearly NO MORE!
Unfortunately the Republicans are weak and do not stand together.


Does anyone here really expect the Democrats to apologize to Trump for any of their actions, especially since he is not their President of choice? Like children, who expect to get everything and if they don’t, they keep throwing tantrums. And now that there’s been a call to investigate what started the investigation in the first place, they are blowing smoke screens to prevent the eventual check. and exposure.

Thomas H.

The Mule Head “investigation” achieved its purpose – it gave the MSM the self-appointed right to attack the President several times a day because “If there’s an investigation, then there MUST be a crime”. Instead of yet another witch hunt the (d)s should be hunting the REAL witch.

Oren Player

What a useless bunch of people. It would seem to me the country would be much better off if we marched into a session of the House and had a force lobotimizing of every Democrat in there. Then put them to pasture somewhere.


Is this the same Rosenstein
who lectured us on
the strict requirements for a valid FISA warrant
And signed off on one of those renewals
I guess we can trust him on anything he cares to speak on (?)


Democ rats ARE the obstructionists and the poster crybabies of collusion.They are trying very hard to turn AMERICA into a liberal,socialist,communist country.


Rosenstein is just covering his own butt.