What to Expect

Our Process:

Membership application process:

The financial planning candidate must be a member of AMAC and RoseMark.

First contact:

The member will be contacted by their RoseMark wealth manager on the next business day after becoming a member. During this conversation, the wealth manager will go through the details of the information gathering process and the questionnaire.

Questionnaire and supporting documents received:

The member will be contacted by their RoseMark wealth manager on the next business day after the completed questionnaire and supporting documents are received.  This information will be reviewed with the member and a 45 minute phone meeting will be arranged with the member to review the financial plan.

Financial Plan:

The member will receive the financial plan 7 business days after the questionnaire and supporting documents have been reviewed by the RoseMark wealth manager and the member.

Sample Plan:


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Information Organizer

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Obstacles Priorities Recommendations

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Additional Information

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45 Minute Phone Meeting:

The RoseMark wealth manager and the member will review the detailed financial plan and set in motion the process to implement the action plan for success.

Action Plan for Success:

The RoseMark wealth manager will quarterback the implementation process to insure the success of the financial plan.  This will entail the proper coordination of the financial products and services with the appropriate trusted advisor and/or financial organization.

Plan Monitoring and Review:

Upon completion of the implementation of the plan, the RoseMark wealth manager will set a schedule for monitoring the plan on a going forward basis.


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