Q: Should I become a RoseMark Member?

A: Not everyone is a candidate for comprehensive Financial Planning. It is possible that your current situation does not warrant this approach. It is also possible that even though you may be an excellent candidate for Financial Planning, other circumstances prevent you from proceeding at this time. Our Focused Financial Strategies give you the ability to implement sound financial solutions to specific concerns you may have. Areas that can be addressed through Focused Financial Strategies include:

Cash Flow and Debt Management Investment Portfolio Analysis & Review
Capital Expenditure Analysis College Funding Programs
Personal Insurance Review Life Insurance Review
Disability of Long Term Care Insurance Review Asset Protection
Income Tax Protection Maximizing Retirement Income
IRA Distribution Analysis Planning for a Special Need
Estate Planning Estate Tax Reduction

Q: Is my spouse included in my annual membership?

A: Membership dues include membership for both you and your spouse. Husband and wife need only purchase one membership.

Q: Who provides the Financial counseling to RoseMark Members?

A: All Services provided to RoseMark members are provided through Castle Asset Management, LLC, an SEC regulated investment advisor. This includes Asset Management, Financial Planning, and the Network of professionals that support the planning process. Disclosure Bios

Q: Are there other fees, such as Asset Management Fees, that I could be charged, in addition to my Membership Fee?

A: Yes. Certain investments will generate additional asset management fees. These fees are low compared to other asset management companies and are fully disclosed prior to investment.

Q: Can I call my Personal RoseMark Coach at any time for information or financial advice?

A: Yes! Your RoseMark Membership fee provides you with access to your Personal Financial Coach! Simply call us at 1-888-730-6565 during our business hours of 9am – 6pm EST!

Q: Can I become a RoseMark Member for advice only?

A: Yes! Your RoseMark Membership allows you access to your Personal Money Coach. No investments or financial planning strategies need to be implemented for you to join or to benefit as a RoseMarkMember!

Q: Is my information kept safe?

A: Yes! View our Privacy Policy and Procedures

Q: What are the objectives of RoseMark?

A: Our business objectives are to offer sound, powerful financial strategies that build wealth, reduce risk, and enhance the financial security of our clients. Our goal is to promote financial security and help improve the overall efficiency of our member’s assets through the integration of their capital assets with a sound Estate Plan and Insurance Protection Program. We strive to assist our members in managing their investment capital through the development of an appropriate asset allocation strategy and the selection of top tier private money managers.

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