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Ronald Reagan’s Warning About Socialized Medicine

Ronald Reagan’s Warning About Socialized Medicine. This moving speech against socialized medicine sounds as if it were written today, instead of 1961.

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29 Comments on "Ronald Reagan’s Warning About Socialized Medicine"

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Yes, of course. French, English, Italians,Germans,Canadians, All those countries who Enjoy this kind of health care where there the leaders actually care about their people. They travel freely. Have same freedoms we do.

Amazing, so many people calling Reagan “great” and “Spot on” – are you all really so daft?

He was wrong, he claimed that if medicare was accepted and instituted that we would be living in a communist country shortly – we are not and Medicare is as American as apple pie.

Jeez! I don’t have an issue with others’ opinions – but What universe are you Reagan defenders living in??

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump’s mom, “stup*d is as stup*d does”

Your observation and conclusion confirms a 1985 Yuri Bezmenov KGB defector interview talking about the road Americans are taking as well as confirming that some Americans are like frogs brought to a slow boil as predicted by, ‘‘You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy …until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.’’ ~…~ Nikita Khrushchev ‘First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1953-1964’. I have a rossabh Mancurian Puppet Class blog post in my search for why good meaning, intelligent people would dance like puppets to a master who lies to them. We have a larger dose of what didn’t work under FDR and it is proving to not work again,… Read more »

This is coming to pass…….the president intended that it should from the moment he took office, never mind that heswore an oath on Lincoln’s Bible. After all, he did say that he intended to “fundamentally” change America, didn’t he! Reagan may have given this speech years ago…..he knew exactly what would be said and what the ultimate goal of unprincipaled policitians would be. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor PERIOD; if you like your insurance company, you can keep your insurance company, PERIOD!

He was talking about medicare! Geeze people, Get the facts

Jesse, please listen to Mr. Reagan’s comments again. He was talking about universal health coverage, regardless of need. A future Medicare system was seen as a little step to get government’s “foot in the door” and was tied to age, again regardless of need. Eventually, little by little, a universal health system would be established, giving government complete control over individuals. That’s what Mr. Reagan saw, and that’s what we see happening today.

They have already moved the goal posts. The bill says that the states do not have to set up the insurance exchanges if they do not want to, the federal government will do it. Well, now these back stabbers have had the incompetent, lying wicked witch of the west HSS secretary Katherine Sebelius made it official that states that do not COMPLY will be punished with a 3 percent tax on insurance policies issued in those states. The Nazi’s has the SS we have the HSS.

Concerned Compassionate

Oh, and I suppose our government has death camps and has reinstated the killing of jews and the disabled. Your comment makes a mockery of those who suffered REAL PERSECUTION in WWII by comparing their suffering to those who may suffer only a minor inconvenience by comparison. If you are going to have a selective memory then what about those “Nazi’s” who would deny healthcare to the 50,000,000 uninsured?

Please realize no one is planning to put seniors, or the disabled, or homosexuals to death or torture them or run terrible medical experiments on their bodies. At worst, some seniors may need to slightly increase the limits to their supplemental Medicare policy. What about those “Nazis” in the GOP who want to overturn the preexisting condition laws and then “privatize” Medicare so that only healthy seniors will have access to viable healthcare?

History has can and will repeat its self.

What makes a person like you so angry with about another opinion ! Health care is available, where do you come from another planet, no one gets turned away. We have the best system in the world and yes it needs improving but it doesn’t require the trashing it gets from mean spirited anti – Americans like you. Why are you so bitter ?

Concerned Compassionate
Just tell me where I can buy a policy in the private market then. I have been turned down by 5 private insurance companies for $10,000 deductible policies and my current medical expenses are less than $1,000 a year. If I get sick, I first go bankrupt and then Medicare kicks in. Do you realize that 50% of all personal banktuptcies in the USA are due to medical bills? Yes, the people get treatment, but then they go bankrupt. The hospitals treat first and then seize the bank account. And as far as homeless people go, there are hospitals in New York that are dumping people in the street that show up in their overloaded ER. Just watch one of the many documentaries on TV and learn. And, when they overturn the preexisting condition laws and privatize Medicare, it will only get worse. Why call someone a “Nazi” who may… Read more »
I worked with a gentleman back in 1982 who had gotten out of a Soviet block country. He and his wife were wounded during their escape. His wife spent 70+ days in a hospital in Milan Italy. When she was released and finally arrived in the US, they were met at the Airport in JFK, cleared customs and she was taken directly to Stony Brook Hospital NY, where she underwent 2 more surgerys and then almost 2 years for physical therapy, learning to walk and talk and eat and just about everything. Stanos told me that they couldn’t believe their luck in being successful, but thanks to their son who had made the original arrangements to secure their portage here, they were fortunate to have made this journey even the medical condition his wife endured for many years was worth it to get out from under the tyranical government. He… Read more »

Also there might be a bit of irony that your colleague’s family went straight to a public hospital. I’m assuming didn’t pay cash out of pocket for all their medical expenses but were helped by the American taxpayer. Nothing wrong with that except the hypocrisy.

Ironically that gentleman you worked with in 1982 is likely on Medicare now. If not he will be soon.

In regards to socialized medicine and any government subsidy, I agree with Margaret Thatcher. She said, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money”. I wonder if those who support more goverment involvement, would approve of that same government funding a bill/law/organization/group of people/event/etc with which they fundamentally disagree.
It saddens me that name calling and personal insults usually enter a discussion of this sort. It’s a shame that we have lost the ability to critically think our way through a problem, listening to other points of view (note listening is not the same a agreement) without feeling threatened. Are we that shallow and insecure that everyone must agree ? No wonder we are in such a mess.
I miss President Reagan!

Thank you for this wonderful message from a great Conservative President…Ronald Reagan ! I’ve known Socialism ideology in this country goes back to Woodrow Wilson; but, I never realized that the seed of Socialized medicine was planted back to Truman, and can only grow roots making this a Socialized/Communistic Country. Heaven Forbid !

Here we are with just what Ronnie said we would have if we didn’t fight it. NO WE HAVE TO HAVE CONGRESS “DEFUND” OBAMACARE or it will only be the begining of what the end will be. Wright everone you can on Capital Hill and TELL THEM THAT DEFUNDING IS THE ONLY WAY.

This story must be published monthly. AMAC should also make the letter writing to Congress suggestion a regular feature – starting with a message to cut spending and get our debt levels down. Future issues for letter writing should be issues such as the admin’s executive memos re: ‘insider threats’ that could curtail our our Bill or Rights. I had written to my Sen. Schumer (D-NY) about the need to keep energy prices affordable. This is how he replied “As you know, S.J.R. 37 would have disapproved and nullified the rulemaking submitted by the EPA setting national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants from coal and oil fired electric utilities. However, on June 20, 2012, the Senate defeated the proposal by a vote of 46 to 53.” He did not say that his party, the Dems who control the Senate voted against it or did he indicate how he voted.… Read more »

I also voted for him and he was awesom

‘Concerned Compassionate’ is right about one thing; Medicare IS socialized medicine, BUT, He’s dead wrong about it’s efficiency and being worth the cost. Yes, it’s worth the cost to HIM, because he might be one who pays either NO TAXES, or very low taxes because of his inability to earn, however, those of us who work at whatever it takes for however many hours it takes to make a decent living for outselves and our families see that FICA and everything assciated with it is corrupt with fraud and waste of our hard earned money. What do you say about Presiden Reagan’s scenario about doctors being assigned territories? What do you say about those like my mother who chose and paid – with help of private insurance – to have a knee replacement at the age of 81? Your super efficient communist medicine would have denied that and made it… Read more »

How @ the SS I mean the HSS telling you you not worth the cost. Life is cheap remember we started abortion & euthanasia.

Concerned Compassionate

Your ignorance is a disservice to the conservative cause. And your insults accomplish nothing,

I am a professional engineer in the process of launching my own consulting business, and I indend to keep working and paying taxes throughout my retirement.

And, I have been working for more than 35 years and in the highest 35% tax bracket as a single with no family deductiions for most of those years.

Why is it every time I post even mild dissent you people insist on hurling insults and accuse me of being a non working slug and worthless freeloader?

Those were the good old days, when we had someone who loved our country as President.

Concerned Compassionate

I hate to tell you people, but your precious Medicare IS socialized medicine. You people will probably never admit that. And it is a system that works well and has a fraction of the overhead of the private industry.

And, don’t go off on a red tape tangent. For the past 9 months my PRIVATE insurance company has refused payment on a routine colonoscopy that is supposed to be 100% paid for according to my LEGAL contract. They are in violation and don’t seem to give a rip. I keep getting the dunning notices from the doctor and my credit rating is now at risk.

Time to get a Lawyer.

You are correct, Medicare is socialized medicine BUT fraud in Medicare is rampant. It seems to be very easy to set up a store front health clinic of some variety to sell health care that is substandard or never actually delivered. Also, many health care providers do not accept Medicare because it only pays a portion of the charges for any given medical service. I am on Medicare because I am disabled, but I continue to be thankful because the clinic where I get my health care has not dropped me due to low payment of claims. Others subsidize my health care. I was ignorant and thought Medicare was only for retirees, not the disabled. Also, there is no choice whether to be on Medicare.

Concerned Compassionate

Gee, you mean fraud is rampant like our new Republican governor in Florida was part of? The health clinics he owned were successfully prosecuted for a few billion dollars in false submittals. It was the largest Medicare fraud in US history. And he walked with over $300 million in his pockets because of it and escaped criminal prosecution, and then people actually voted him to a high public office! The only thing I would ever vote as far as he is concerned is a 20 year prison sentence. And, now he is one of the “heroes” who is fighting to repeal “Obamacare” since he is such an insider “expert” and knows the private system so well. Excuse me while I heave!

Wow – this is spot on! I sure do miss this man, I was honored to cast a ballot for him twice. I was on active duty in the Marine Corp at the time-he was an awesome Commander In Chief and did may great things for the military.

Randy Thank you for your service. President Reagan was a fine man and a good leader for America.
I feel bad for my sons and there family’s grand kids and great grand children where they will be left
with the debt from our government. And then Obama-care that will be a heavy load on there pocketbook.
As President Reagan said socialized medicine is not the path to follow.. I am a 71 year old man and the
quality of health care for old folks just not there now.

Bob Riley