From Ronald Reagan’s 1977 CPAC Speech – All GOP Members Of Congress Should Read This!

“I need not remind you that you can have the soundest principles in the world, but if you don’t have candidates who can communicate those principles, candidates who are articulate as well as principled, you are going to lose election after election.”  – Ronald Reagan

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6 years ago

it’s sad, senior congress members telling junior congress members how to vote on bills. taking an oath to uphold the constitution as it written, then trying to change it to their believes. running for congress with the best intention for your constituency then finding its best to follow the crowd (congressmen) because you sure don’t want to be an outcast from the parties. ever notice how men and women of the political realm get all giddy, warm all over, and almost kiss the presidents feet because they need notoriety or have photos taken to verify their status that they are… Read more »

6 years ago

Still true today as it was back when Reagan originally said it. The problem is far too many Republicans sitting in Congress fail on all counts. That’s why we need to change the dynamic of Washington and primary out a lot of these inarticulate, unprincipled people and replace them with the kind of people who 1) actually understand and respect what the Constitution says and agree to abide by its standards and 2) are actually able to articulate a clear, concise fiscally conservative message that is relevant and to a large percentage of the American public, so they can understand… Read more »

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