Romney is Embarrassingly Wrong About Trump

Mitt Romney Wrong TrumpSen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) Washington Post op-ed this week was presumably intended to be a declaration of moral superiority and political leadership. If this was the goal, Romney’s commentary fell flat. The piece was, however, an effective case study in why Trump won in the first place.

The op-ed offers no concrete examples of which of Trump’s values and policies Romney finds objectionable, instead relying on vagueness and the favorite fallback of the never-Trump crowd: “he’s just offensive”. The term “bad character” is repeatedly used, but never explained. What about President Trump’s character does Romney find so unsuitable? And going beyond the president’s character, why is Romney willfully ignoring all the good Trump has done for the country over his own personal differences with the man?

Romney is not new to the game of politics – he knows he has a chance to help the Republican Party and make a very real impact on our country’s future. Which makes it all the more baffling why he’d attack the president before even being sworn into the Senate.

But in his attacks on the president, Romney inadvertently exposed all of his own weaknesses. An establishment Republican through and through, Sen. Romney is just one of the many swamp-dwellers Trump has readily unmasked and humiliated in his less than two years in office.

Although framed as an attack on the president (“Trump’s character falls short,” the headline reads), the op-ed reads more like Romney giving himself a pat on the back. Highly self-congratulatory, Sen. Romney praises himself for his differences with Trump, all while ignoring the biggest difference: unlike the former Massachusetts governor, Trump actually won his bid for president.

This is common among President Trump’s critics—most show more interest in attacking his perceived weaknesses than they do in accepting their own. Romney has to focus on the differences between himself and Trump, because if he focused on their similarities he’d have to come to terms with his numerous failures. Like Trump, Romney was a businessman and a prominent figure in the American public sphere throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Both had established reputations as competitive, business-minded men and both were portrayed by liberals as ruthless, transactional figures. But of the two men, only one has achieved real results for America.

By criticizing Trump and focusing on their perceived differences, Romney avoids accepting that Donald J. Trump did what he could never do. As the president himself put it in a tweet responding to the op-ed, “I won big and he didn’t.”

Rather than wasting his time trying to build the never-Trump Republican faction in Congress or become some sort of #Resistance icon, Sen. Mitt Romney should spend his time focusing on policy objectives, specifically on issues like border security.

Picking a fight with his own party’s president exposed Mitt Romney’s political weakness and lack of foresight more than anything else. While the mainstream media has already lionized the Utah senator for his commentary, portraying it as heroic and virtuous, it’s important that the rest of America recognizes Romney’s flaccid op-ed for what it really is: the gripes of a sore loser.

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The Freezing Senior

Romney …. a coward, loser, RINO and useful idiot for the DEMOCRATS who thinks he is morally superior just like his buddy McCain.
In fact, he is nothing more than a lawn jockey for the Left masquerading as a Conservative Republican.

General Patton

Great article you are on the money. Whether Dem or Repub—the status quo crowd hate Trump. Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country since Ronald Reagan. The Deep State is not the American Taxpayers friend.

barbara stricker

Romney= envious spiteful hateful RINO….the new McCain?

Buddy Saunders

All comments thus far are anti-Romney and all are on the money. If Romney is the future of the Republican Party, then the party has no future. He is a RINO, another McCain, and were he president rather than President Trump, all the good things accomplished by Trump would not have happened. We don’t have border funding for the border wall precisely because too many Republicans like Romney are already in government. We sure don’t need another.


I thought the voters in Utah had more intelligence than to vote for a back stabbing Democrat in Republican clothing like Romney. Remember, his healthcare program when he was governor of Massachusetts, was the model for Obamacare.

Larry Ralston

First, Mr. Zail, excellent article. You put into writing what the majority of Conservative Republicans were/are thinking about Romney. When Mitt Romney ran against Obama for the presidentery, I fully support Romney and his platform. I thought him an honorable man, a fair man, an honest man,a smart man, a man with a conviction to undue damages caused by the Obama administration. But Mitt, a very negative “something” changed you from that person you use to be. Your attacks on President Trump are being lauded by the main stream media and those few RINOs. However, your making those comments about my President are not acceptable and will come back to haunt you!! It is strongly suggested that (1) you apologize to President Trump, (2) to apologize to all Conservatives, (3) you get on board with our agenda, (4) or move to the other side of the isle. At least on… Read more »

John F Whelan

Tremendous article on Romney’s jealousy of President Trump


Thank God for President Trump.

Bo Dalton

The rest of the United States is still asking themselves, how UTAH feels realizing they have become the absolute winners for the title of “THE DUMBEST VOTER BLOCK ” in America !. Not only did they elect an idiot by the new name of “Flake” Romney as their Senator, they also sent a brain dead Democrat to the Senate at the same time. UTAH likes to elude that they are Conservative, But, now have become the most Liberal State we have. They had to stretch out and break the Law to allow “FLAKE” Romney to run in the first place, because he didn’t meet the requirements for Residency. My O My, what the Hell has become of UTAH ?

Bill S.

I wish there was some way for me to get my donations to Romney’s bid for president back. What a loser. I had no choice but to vote for him in 2012 because of the alternative, but I certainly wouldn’t do it again if the opportunity ever presented itself. Is he not paying attention? What a fool.

Ken Curtis

As a conservative from Utah, I am so so sorry to have elected such a liberal as Romney. Luckily, he has already said this is his only term but we all know what power does to one’s character so who knows. Pray for Trump and America.

David Baklarz

Once a loser always a loser

Steve Capell

He is full of greed and power we should feel lucky he wasn’t nominated president.


Romney is proving to be an embarrassment to Utah and he just took office. It sure didn’t take long to show his love for himself as he has proven over and over. Utah voters put themselves in the difficult position here by not wanting to vote for a liberal fake, so having no real choice he gets in. Here is an interesting question, is the congress getting paid during this shutdown? No DNC’ommunist members of the Left should get paid, even back pay!

Bob L.

Mitt Romney wears an (R) behind his name, is labeled as a RINO, but make no mistake about his true alliance – a Globalist who would just as soon see our country governed by the same kind of system Europe is suffering under where national sovereignty is only a mask covering an un-elected oligarchy. You don’t hear the term “North American Union” mentioned anywhere anymore, but the agenda is alive and moving slowly ahead, even in the new “trade” agreement with Canada and Mexico. The “Common Market” trade agreement was the cornerstone of the founding of the European Union. Regional “Unions” are the next step to a totally global government in which you can bet the bank would not contain a Bill of Rights. Global organizations like the Fabian Society and other Progressive movements have been patiently working for more than a century to transform the world into the image… Read more »


There needs to be a website initiated by the republican party that tactfully and truthfully informs all citizens of the facts on a daily basis. It should show videos from present to past to show people of the hypocrisy of the left and Democratic party. They should get the guy behind the scenes that was the IT guru that HELP trump WIN the presidency. This way everyone would know the truth about the real issues of the country.

Frank C

Now we conservatives finally get a man (Romney take note, I said Man)! and you can’t handle it!
Our President is finally Presidential and leaving you lossers in the dust! Panty waiste’s!

Robert Kraft

Luke 18:11-12 (KJV)
The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. 12I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.


The Mitt , just an extension of ” the Flake ” lol .

Harry Anderson

Great response to a sore losers attitude ! Get a grip Rommney!@@@