Romney is Embarrassingly Wrong About Trump

Mitt Romney Wrong TrumpSen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) Washington Post op-ed this week was presumably intended to be a declaration of moral superiority and political leadership. If this was the goal, Romney’s commentary fell flat. The piece was, however, an effective case study in why Trump won in the first place.

The op-ed offers no concrete examples of which of Trump’s values and policies Romney finds objectionable, instead relying on vagueness and the favorite fallback of the never-Trump crowd: “he’s just offensive”. The term “bad character” is repeatedly used, but never explained. What about President Trump’s character does Romney find so unsuitable? And going beyond the president’s character, why is Romney willfully ignoring all the good Trump has done for the country over his own personal differences with the man?

Romney is not new to the game of politics – he knows he has a chance to help the Republican Party and make a very real impact on our country’s future. Which makes it all the more baffling why he’d attack the president before even being sworn into the Senate.

But in his attacks on the president, Romney inadvertently exposed all of his own weaknesses. An establishment Republican through and through, Sen. Romney is just one of the many swamp-dwellers Trump has readily unmasked and humiliated in his less than two years in office.

Although framed as an attack on the president (“Trump’s character falls short,” the headline reads), the op-ed reads more like Romney giving himself a pat on the back. Highly self-congratulatory, Sen. Romney praises himself for his differences with Trump, all while ignoring the biggest difference: unlike the former Massachusetts governor, Trump actually won his bid for president.

This is common among President Trump’s critics—most show more interest in attacking his perceived weaknesses than they do in accepting their own. Romney has to focus on the differences between himself and Trump, because if he focused on their similarities he’d have to come to terms with his numerous failures. Like Trump, Romney was a businessman and a prominent figure in the American public sphere throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Both had established reputations as competitive, business-minded men and both were portrayed by liberals as ruthless, transactional figures. But of the two men, only one has achieved real results for America.

By criticizing Trump and focusing on their perceived differences, Romney avoids accepting that Donald J. Trump did what he could never do. As the president himself put it in a tweet responding to the op-ed, “I won big and he didn’t.”

Rather than wasting his time trying to build the never-Trump Republican faction in Congress or become some sort of #Resistance icon, Sen. Mitt Romney should spend his time focusing on policy objectives, specifically on issues like border security.

Picking a fight with his own party’s president exposed Mitt Romney’s political weakness and lack of foresight more than anything else. While the mainstream media has already lionized the Utah senator for his commentary, portraying it as heroic and virtuous, it’s important that the rest of America recognizes Romney’s flaccid op-ed for what it really is: the gripes of a sore loser.

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3 years ago

Great article! Do I dare mention that Romney’s Mormanism may be the cause of his attacks on the President?

Phyllis Poole
3 years ago

Anyone who would believe that Gods church went underground for many years has got to have something wrong with his thinking!
It also was known that the man w ho said he was chosen to bring it forward was cheating on his wife and didn’t want to give up his girl friend. AND I heard of a woman who left that “faith” that said “don’t brlieve they don’t practise yet having multiple wives. “They keep them in separate cities so the law doesn’t know. it is against the law in the US!!!
Romney vowed he was faithful to his one wife!
But he still clung to a stupid faith!

4 years ago

He is a corrupt politician and you dummies voted him in you better Wake or you will be living like other communist countries he made a mess in Massachusetts he made a mess running for president thank God he lost because he is a democratic likes to pretend he is an American he is not even puts his money in other countries why don’t you people investigate these criminals that is exactly what they are CRIMINALS

Julie M Shear
4 years ago

Am very disappointed in Mitt Romney. President Trump is not perfect, let those who are without sin cast the first stone. David was many things, including an adulterer and a murderer, yet the Lord made him one of the greatest Kings of his time. President Trump was not my first choice, Mitt Romney was, but although The President does not have the gift of gab or eloquence, he works very hard and has done much in only not quite two years. We should all get behind him and support him and see what he can do with all our support. He just may make America great again! If not, we can all use the democratic process and vote him out.

Some of the immature idiots just voted into Congress will tear this Nation down. And, those who feel they have the right to disrespect the Office of The President with foul/vulgar language and/or try to impose their religious culture on the rest of us, should go back to their countries and riot and protest there for equality for women, freedom of speech, etc. They need to assimilate to become American Citizens!! We do not want them here trying to impose their cultures on us!! We were founded on Judeo/Christian Values. That is why we have been such a Great Nation. The United States is not perfect, but in only 240 short years, we continue to improve and are still the Nation everyone wants to immigrate to. All other countries are thousands of years old and still oppressing, mistreating, and murdering their own people.

All Leftist Democrats are so afraid that President Trump WILL drain the Swamp of which the Deep State Establishment is a part of. Am so disappointed in the FBI/DOJ which we all trusted at one time. They at the top are all corrupt! They are all Obstructionists.

Regarding a Border Wall, it is only common sense! The President is not asking for anything unreasonable! We need Border Security for our National Security. Many, if not all, of our families are affected in one way or another by the drugs pouring into our Country and the associated crimes. The poor immigrants are also exploited by their own people prior to getting to the Border and once they settle into their own communities here in the United States. Chuck Schummer/Nancy Pelosi, et al, are okay with spending billions of dollars aiding other countries which is doing no good, and spending billions of funds on killing the unborn through nine months of development to birth, but will not compromise with The President for only $5.9 billion to secure our Border with a Wall. Something just does not add up!!! They are the one acting like children just because they do not like him??? Also, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and others live in million-dollar mansions with walls and have the nerve to think they can speak for us!! They do not know how it is to live from paycheck to paycheck, or struggle to make ends meet!! They have a lot of nerve to talk impeachment of one of our best Presidents who is not collecting a salary as President, who was doing just fine without the daily headache of being President and the continual daily attacks from the fake news media!!

4 years ago

This is not an example of a Godly man!

4 years ago

Mitt please shut your mouth & sit down, why not do something constructive? You are a Sore Loser.
We sent you back to work write a bill for the Senate to consider, don’t bad mouth the President. If you were half the man Pres. Trump is you would be working on a bill of $ 29,000,000,000 to fun the wall. Then go to other Senators & get other Senators to go along & vote for it!

4 years ago

Unfortunately I voted for Romney several years ago and now I realize what a weak candidate he was. He is more attuned to fighting with Trump than he he for our country. He is not looking toward a more positive schema but focused on negative talking points. I feel sorry for him.

4 years ago

AMAC suggestion to fix social security is very complex. Why not just raise the early retirement age to 64 or 65? I would also suggest means testing the benefit. Maybe those making over $200,000 get nothing.

4 years ago

He’s a smart a** punk boy!

Monkey man
4 years ago

Once again, Mit-Rom never fails to disappoint.

Earle F
4 years ago

I voted for him, was happy when he won, and then he spoke… Cutting down the President that I voted for was a stab in the back… Romney isn’t the man I thought I voted for… I won’t vote for his re-election if he doesn’t act like a Republican and help clean up the corruption in Government…

4 years ago

It is interesting to me that Romney has picked up the man-made climate-change talking point, that he has joined the never-Trump crowd and that, after CRUSHING Obama in their first debate he, figuratively speaking, disappeared. ALL of these things align beautifully with the bankster/globalist/elitist crowd.

Griffin Williams
4 years ago

Hillary-Romney ticket 2020
The sore loser party..

4 years ago

I voted for Romney but would never vote for him again. I think his statements about Pres. Trump just prove he is product of an assassin cult.

4 years ago

Who could be deeper in the SWAMP than Romney. We have a scant chance to save the country and the RINO’s like him sabotage saving the country.

Sharon Roach
4 years ago

Awesome truth

4 years ago

what he said is pure trash he is still mad over not being Elected you can’t believe a word he says, he is only trying to feather his own nest.

Lanny J Webb
4 years ago

Romney is a “mealy mouth do gooder” with no guts. That’s why he was rejected as President. We need a President (like Trump) who isn’t afraid to get out there and work for the people not a political party. I support Trump 100% and encourage true patriotic Americans to do the same. BUILD THE WALL!!

Bob M
4 years ago

In the dictionary under “ingrate” there should be a picture of Romney, a back stabbing fraud.

Legal Immigrant turned Citizen - Freedom Lover
4 years ago

Romney is a disgusting disappointment. McCain 2.0. Where has America gone?
Muslims in Congress .. RINO’s .. trading democracy/capitalism for socialism ..
Strategically and with great purpose – the Education system has dummied down it’s citizens so they believe the lies of the left and are too stupid to know any different. They buy into the entitlement lie of big government .. and before you know it .. they believe they are owed everything for free. The more ignorant a country’s people are – the more power the government has to enslave them.

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