Romney announces Paul Ryan as his VP pick, what do you think of his choice?

Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate this morning,  selecting the Republican Party’s go-to man on budget issues in a decision that  signals the campaign will make the nation’s spiraling debt a centerpiece of its  attacks on President Obama.

What do you think of his choice?

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27 Comments on "Romney announces Paul Ryan as his VP pick, what do you think of his choice?"

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I’m glad I read so much common sense and optimism from most of your comments. It is clear that some liberal spoilers are posting here as well. Do not listen. We have a chance now with this R&R Ticket. Be strong in what you know is right.

I would have felt more secure if he would have chosen Congressman West

Hooray, I hope this causes R&R to start a ” put the ball in their court ” meaning To put the Dems on defence instead of offense. The best defence is a strong offence. For instance, Romney could easily say offensively, Obama, you show me your college records and I will show you my income tax returns plus my charitable giving, how about you! “GO,Go, Offense!Consider this most of the DEms are lawyers with the administration having the least number of businessmen than ever before—– no wonder we are in the mess we are in — a bunch of miniature golf players playing big league football with no training, .their resource is Rules for Radicals, a book written by Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book to Satan. So go R&R, restoration and renewal !

Isn’t this funny. 3 pages ago the admin was talking about how ioatrmpnt the 130,000 new government funded enrollees were to the success of the program. In this post, admin is belittled the failure of the program due to these 130,000 new enrollees.Well, which is it? Success or failure?

We will see.

Hooray! Let R&R put the Dems on DEFENSE rather than offense. Let Romney tell Obama to release all his school records as well as his charitable giving and then Romney will release his. This administration has a huge number of lawyers and very few business men – they are playing big league football without any knowledge or training other than their book by Saul Alinsky, ‘ Rules for Radicals ‘ dedicated to Satan. Read it ! Both Hillary Clinton and Obama have used it! Uor basic problem is an extreme lack of morals and people who are willfully ignorant of what is going on. Let the truth be told that Obama depends on the ignorance of people and counts on their stupidity to not think critically. May God bless our nation and the people who truly love her!

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I like Gov Romney’s pick of Rep Paul Ryan. His pick tells what the most important issue is in this country and needs
to be resolved. We needed a true conservative on the ticket and it happened. I am on Social Security and Medicare.
Sometimes it is just like our house, needs renovating. The R & R team is very well qualified to tackle those
God Bless them both.
Sam Kopack

Paul Ryan appears to be genuine in his work ethic, and ablilities. This election is the most crucial in the history of our country and my hope is that people will vote for this ticket of Romney and Ryan. As a previous opinion stated We the People need some R & R from the mess we are currently living through.

Let’s get out the word to vote and stand behind these two men. Now who will fill the cabinet? Allen West needs to be in there somewhere.

The president should pick a like minded person, just in case of problems. Romney’s choice showed me exactly who he is, by picking the most conservative person in congress. He sent a great message to all like minded conservatives. Maybe we will get the right person overall.

I am very happy with Gov Romney’s choice. I know this is a great, if not perfect, choice because the liberal media began their barrage before the speech was over. Loved it. Let’s watch them squirm and even better, “Mr. President may we schedule a debate?!”. God bless you all, your families, and may God bless America through your efforts.

America is Bankrupt we need someone who truely understands economic. These two gentlemen have the ability to save this country. Provided we vote the Democrats out so they can’t undermine their efforts.

Great combination… A businessman and a fiscal conservative! We are looking up already. Obama et al are already trying to attack Ryan… just try it. I am ‘enlightening’ people I meet about the positives for ‘revamping’ medicare… I believe Ryan will keep it alive and ticking. I trust his experience and knowledge. My vote’s in… we’d be fools not to put our faith and trust into this duo. Time for R & R!!!!

Seniors that are concerned about Ryan “revamping Medicare” as Shastastan pointed out will have an appropriate comeback when we realize that revamping does not mean watering Medicare down. Right now doctors are turning down Medicare patients because the Obama administration has already started paying doctors less, increasing Medicare premiums, and reducing coverage. Yes, soon to be VP Ryan will be focusing on “revamping” as in “repair or restore”. This would include eliminating to whatever extent is possible, fraud/theft, tort reform, and corporate tax reduction…just to name a few issues. This administration seems to think this generation that found many ways to smile during the Great Depression, WWII, and all the rest of the crisis since then doesn’t know how to survive and overcome. We can start by showing them how these Old Timers can find their way to the ballot boxes this November.

Romey/Ryan will be a great team. I believe both men are interested and determined to return our economy to an acceptable level and diminish our country’s debt. This puts a different meaning to R & R.

For fiscal responsibility, he’s a great choice. However, the Demos will spend super bucks pointing our that Ryan wants to revamp Medicare. I think this will lose some of the “senior” voters who will be scared by political ads. Because of this, I think that Obama will be re-elected.

Great choice. Also glad he’s a conservative and not a moderate.

Since the vice president’s function is to break ties and replace the president when s/he is unable to function, the vice president is a lapdog.

I really do Not like any of the cdniadates. Hilary is a socialist bordering on communism. Obama is inexperienced and can’t really make up his mind. McCain I knew was just not the man for the job from the beginning. He’s too liberal and Romney is just weird. There’s something about him I don’t like and I just can’t pinpoint it. but oh well. Ron paul has no chance and neither do the others. good thing JE left, he needs to care for his wife his wife should have been more important than politics since the beginning. and Guliani was a good/ great NYC Mayor .but he wouldn’t have been a good Pres. I don’t like any cdniadates this time around I guess I’ll vote for the lesser of the four evils .I just haven’t decided. def not Hil.

Great pick. This shows that Romney is serious about getting the bankrupt programs and our mations debt, under control. If Ameri8ca does not elect this duo I believe America will never be great again.

Great choice. However, be prepaired to be vilified for trying to save Soclal Security and Medicare.

I think it is a great choice. However, be prepaired to be vilified for trying to save Social Security and Medicare.