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The Roaring Twenties Quiz

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On Question 15, if I am not mistaken, the correct answer should have been “Black Friday.”

It appears I am mistaken, Thanks, Brenda & Fiorire! I guess I was thinking about the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is called Black Friday for different reasons. For sure the day the Great Depression started was Black! I am too young to remember it but my Mother and Father had memories they shared.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

per Wikipedia – The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday (October 29), the Great Crash, or the Stock Market Crash of 1929, began on October 24, 1929 (“Black Thursday”), and was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, when taking into consideration the full extent and duration of …

The real irony about the 1929 crash is the market would have recovered in a couple of months if that jerk Herbert Hoover hadn’t intervened. In the crash of ’87 which was actually worse than ’29, president Ronald Reagan did absolutely nothing and the market recovered by itself. Calvin Coolidge was a conservative which is why the ’20’s roared. Hoover was a RINO and Roosevelt was Hoover on steroids.

OK, that explains what threw me off. I thought the stock market crash was on Black Thursday, so the choices confused me. But I knew it started with Black and wasn’t Friday, so I got the right answer.

I thought that as well. I just went with what had the word Black in it.

I got all but #6. I picked Woodrow Wilson because he served the longest time as president (8 years) vs Calvin Coolidge only 6. Guess it meant longest time served in the 20’s (really not clear).

Funny – because I had the opposite experience. I clicked Coolidge, and then thought, “Wait … didn’t Wilson serve longer?”, but it was too late to change it. So I got it right by accident.

I made the same mistake… I realized it as soon as I clicked…

love the quizzes, clears the cobwebs when trying to remember school lesson from long ago.

I got all of them correct!!!! Just blowing my own horn. I love that period of history.

What a great time. Also an interesting quiz.

11 out of 15 isn’t bad. I have to admit some I guessed well on.

Wow! I got them all! Some of them I knew, but some were just educated guesses.

Got 11 correct. Not too bad for a guy born in late ’42.

I was born in 39 but remember folks talking about things. I am surprised I got 7 correct.

I got 11 right. I would have scored 100% if I hadn’t missed four.

I got eleven correct.

the roaring twenties? really? almost a hundred years ago? these are your constituents? how about the fifties, sixties, seventies?

These quizzes are about lots of topics in lots of historical eras. That’s what makes them fun.

Correct answer is Woodrow Wilson, however, only a small portion (about 3 months) served in the twenties. You fell into the common trap the twenties didn’t start till 1 January 1921( I count 1 to 10 NOT 0 to 9). Otherwise, a very poorly stated question, should have read who was the longest serving president IN or perhaps during the twenties? Wilson along with Hoover also served OUTSIDE the twenties

The quiz was the twenties.
Woodrow Wilson was a Progressive/Communist that served in the Teens. Including the First World War.

As to which president served the longest the answer would be Wilson. Coolidge did serve longer during the twenties but not two full terms.

11 OUT OF 15. History teachers us we get old too fast & smart too late.

13 out of 15 :-)

Got 14 for 15. I will admit I had a lucky guess with question about the Flappers. I thought they were called moderns.

100%! Had to guess on #7 and #14. Guess I was born in the wrong decade.