The Risk Inside Your Credit Card

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I used an ice pick to punch holes in the rfid chip. If you look carefully you can see where the chip is and it’s easy to destroy it.


I asked my card company for non-chip cards and they said absolutely NOT. I told them either I get cards without the chip in it, or I get another card company. They said ,so what who cares, “We will miss you like a bad cold!” . So I surprised them by closing my business accout and all 437 cards on it! They called the same day wanting to get my business back. I said, “I need you like a case of the S***s, you’ve been replaced already!

Dick Erickson

An excellent heads-up for AMAC folks.


Interesting! How do I post this on Facebook & other sites?


Thank you! I asked my credit card company to replace the card with that implant, and they immediately cooperated. I’m surprised they don’t offer you the option before they send the card. I’m sending your information around, with much gratitude to you.


This is good to know. I immediately checked my cards and they are safe.