Rest in Peace, Andrew Breitbart

By Jedediah Bila

Today the conservative movement mourns the loss of a man who was fearless in his defense of the Tea Party, fearless in his critique of mainstream media deceit, fearless in his defense of Sarah Palin, and fearless in his passion for exposing left-wing hypocrisy wherever he encountered it.

Founder of Breitbart.com, Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, Big Peace, and Breitbart.tv, Andrew Breitbart’s contributions to the conservative movement have been immense. He was a man who lived and breathed the things he felt were worth fighting for. And he fought with everything he had.

Today I mourn the loss of a friend, a colleague, and a man who could be counted on to dig for truth and expose it. What I will remember most about Andrew is that when I’d ask him something, he would actually tell me what he thought, regardless of how I might perceive it. He said what he meant and meant what he said. And I absolutely cherished that.

Andrew wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, to push the envelope, to stand up and say what so many wouldn’t because they feared being disliked by the media “in crowd.” He was a funny, charismatic leader who lived every day thinking of ways to do his job even better, to reach more people, to inspire more minds, and to combat the things that were breaking down everything he loved about this country.

The first time I spoke with Andrew, I walked away knowing that he was the real deal, that he wasn’t worried about ruffling feathers, and that he wasn’t afraid to speak from the heart. In the world of politics, all of those things are incredibly rare.

Andrew, I’ll miss your fire, your passion, and your commitment. I’ll carry your memory with me every step of the way. And I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll be watching from above, giving all of us that extra kick in the butt to stay tough when we need it most.

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9 years ago

Died suddenly, eh? The autopsies will report the same,,, “natural causes,” when in reality we all know that mr
breitbart knew too much and had too much information.
Mr Breitbart caught one of those, old cold war “Russian colds” but this one was in a form of a sudden heart attack.
This administration will prevail, God help us.

Florida Jim
9 years ago

I love Andrew Breitbart and pray his work continues. We have far too many weaklings among us and not enough brave people like Andrew to boldly stand before us and tell the truth to the hypocrites we fight.
If each of us bought Breitbart’s two books ” Hollywood Interrupted” and “Righteous Indignation” that might help his family get through more comfortably than they may have to without our help?
He helped us and we should help his family and learn about Andrew and his growth as a Conservative.

9 years ago

Breitbart was the Paul Revere of my lifetime. I pray that their is another to take up the gauntlet. RIP

Dennis Sinclair
9 years ago

Citizen journalists arise! Take up your video cameras and tape recorders and go after the politicians one by one.

On the radio and tv recently were the encounters by citizens journalists and Rep Shankowsky and Rep. Waters.

We need to fight them ourselves when we get the chance.. Our local liberals state senator was on the radio this morning and got a lot of heat for his position on gun control during the last legislative session which ended this week.

9 years ago

do not let this good man’s death be in vain. let everyone who believe’s in truth vote obama out of office!

Santy in New Jersey
9 years ago

Keith in K.C.sounds like a likeable fellow and articulates well but he reminds me of those Rush calls “seminal callers” not genuine ones. A lefty chap like that just can’t be that ignorant and believe whatever he’s expressing. That’s all. Breitbart, we weep your premature departure. RIP, little brother.

Ondrea Culp
9 years ago

Honestly doesn’t anyone besides 2 talk show hosts here in Atlanta think his death is highly SUSPICIOUS. Come on — all the people in this rapidly becoming DUMB country knows something was slipped in his drink minutes before his death. I’d like to know if his family is having an autopsy? Or has everyone involved in this MURDER being “paid-off” to keep quiet or do what everyone on “Husein Obama’s” side does — LYE!!!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Ondrea Culp

Ondrea Culp,

I agree with you, I cannot believe that the news media is not reporting on this very SUSPICIOUS and UNTIMELY

DEATH. WHITNEY HOUSTON died and we have to wait for results of an autopy for about 3 weeks and Poor

ANDREW dies and immediately they tell us it was from natural causes, how do they know this without an autospy?

ANDREW’s family must be devasted and probably fearing for their lives, not even an interview or anything. What is

happening here?

9 years ago

Rush is right. We do need a 1000 more Andrew Breitbarts. RIP Andrew.

9 years ago

Rush should not have apologized!

Liviu Giuroiu
9 years ago

Now, the question is this: who will replace this great defender of conservatives? Let’s pray that someone will come up and take his place immediately. I am sure there are many people who can do this kind a job, which will be an encouragement for our movement to continue the fight for family, rights, Constitution and so on.

9 years ago

Andrew Breitbart will be missed. He was a defender of, and spoke the TRUTH. Truth is a rare commodity in our time when the major-media purposely evades truth -and lies to the American people with half-truths, misinformation and disinformation. We need more people like Andrew, may God raise them up among our ranks.

9 years ago

Andrew was a warrior. We were at the Nixon Library 2 years ago during his interviews for military family fundraising. He was unpretentious, so brave. Michael Savage’s newsletter yesterday says there may be foul play. Breitbart told CPAC he had videos that would vet Obama and his deep association with Bill Ayers and co-terrorist Bernadette Dorn–referred to as the “silver ponytails” by Savage. Savage, having a biochemistry PHD, says poisons can be given without leaving a trace: Therefore if the videos emerge, Breitbart’s death was natural. If they don’t ‘”He was whacked.”

Gus Tapia
9 years ago

First time reader of Jedediah’s blog.
Plan to read it often to get the REAL information which today you do not get from the Liberal media… they are experts at lies and blaming others for their inabilities.
Thank you Jedediah.

9 years ago

So weird to have a natural death at his age. We never know when our number is up. I hope his family is well provided for and our prayers are with them.

Ken is right; he will be missed. Brave one.

9 years ago

Andrew was one of my all time favorite conservatives, and I hope and pray that what he was about to expose, does in fact, get printed. Thank you for bringing us Greg Gutfield, Red Eye, and “The Five”, which are totally honest and truthful venues. Andrew stood for truth, goodness, and compassion, and those who deny that were only attempting to hide the real facts from the population that leans too heavily on what the liberal media prints, which is totally biased. I am appalled by some of the comments that various media sources have posted regarding Andrew’s death, karma is heading their way real soon! We have lost a great soul and a huge leader of the conservative movement. My prayers go out to his family!

9 years ago
Reply to  Christine

Not being someone who prays, I nevertheless send good thoughts to the Breitbart family. It is my fervent hope that they insist on a toxicology test which may or may not be part of a regular autopsy. It is extremely suspicious that Andrew would die the way he did on the date he said he would make a big announcement. Some 40-60 years ago it was not unusual for men in their forties to drop dead of a heart attack, today it tends to be shockingly incredible.
A few months ago Andrew signed my copy of his book when I attended a talk he gave locally. He certainly didn’t look nor act sickly, and contrary to what people have said on the leftwing blogs, he was not obese. A little overweight maybe. Most of the time we read that people who have a sense of humor and enjoy life tend not to have heart problems, that is something else to think about. Yes bad karma is heading the way of those who rejoice in Andrew’s death.

9 years ago

I was struck by a comment about our own Maricopa County Sheriff Apaio’s relationship with Andrew, which I knew nothing about. Not surprised they would be on the same team, as it were. When the Feds came after this respected sheriff in such a big way I couldn’t figure out the timing or the truth behind it all until now. The threat against the sheriff was obviously to back him off his research into Obama’s phony birth certificate. Good for the sheriff NOT falling for the bait. The White House is a strong adversary to take on. I’m sure they now believe the sheriff’s credibility has been tarnished, but not so. The timing was all too convenient. They have managed to keep him from running for a higher office, but not from pursuing this issue or the trumped up charges of unfair racial profiling. I ask you, how does one NOT consider non-whites on a border with Mexico? The stats point directly to ethnic crossers, especially illegally, along with anyone else who looks suspicious. That is not racial profiling. It is smart observation. Ask anyone who has endured an airport search about how fair that has become. Little old ladies, children, college students and white males are stopped while ethnic’s dressed in their native garb are passed through without a word. Reverse racial profiling is more dangerous than racial profiling because more times than not, your observation will be correct. I offer my driver’s license whenever stopped by a law enforcement officer. As a white male, I’m not offended. But I am offended that the next guy if he’s of ethnic appearance won’t be questioned. That kind of political correctness endangers Americans and disadvantages ethnics. If they are treated differently than we are, doesn’t that build resentment against them? Of course. Again, our well-intentioned government makes a huge mistake and shows favor to non-American looking people. Reverse profiling.

9 years ago
Reply to  Bill

Sheriff Joe is OUTSTANDING and needs your support now! The misguided Justice Department and BO’s henchmen are going after him in a BIG way with our tax dollars.

9 years ago

Keith, I know a lot of people like you. Some are family, some are friends. You will see the light before this is all over. I just hope you realize what is going on before its too late. I really pity you

Gary Kordes
9 years ago

AB will be missed. His accomplishments exposing the left-wing corruption was so needed. Hopefully, others will take his place to continue his work.

9 years ago

And shocking footage obtained by Andrew Breitbart weeks before his death that threatens to derail Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign will be released within two weeks, according to Steve Bannon, a member of Breitbart’s media empire.

9 years ago

His last contact: Breitbart was working with Sheriff Arpaio to get the truth about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate out to a wider audience.

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