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Right Rising in Sweden as Muslim Migration and Nanny State Sink Culture

Sweden Muslim migration

The “Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden,” proclaimed social engineer Mona Sahlin in 2001; “the old Sweden is never coming back.” While it sure has taken long enough, this culturally suicidal spirit is now being rejected by a growing number of Swedes, who see their nation’s first-in-Europe migration rate creating a “new Sweden” before their very eyes. This, combined with a new skepticism about the old-Sweden norm of high taxation, has vaulted the anti-migration Sweden Democrats to heretofore unseen prominence.

As Reuters reports using very biased language (e.g., “far right”):

A surge in gang violence has stirred anti-immigration sentiment before an election in Sweden, putting a far-right party on course for big gains in one of Europe’s most liberal countries.

Dozens of people have been killed in the past two years in attacks in the capital Stockholm and other big cities by gangs that are mostly from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.

In the latest bloodshed, three men were shot dead and three were wounded outside an internet cafe in the city of Malmö on June 18. A fourth man was shot dead days later and another man survived because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

With public calls growing for tougher policies on crime and immigration, support has risen for the Sweden Democrats [SD], a party … that wants to freeze immigration and to hold a referendum on Sweden’s membership of the European Union.

Their worried mainstream rivals have started moving to the right on crime and immigration to try to counter the Sweden Democrats’ threat in the Sept. 9 election. But so far, they are playing into the hands of the far-right. [Video below about the SD’s rise]

Of course, Reuters only views the SD as “far right” because it’s far-left (and dishonest), for a dwarf seems a giant in a land of Lilliputians. Note that even “conservative” parties in Europe, where the political spectrum is well “left” of ours, generally hold what we call liberal positions; they tend to be pro-prenatal infanticide, pro-faux marriage, pro-homosexual “rights” (privileges, really), and socially “progressive” in general.

Yet the above reportage may represent actual progress, as even Reuters is now admitting there’s a surge in crime in “suburbs dominated by immigrants” (read: Muslims), a reality mainstream media have generally tried to suppress.

A secondary factor that may be driving people away from the Swedish establishment (the far-left Social Democrats currently wield power) is that now even some Swedes, a notoriously statist bunch, are questioning their welfare state. This is especially striking given that their country is one “whose economy is enjoying its longest period of growth in at least four decades and whose finances are flourishing. Sweden is a nation in surplus and the government has still been raising taxes, with the top marginal rate now reaching 60 percent,” reports Bloomberg.

Nonetheless, Bloomberg continues, the “proportion of respondents who thought taxes were too high jumped to 45 percent, up from just 27 percent in 2014.” This phenomenon may have even more to do with the rising migrant tide than rising taxes, however, as the former has both a practical and psychological effect.

First, many Swedes no longer see the same bang for their buck, with “complaints about education and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity. The number of people waiting longer than 90 days for an operation or specialist treatment has tripled over the past four years,” Bloomberg also informs.

Why is this happening? That Sweden, whose population was under 10 million, has absorbed 600,000 migrants during the last five years may be a clue. Given the newcomers’ higher birthrates, for instance, we can theorize about who’s filling the maternity wards.

Second, when Sweden was a homogeneous land — one big national “family” — welfare-state initiatives could have been viewed as a case of helping your family. But seeing largely unemployed, often unappreciative and aggressive migrants on the taxpayer dole must have a psychological effect.

Related to this, Sweden has been characterized by groupthink, where citizens were reluctant to be controversial, rock the boat, and perhaps endure scorn and ostracism. But seeing massive numbers of migrants whose thoughts are radically different and who won’t “go with the flow” also should have an effect. Rupture the social cohesion via balkanization and break the groupthink ice (rather thick with the long Swedish winters!), and people may stop suppressing, and repressing, their dissent.

But the biggest factor is what’s obviously evoking fear and anger: Migrant crime, no-go zones — Muslim-dominated areas where Sharia partially supplants civil law and where authorities are reluctant to tread — and the persecution of native anti-immigrationist Swedes who complain. Below is an excellent CBN news segment about this “Soviet Sweden.”

The bottom line is that the scope and rapidity of the Muslim influx has awakened many in Europe — the establishment just didn’t boil the frog slowly enough. And now even normally supine Sweden is beginning to simmer with resentment.

From - The New American - by Selwyn Duke

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Elena Tellez

Migrants from countries whose traditions, especially Islam, are very different from ours, will weaken and destroy our culture. We have so many bad examples of what has happened in the world — and still the dumb liberals don’t wake up. Unless the Muslims PUBLICLY RENOUNCE RADICAL ISLAM, I would BAR then from entering the U.S. PERIOD. POLAND and JAPAN ‘get it.’ America is so stupid. We don’t need to be politically correct. Call us bigots or racist — call us anything — we are AMERICAN (of all races and creeds) who don’t want our culture destroyed. GET ‘EM OUT. MAGA.


Goodbye Sweden. The Socialists have killed you.


Every welfare state, past and present, has and are now destroying otherwise prosperous and civilized populations all over the world. Venezuela, a once prosperous and thriving country, being the current poster-boy for this eternal lost cause.

We never learn. Though we have the best possible pattern to follow in Capitalism, free people and a free market place. We continue to follow the Pied Piper of liberalism like lemmings to the cliff.

Garland Young

Can’t say I fault the Swedish folks we have plenty of the same in the USA. There appears to be folks everywhere who want to (improve)? Your life by lowering YOUR standards.

Pete from St Pete

It is apparent there is no right of free speech in Sweden. We happen to have the First Amendment to the Constitution, but it is continually under fire, mostly from the “progressive” far left such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters and their acolytes such as CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, ACLU, etc. Anything said in public that criticizes multiculturalism and especially radical Muslims gets you branded as a xenophobic racist whose opinion should be totally dismissed. It is important that American public continue to support freedom of speech, even speech we vehemently disagree with or these people will lead us down the same path as Sweden is traveling.

Bob L.

I’m surprised the media (Reuters) is even reporting this much backlash. One noticeable omission stands out though – there’s not a hint of the run-away number of rapes being committed, a problem not just in Sweden, but in every country that has been overrun by Muslim migrants.


They better put a stop to the Muslim migration. They only want to take over and make them accept Islam. All they do is make more crime and unrest, rape and kill Infidels which is all who are not Muslim.


Socialism always leads to a dictator or communism with a terrible economy, etc. It has never worked anywhere in the world. They never learn. The mush for brains march to their death. Look at Venezuela. It used to be a strong country with a strong economy. Now it is a MESS.


Once again the policy of
Liberal immigration combined with a
Welfare socialist state has
Proven to be a disaster.
Gotta feel for the
Tax paying citizens who put these
Policy makers in charge of their government.
Hope it doesn’t happen here
Or if it does send the illegal immigrants
To be the wards of Gov Browns sanctuary CA.


Time to put on your big boy pants and fight for your survival. You already know who should be there and who shouldn’t. If you wai5t you will no longer have a country. Send immigrants back to reform their own mess!


Today, Sweden, tomorrow, the U.S.A. If we do not do something, our way of life will be over. Hopefully with enforcing existing laws and sealing the border we can stem the tide. It will take stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and sending them back to their homeland. I and many other citizens have nothing against lawful, legal, immigration. We need the diversity. Come here legally. Support ourPresident. He can do it.

Army Vet

“The New Sweden” the politically motivated cultural and religious theft of a nation, facilitated by moronic liberal progressives who made themselves accessories to the islamic invasion of Europe. What the Ottomans could not achieve for over a thousand years their socialist fifth column accessories arranged for them in a mere decade; and the socialist indoctrinated masses sedated by “social democratic” handouts watched in a paralyzed stupor. Europe is a warning to all the world what happens if you let down your guard and walls against those who would defile, rape, murder, pillage, and burn to either dominate or destroy.

Sharon Dryden

Get rid of all the peoples who do not ever intend to accept the laws already in place put there by True Absolute Swedish.
I love the fair, Swedish people. Vikings!!!! hope they rise up and rid themselves of all authoritarian government who would take all away from the Swedish people and placing other, lessor cultures, races and beliefs, as priority.
Please don’t destroy the Sweden I someday want to visit and absorb while I’m touring….please.
Sharon Dryden, New Mexico, USA

Concerned Citizen

This is an old article, probably 2014. Just a heads up. Not sure if it’s gotten better or worse since then.

Robert R. Knight


Paul Lund