Right on the Money

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

Why do you pull the lever for one political candidate over another?

Let me guess.  You research his or her stand on the issues.  Is she strong on national defense?  Will he cut taxes?  That’s a great start.

Let me share with you some other attributes that always hit home with me:

  1. Executive experience.  If you’ve run a business, a city, or a state, you have my interest.  I want to know that you’ve balanced budgets, managed money and employees, and been directly accountable to people.  If you’ve gained your understanding of the free market from being a part of it, rather than from the library stacks of some snooty university, I’m paying attention.
  2. You said what you meant and meant what you said.  Let’s allow your record to speak for itself.  How have you voted?  What have you signed and/or vetoed?  Have your promising speeches matched your actions?
  3. You have your priorities in order.  If you believe that your husband’s birthday, grandmother’s surgery, and daughter’s kindergarten play are more important than what the news media had to say about you this morning, I’m listening.
  4. You love to laugh at yourself.  If you get a hearty kick out of your silly mistakes, you’re on my radar.  Why?  Because it proves that you’re not afraid to admit fault and don’t harbor the elitist chip.  You will likely own up to your errors, rather than justify them.  And when the media attack dogs arrive, you will beat them at their own game.
  5. You’re a fitness guru.  If your day isn’t complete unless you’ve hiked, gone running, or climbed some stairs, you have my attention.  I learned from high school track right up until today that athletes of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities are in touch with endurance in a different kind of way.  Bottom line:  If you know that you haven’t done it right unless your body feels like silly putty after a workout, you’ll handle the political marathons just fine.
  6. You believe in right, wrong, and the God who put you here to choose between the two.  Save the moral relativism for someone else.  If you know that some things are just plain wrong and say a quick prayer before bed that you’ll follow the right path, you have my interest.  Political figures who know they are answering to a much bigger, wiser, more powerful force than themselves are far more likely to keep their egos in check and be committed to doing what’s right.  They also understand that judgment isn’t a bad word and won’t be afraid to call the bad guys what they are.

So there you have it.  And I know what you’re thinking—not too many people out there will fit my above description.  You’re right, but some will come darn close.

And you never know . . . one might be right on the money.  Wait, what was that about Alaska again?

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Bob King
12 years ago

Strange that so many of these qualities seem to be totally lacking in most of our current crop of “leaders”.

Len Face
12 years ago

Sounds good to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Calvert
12 years ago

Love to know your views on Huckabee

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