Revenge Against the Deplorables

Bloomberg deplorablesOne of the theories behind the Bernie Sanders campaign, one often shared by his more devoted fans in the media, is that Democrats lost voters to Donald Trump in 2016 because they had ceased to talk about the economic issues that matter to those voters. Hadn’t Obama also shared his concern about trade deals and signaled his loyalty to the auto industry? Well, when Democrats stopped attacking the rich, they stopped broadcasting a signal of loyalty to workers. Democrats allowed Trump to talk about jobs more than they did.

These people acknowledge that one of the problems with Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is that she was unabashedly tied to the elite. Goldman Sachs paid her to speak to them. So did other financial institutions. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s presidency was feared by the well-to-do. Clinton claimed that the part of America she won represented “two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product.” And, so the Bernie-fans say, without giving up our progressive goals, we should go back to talking about the middle class, jobs, and health care and win again. We need to stop litigating who is deplorable.

The psychological appeal of the Mike Bloomberg campaign, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t try to win back some deplorables, but to call them out as losers and punish them. The message is that Trump’s opponents have nothing for which they should apologize. Floating the possibility of Hillary Clinton his running mate was the perfect signal from Mike Bloomberg to her supporters: Join me and avenge 2016.

The Mike Bloomberg theory of winning is a theory of elite self-assertion. He’s the real billionaire who built a business from scratch. He’s the real executive who ran a business for profit, not for television. He’s the real philanthropist. And he’ll defeat Trump’s earned media spectacles with paid-for professional media advertising — whether it is Super Bowl ads, or memes from the most popular Instagram accounts.

Bloomberg is going to be the real expert on everything. This does have an appeal to the kind of liberal who shared viral images about seceding from “Jesusland” after the 2004 election, the kind of person who thinks smart and informed almost exhaustively define good.

For Bloomberg, constitutional rights like the Second Amendment aren’t any more relevant than powdered wigs and can be dismissed with a simple, “C’mon, let’s get real.” At some point, Bloomberg becomes the type of New York City blowhard who, the minute he finds himself upstate, can’t stop blabbing about how he and everyone productive in the big city pay all the state taxes so that everyone he’s passing by in his black SUV can work for the local county and test each other’s water. It’s a serene confidence, and supreme self-esteem married to pig ignorance about the other half.

He approaches everything with an Olympian condescension. When discussing his efforts at passing gun-control legislation across the U.S., he implied that Colorado Springs and Pueblo are places so rural, “I don’t think there’s roads.” Colorado Springs is one of the most important industrial cities in America and rapidly growing as a hub of IT talent.

But Bloomberg knows everything. “I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer,” he once said to the University of Oxford Saïd Business School. “It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.” He said it didn’t take much “grey matter” to do this. At the same event he seemed to concede that modern economies do need to find a way to provide the non-Oxford type “the dignity of a job,” otherwise people would “set up the guillotines someday.” Bloomberg also knows which cancer patients deserve medical care, and which ones don’t.

Bloomberg sometimes says things that gentry liberals aren’t supposed to say out loud. For instance, that crime control is just a matter of throwing young non-white men against walls and searching them. Or that the fatties need to be taught a lesson by government. On the regressivity of his soda taxes, Bloomberg was proud: “That’s the good thing about them,” he said, “because the problem is in people that don’t have a lot of money. And so, higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with themselves.”

Bernie Sanders has at least conceded that some portion of the Senate’s filibuster should be preserved to allow some minority power of veto. But Bloomberg’s ideal of governance is proudly authoritarian. “Far and away, you should give more powers to the executive branch if you want progress,” he told one audience.

The ten wealthiest districts in the country are represented by Democrats. Mike is just one of the latest wealthy guys to make the switch.  He is the candidate for people who are in no mood to mollify the masses, who think smart and informed leadership needs to be liberated from legislatures and constitutions, and who think that Colorado Springs is just another part of an undifferentiated hickville: needful of gun control, diet advice, and, sure, a few jobs — so they don’t behead the winners.

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by Michael Brendan Dougherty

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Thomas Duggan
5 months ago

Bloomberg is insulting. Last night he made it sound like his taxes are to complex for the Joe Plumber to understand. He made is sound like anyone could be a farmer. Well try it sometime. He made it sound like he fixed New York, well guess what. NOPE He wants to tell you what to do, how to think and what to eat. NO more hot dogs or large cups of soda. IF he is elected you will see a huge battle over rights. Guns, Soda Size, Food, Medicine , Health Care, Your Doctor sexual preference and most notable if… Read more »

D. James
5 months ago

BE ADVISED.. Mr. Bloomberg is an egocentric elitist . He cares nothing about preserving our Constitution or addressing the issues with big government. He cares little or nothing about the middle class in our country. Is this who you want for President ? The threat of having Hillary run as vice president to whoever captures the Demon- o-cratic nomination is a masterful plan.
We patriots have much to fear in the coming ” Revenge” election.

Jean Barnes
5 months ago

The left really doesn’t get it. What do they hear when we talk? Are they not listening or is it that they just don’t care? I listen to them and what I hear is that there is no God, our bodies are just a mass of tissue not worth anything unless we can make a predetermined contribution to society as dictated by those in charge. Anyone who no longer is of any use to society , such as the old or disabled, those masses of tissue will be given a pill.

Robert Hartshorn
5 months ago

If we vote the Socialists into office and their ideas take hold and socialism or as it should be called Communism will allow them to change the constitution to reflect their views, and we will have voted in communism. If the people then find out they have been lied to and want democracy back, guess what, the dictatorship will not permit it. Look at Venezuela and other socialist countries where it has happened. Talk about murders, after the socialists took over and guns and liberty was done away with, the only way the new party could maintain control was to… Read more »

Lynn Miller
5 months ago

And after his dismissive treatment of deplorables with legislating what the masses eat, drink, and how they reproduce when the masses become ill or elderly, he’ll apply his same attitude that he has toward the unborn, and legislate for elderly and ill, “kill it.”

Nancy Lipkins
5 months ago

All the democrats that are trying to be President are nothing but BIG time LOSERS and JERKS

5 months ago

Mike Blowhard is exactly who he comes across as: A successful liberal knows it all and who thinks he is superior to everyone else. I don’t begrudge him his success, but he does not know what is best for me or anyone else for that matter. Money does not always equal supreme intelligence. And he demonstrated his lack of common sense at last night’s debate.

Morty Tupperman
5 months ago

If anyone besides Conservatives have paid attention, Bloomberg is on his way out. Problem is, there are still thousands of low-information voters out there and Bloomberg’s ads are painting a rosy picture of him – much like was painted for Donald Trump. The Trump-haters who haven’t researched Bloomberg will vote for him just to be rid of Trump.

Randy Geiger
5 months ago

Thought the purpose of the Constitution was to prevent the country from becoming a monarchy. Well, Bloomberg would like to be that monarch and he acts and talks just like one. He is just another Democratic candidate that causes us to pause and really know why our second amendment rights and our right to religious freedom now just as they were back when the Founding Fathers made them happen. The Democratic party are now to be feared. They deplore that our country remains the greatest human experiment in history. They deplore our traditions, our nationalism, our Founding Fathers, our God,… Read more »

5 months ago

People in the political world use to tell children that if you study hard and truly apply yourselves you could grow up to be President some day. It’s a Democratic lie. Look at Mini Mike. He wants to buy the Presidential office and run us backwards. Not back to the future but back to the past. These Democrats can’t even answer the question about where is the money to fund all the freebies going to come from. The standard answer is we will get the rich to pay for it. Well Mini Mike and the other rich people running to… Read more »

5 months ago

Please don’t take the 2020 election for granted. The dems have been trying to take back the presidency since 2016. VOTE FOR TRUMP!! Don’t rest on your laurels, get out and vote. The dems will lie, cheat, and try to steal it. We must be vigilant and VOTE!!!!

Stukahna Sandbahr
5 months ago

This would be a great Trump commercial.

Stephen Woods
5 months ago

If the Democratic Socialists party doesn’t do any more for our country then they have in the last 11 years, Then I hate to see what they would do if they get elected? They are Traitors and should be exiled from this once Great Nation. I LOVE OUR PRESIDENT, BEST PRESIDENT EVER.

5 months ago

To hell with bl00mberg and his lowlife liberal lackeys

David Lyday
5 months ago

Spectacular. The one point that I feel was glossed over in this is Sanders’ Socialism/Communism. “Middle class” and “jobs” are just the sidecars on Bernie’s message. He wants the government to take everybody’s money and split it up the way the government thinks is best.

Ed J
5 months ago

Bloomberg (AKA Doomberg) is revealing his true colors — and they all really dark black. This megalomaniac’s views are reprehensible, offensive and odious. To him, America consists of New York City, with the rest of the acreage of the country being just boondocks inhabited by rubes and Deplorables. He arrogates to himself the lofty position of being omniscient (all knowing) and having a level of wisdom far exceeding that of King Solomon, and for which we all should be fawningly grateful that he is offering all these “talents” to us for the future of America. Unfortunately, his disconnect from what… Read more »

5 months ago

Pray to God for help if the Democrats win. They supposedly used social security funds to pay for their mess of all the hearings. If they win, broke and no rights.

Not Me
5 months ago

Little Mike’s arrogance knows no bounds. He has the answers or if not some other elite millionaire can solve whatever is needed to keep the masses working and living at a subsistent level. He has got his so don’t even try to move up the ladder. You will be taxed to pay for every slug, grifter and anyone else Mike or Bernie decides has some “human right” to whatever they think is necessary to keep them out of their hair. For every right granted by these “humanists” someone else MUST provide the money and resources to grant that right. Housing,… Read more »

5 months ago

Mike should read history how a bunch of ragtag men and women told King George to stick his wig . Maybe that would stimulate his grey matter !

5 months ago

The debate last night was laughable. like little kids all wanting attention. Bernie is to be feared if he got his way; the government would have to send all of us a check that we could live on because the taxes would be so high. Socialism has been fought all over the world. Putin has it, Red China, Hong Kong, Egypt had it and fought a battle against it. Singapore won their battle. We don’t want it. We need some level headed moderate candidates on both sides who are willing to sit down at a table and discuss, compromise for… Read more »

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