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brochure-retirement-photoEveryone has a different opinion on what retirement is all about. Some people want to retire on a golf course; some on a beach. Others dream about retiring and traveling the world. Some want to retire and never leave their house. No matter how you envision retirement, here are some popular lifestyles people embrace as they ride off into the retirement sunset.

The Traveler. You’ve already been to the national parks and Europe. You immerse yourself in books and magazines about the most extravagant and exotic destinations. Even as you read this are knee deep in planning your next expedition. Now that you are retired, you are planning that “vacation of a lifetime.” Maybe the Great Wall, the Pyramids, or Machu Picchu. It’s time to step your travel game up, are you in full acceptance of the challenge.

The Social Butterfly. It’s not enough that you joined a book club, and a bridge club, and a country club. You somehow feel like a failure if you find yourself at home more than two nights a week. You always need places to be and people to see. It doesn’t matter where or who, just as long as your refrigerator calendar doesn’t have more than a handful of blank squares.

The Loafer. You’re a type B personality. You enjoy spending nights in, watching your favorite TV dramas or burying your nose in a book. You could spend hours listening to music and your wardrobe of choice is sweats and house slippers.

The Dreamer. It doesn’t matter where you are physically; your mind is always someplace else. You think in the abstract, dreaming up grand old plans of triumph and glory. Often times your fantasy life is so complicated and complex that you rarely have time to bring it all to fruition. Whether you are planning retirement, looking for social causes to champion, or planning your ultimate getaway, all you need are the means to bring it to life.

The Artist. Your home features an art studio, even if it’s just one of your grown-up kids old bedrooms. You always have your camera with you and never miss a “Kodak moment.” You have pictures one every wall, some big, some small, some black and white, some vibrant colors. Whether it’s painting, music, theatre, photography, knitting, crocheting, or woodworking, you love to do it with your own hands and admiring the things you have created.

The Athlete. You play in the 50+ softball league or maybe you are the current defending champion of the seniors tennis league at the country club. You could be the golfer who always seems to take the game a little more seriously than the rest of your buddies. Or maybe you are the fan. You have the jersey, the license plate, and the season tickets. Whatever the sport, you are always up for the challenge.

The Worker. Some people just never truly retire. It’s just not in your blood to sit around and do nothing. After you retire maybe you plan on consulting, or getting a part time job doing something that you enjoy. Maybe now you will finally get out and do those home improvement projects you just haven’t had the time for in the past. Work is what makes you feel alive, and you don’t plan on giving that up any time soon.

The Volunteer. Whether it’s one particular cause, or several, you are the first person in line to sign up to volunteer. At your church, at the local food bank, at the local boy’s and girl’s clubs, at the local puppy shelter, whatever you can do to help others. You know everyone in town and everyone in town knows you. You actively seek out opportunities to get involved in charities and non-profit organizations.

The Professional Grandparent. You babysit the grandkids for weeks at a time. You live right down the street from your children. He builds the swing set, installs the monkey bars, and hangs the tire swing. She takes the grandkids shopping, out for ice cream, and to the zoo. You see no greater joy in life than being right next to your family

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