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Repurposing Everyday Items

People who are organized are often quite clever individuals. They frequently use old things in new ways and think outside of the box. Here are some creative and original organizing solutions using repurposed everyday items:

VasesTo hold flowersUse in kitchen to hold utensils such as wooden spoons or to contain art supplies such as paintbrushes.
Lazy SusanAs a table centerpiecePlace inside cabinets for spices or canned goods to make them easy to reach. Or use under bathroom sink for lotions.
Curtain rodTo hang curtainsMount a curtain rod underneath a shelf to hang kitchen towels or attach to wall to hold measuring spoons and more.
Rolling laundry cartFor laundryUse to organize and store craft or pet supplies. Simply roll it into a closet to stow items away.
Pocket folderFor filing documentsSecure the pocket folder using double-sided tape to the inside of your kitchen cabinet to hold food menus, grocery lists, or favorite recipes.
Magazine/file holder for desktopHolds reading material and/or paperworkPlace the magazine holder in the bathroom to store curling and flattening irons or use it in the kitchen to hold small cutting boards.
Ice cube trayFor making ice cubesPut ice cube trays inside your dresser to hold small earrings, pins, or rings.
Soda can tabPull tab to open soda cansRemove the ring from the soda can and place it through the top part of a clothing hanger. Then hook another hanger via the remaining hole to create a space-saving double clothing hanger.
Shower ringsTo hang shower curtainsHook the rings onto the bottom of a hanger and use them to hang scarves or ties.
Spice rackTo store spicesMount the spice rack inside a closet and use it to hold nail polish, perfume, or other small toiletries. 
Hanging tiered fruit rackFor holding fruitHang it in the corner of the bathroom and use it to hold toiletries, soaps, moist towelettes, or wash cloths and small towels.

These are some of the many clever ways that items can be creatively used and given a second life. Rather than toss or donate items, think of clever ways that you can repurpose them to organize your home. Not only will you save money by using items you already own, but your home will become more orderly. You may even wow your friends with your cleverness. Remember that imagination has no limits, so don’t hold back.

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