Republicans Storm Closed Impeachment Proceeding

capitol left power america radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight impeachmentHouse Republicans stormed a closed-door proceeding Wednesday where lawmakers were questioning witnesses involving the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Over a dozen Republican lawmakers gathered outside of the private meeting room and told reporters that they would try to enter the closed door depositions regarding the official impeachment inquiry into Trump. These closed-door proceedings are being led by the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees after allegations that Trump asked Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“We’re gonna go and see if we can get inside,” Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told reporters according to a video posted on Twitter.

Multiple Republicans not on the three committees have tried to access the depositions and get transcripts of the meetings in the past, the Washington Times reported. One Republican said that the group “got in” but were asked to leave, Olivia Beavers, a Congress reporter for The Hill, tweeted.

My colleagues and I are holding a press conference lead by @RepMattGaetz outside Adam Schiff’s secret impeachment chamber demanding transparency for the American people,” Republican Texas Rep. Ron Wright tweeted.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Shelby Talcott

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Wayne D Peterkin

There is no valid reason, none, that this impeachment BS should kept in secret and only used by Democrats as a political weapon. Let us all hope that enough Americans are repulsed by what is happening here to make the Democratic Party pay a heavy price next year. What we are seeing today is not only an attempted coup, it heralds the destruction of our Republic if allowed to continue. I can tell you that I despised the left-wing policies of Obama just as much as the left hates Trump but I would NEVER have suggested stooping to the level of the Democrats today.

Lloyd 1954

And Progressive wonder why Americans will not give up their guns? The Soviet Schiff is trampling on the civil rights of the President and the rest of the country is watching.


This entire charade is illegal and unconstitutional. The democrats cannot proceed with any form of fairness, much less in a legal manner because they don’t have anything to proceed on. There is no smoking gun. There is no evidence of wrong doing. They are hoping to dig something up in all of this cloak and dagger business that they can hang on Trump.

All the evidence, which is legion, points to democrat corruption, Quid-Quo-Pro, illegally using US institutions like the CIA, FBI, IRS, etc., to carry out their partisan bidding in a massive abuse of power. But they are never going to admit to any of this. Much less investigate or bring any of it to the light of day.

It’s just like the Chernobyl disaster. Democrats are pouring concrete over their mess as fast as they can hoping no one will notice.


Finally Republicans have grown some backbone. The time of being nice is over. Thank you!!!


My family escaped Bucha Germany many years ago. I grew up hearing these very same horrors that led to the mass murder of Jews. Wake up America! No one is immune……




‘We the People’ have a right to know exactly what is going on. After all, it is OUR POTUS who’s being ‘investigated’ in this witch hunt! Just because the Democrats are angry that their nominee lost to President Trump is no excuse for wasting our tax dollars in this endless attempt to unseat the LEGALLY elected President! TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT

Paul W

Good! “The best defense is a good offense.” Take the game to the dims. The time to play nice is long over. These hearings would never be behind closed doors is schiff and the dims had ANYTHING, He’s (schiff) a camera hog and and an attention seeker. Ain’t no way he’d be pulling any of this unprecedented, secretive crap if the dims could prove anything.

Anna Young

Closed Door Private sessions? Really? What country is this?

Deb Day

This is an attempted coup. Just because there aren’t military roaming the streets, midnight arrests and secret death squads, don’t think it is any less serious than what happens in banana republics. This cabal is trying to use misconstrued laws in their favor. It will not end. If this attempt fails they already have another false accusation on the back burner. Believe it. Trump is a singularly strong man to withstand this battering. Pray for him. And pray that we never have to take to the streets, literally.

Stephen Russell

Long overdue, unite on other issues, do the probes other into Russia etc.
Expand probes & prosecute.
1 X pony show or LT action ahead.
Email your Reps to get backbone & stand UP to Dems
NO more Games
Action speak
Follow up even louder.
Probe Dem abuses since 2016.
Probe Dems for treason, sedition, etc.
Or nothing changes

R shoemaker

The GOP raid on the committee was a nice show of support but they do not want to over play their hand. The DIMS already look foolish with this stunt and the GOP should not distract from that with a stunt of their own. There are Republicans on those committees and they are legitimately in the meetings. Let them be the ones to speak about it.

House GOP leaders should continue to talk about this being an attempted lynching but the main focus should be on introducing Bills that are important to the American people and then talking about how these Bills are not being worked on because of the DIM’s fake impeachment inquiry

Glen H

I suspect this is illegal and par for the course of the Democrats. They continue to scheme behind closed doors to make sure their lies are convincing. After all, if you tell the same lie over and over, you believe it. They are only enforcing their incompetence and further ensuring Trump’s re-election in 2020! They think We The People are stupid. Aren’t they in for a surprise!


This secret meeting stuff isn’t about getting anything on Trump to impeach him but to make something up to impeach Trump on! They have to plan their strategy and get all their lies together so when they produce whatever propaganda they come up with, the ignorant and stupid in America will believe it and demand that President Trump be impeached and removed from office! LIe and exploit the American voters to scare their congress representatives into voting against Trump or they will lose their jobs! That’s what this is about folks! Democrats CANNOT be honest cuz they don’t know what honesty and truth are! They are pawns in Satan’s hands!


Where are the sleepy Republican Senators? Why are they not calling in Schiff, the CIA operative, etc to change the narrative ? Why isn’t Senator Mc Connell working on a nuclear option to dismiss the impreachment case of the President on arrival to Senate? The democrats want to destroy the President and the Republican Party

Helen Corey

Schiff must have took lessons from Russia, China, N Korea, Iran

Brenda Blunt

If Biden was allowed to get away with it while VP, precedence has been set and since nothing was done to him, nothing should be done to Mr. Trump.


About time they earned their keep! Should have done more a long time ago rather than let it get this far.

Larry Peterson

Total BS!!!

Joe Edwards

Where was RINO Vern Buchanan of FL?