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Republicans Must Spend the Rest of Their Recess Finding Courage

Dan Weber republicans recessMajority Leader Mitch McConnell ditched the Senate’s plan to vote on the healthcare repeal bill before the July 4 recess. This move was not replete with tactical wisdom. It was a desperate balk that will ravage the GOP’s chances of getting rid of Obamacare, one of the worst pieces of legislation in the recent times.

The GOP’s unforced error derails Republican momentum, provides room for Democratic entrenchment, and unnecessarily leaves conservative legislators vulnerable to public ire during the break. But most worryingly, it reveals a leadership abyss in our Republican-led Congress.

I’ve met with high-ranking Trump administration officials and key members of the Congress — and what I’ve witnessed is mounting frustration and disappointment. The effort to repeal and replace Obamacare seems to have been an effort in name only. Behind the scenes, there was little organization and coordination. And in front of the curtain, there was virtually no messaging strategy, no attempt to communicate with the American people.

Where’s the energy on Capitol Hill? Where’s the creativity? Where’s the courage? What do GOP leaders need to get results? Healthcare was at the center of Georgia’s much-hyped 6th congressional district special election, and the American people made it clear they’re ready to get Obamacare off the books. And that’s saying something, given all of the deception, misinformation, and castigation that’s been hurled at President Trump and his healthcare agenda by liberals and their partners in the mainstream media.

Democrats deliberately turned Georgia’s special election into a national election. For months and months, the media spotlight burned brightly on the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Money poured in, making the House race the most expensive in American history.

But by directing so much attention to the election, Democrats also made it a referendum on the White House’s campaign to save Americans from a collapsing Obamacare framework. Just before voters headed to the ballot box, polling revealed that 80 percent of likely voters deemed healthcare “extremely important” or “very important” in their forthcoming decision to vote for either Republican Karen Handel or Democratic Jon Ossoff. And as Frank Bruni of the New York Times noted, “Handel sided with [Trump] and Ossoff pilloried her for it.”

We must not forget that for nearly a decade the GOP has pledged to roll back the Obama administration’s sloppy and dangerous handiwork. So when will this start in earnest? Since the campaign, Trump has been intent on axing Obamacare, yet he’s received little genuine support from our Republican-controlled Congress.

These days, conservatives enjoy saying their political adversaries haven’t learned lessons from the 2016 election; that liberals haven’t come to grips with reality; that Hillary Clinton lost because she was an irreparably flawed candidate. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Republicans are similarly in denial as to why they won.

Americans were tired of their elected officials shipping off to Washington, only to become bureaucrats concerned first and foremost with building up their own careers. Leading up to his historic triumph, Trump literally shouted at the top of his lungs in town after town and city after city that the system was broken — and the country resoundingly responded.

So what are congressional Republicans doing now? They’re reverting to their typical state — a dismal one that’s somewhere between hibernation and overly-careful planning. They’re eyeing 2018, trying to figure out the bare minimum amount of effort needed to keep warm their cushy, tufted-leather chairs up on Capitol Hill. Conservative opponents of the current bill, like Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul, need to be rallying their party around substantive, creative, and viable policy ideas rather than just obstructing.

Congress doesn’t return to work until next week. While home and gorging on overcooked leftovers from July 4, our elected officials ought to block off some alone time to consider why they were elected and what legacy they wish to leave in their communities and in the history books.

Dan Weber is the president and founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens, a seniors’ organization with 1.2 million members.

From - Washington Examiner - by Dan Weber

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5 years ago

You’re kidding, right? The RINO’s will do the same thing they’ve done for years…NOTHING. Don’t be fooled. They lead the charge of the obstructionists.

5 years ago
Reply to  Hdrydr

They are used to begging as a minority in a country of gimme’s. now that WE the people have spoken, they have no idea how to lead. They will let Chuckie Schumer run the show.

Sheldon Y
5 years ago

I don’t believe that the Republicans needs to find courage. I do not have any proof, but my gut feelings is that the Republicans, especially Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are receiving money from George Soros. Just a feeling.

5 years ago

It is a dam shame that the communist republican lawmakers are so stupid. We do not want just a little change we want a mass change and we never want a step back from this at all, and we will not except your Muslim actions here in our Government. We will not except you living in our neighbor hoods when you are out of the Government you need to be ready to live in Iran the country you are working for now for we the people take this very badly

5 years ago

I have a very serious issue with the repub’s and their pure lack of courage. I truly believe that they do not want to lose their power and money and control over the American people. And in doing so they have given the American people the truth about what their true motives are. It is so sad today that the word “” Truth “” is gone from the mouths and minds of our leaders in congress. They appear only to care about themselves and not the people they elected to serve them. This is about America and we need leaders who will stand up and be honest and i do not mean a little honest but totally honest. But that may not be possible. I would really like to see and know about all the back door deals they make for their benefit while making the American people live under different rules. Our founding fathers must be very sad right now.

5 years ago
Reply to  skip

We are of one mind. God will bless you like he will one day, again, bless the United States. He ghastly turned from us in tears as we fall into a carbon copy Roman Empire

Johnny Books
5 years ago

I reside in Kentucky and did vote for “Ditch the Mitch” so the Republicans could rule with the majority. It was a mistake, but, had no other choice. I won’t make that mistake again. The Old Turd must go and retire…all he is doing taking up time and space until he finally leaves. This is the reason we need term limits in Congress…no matter who is the majority. No more political dynasty’s like McConnell, Cain, and those Dems who are ancient in the ways and beliefs. Our founding fathers did not set up the our country for this type of inept leadership. Trump is the man who will drain the SWAMP-CESSPOOP of a corrupt government.

5 years ago

It is time for the American people to stand up and be heard. The Republicans in Congress seem always be about excuses. First they could not do anything because they did not control the House or the Senate. So the voters gave them the House and the Senate. Then the excuse was that they did not control the Presidency, so now we have given them the Presidency. Now the excuse in the Senate is that they don’t have the 60 votes to push through legislation, they can only proceed by reconciliation which only requires 51 votes, so some legislation they cannot pass because it requires 60 votes to overturn filibuster.
Today I received an email from the AFA stating that 30 Establishment Republicans had signed onto a letter with the Democrats refusing to amend the 60 vote threshold to overturn filibuster. This will insure that much of the legislation that the Congress had campaigned on will either be hamstrung or obstructed giving them yet another excuse. I would say it is time to cull the herd. Time to replace the old dogs with new pups. Time for term limits as another person posted.
I would also suggest that the Amac provide as a resource for its members a voting history of each of the members of Congress, especially for those that are coming up for election in 2018. If our Congress people will not do the job give us the resources to repeal and replace them. No longer should we listen to excuses or promises,it is time to either put up or shut up and go home for Congress.

5 years ago
Reply to  HKB

This is simple. Vote them out. Let me repeat. Vote. Them. Out. Unless they vote YOUR conscience. Don’t worry about me or anyone else, vote YOUR heart. I don’t even care if they are dem… we the people.. enough said

5 years ago

TERM LIMITS MUST HAPPEN !!! We Must Replace These Gutless Representatives !!!

Ron Moore
5 years ago

Folks, I heard many years ago that there is absolutely no difference in the Republicans and the Democrats. Now we see it before our very eyes. It is time to not only drain the swamp of these “in name only Republican Traitors”, it is time to curtail their (both major political parties) special perks (i.e. special health care, complete retirement benefits which includes full congressional salary – which are also associated with any raises congress may vote to increase for themselves, etc,) Two terms and you are gone. This is the only flaw I see which our forefathers failed to place in our Constitution – TERM LIMITS FOR BOTH HOUSES!!!.

Of course, God Bless them as our founding Father’s, they never anticipated the deception, corruption and all of the associated underhanded dealings which is now going on in D. C. We need former military ( combat veterans preferred), dish washers, police officers, office workers, physicians,bankers, CPS’s, farmers, construction workers and a multitude of various folks to run for all political offices. Too many lawyers have caused too much of the pain we are now seeing. Look at both houses. How many of those members are from the law profession? Too many!!! The majority of these houses are made up of the law profession itself. Don’t misunderstand me, we need our law profession. We just do not need for them to dominate our government.

Our forefathers never intended for one segment of our working population to represent us. Instead they asked folks from all professions to take part in the growth of this nation we know as America. GOD needs to be brought back into the place where HE belongs. from the home to the school to very government which was once HIS domain. GOD, PLEASE AWAKEN AMERICANS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE… Matt 21:22

5 years ago
Reply to  Ron Moore

Dead spot on. Vote the Rino’s out. I am sorry McCain is is and dying but he has been a non-stop wall against small govt and American liberty. Sadly, he and his ilk are traitors who may as well work for Castro & company

5 years ago

Does our Congress not realize how precious the time is when Republicans are in control of the White House and BOTH houses of Congress? What is motivating some of them NOT to propose a new, improved, US healthcare system? Congress has always been known for two major things a) working non-stop to get themselves re-elected and b) fundraising for their party. They usually are also advocates for the status quo. Let me also wonder which special interests (big pharma, medical associations, George Soros, who knows!!!) might be lining their pockets not to act??? …and what about Congressional leadership — or is that an oxymoron? Does not our Congress realize by keeping the same lame leaders as they have now, they are going NO WHERE fast??? Does our Congress not realize that by not acting, they are sealing their fate — opening their seats to possible Democratic candidates when their terms are up? Can you not already hear the lament when they lose the majority in the near future… boo hoo … we shudda, coulda, wooda? Get on the stick, ladies and gents — and don’t go home again until you GET ‘ER DONE.

Sandra Strahm
5 years ago

Why are they not doing what we voted the m in for.
I think we should get a list on how Republicans voted on what was asked of them so far.

5 years ago

The only sense of urgency that seems to be coming from most Republicans in Congress is for perpetuating the nonsensical investigations on how Trump supposedly colluded with the Russians to “steal” the election from poor, corrupt Hillary. What a joke! Eight years of Obama and Hillary lying every day to the American people and Hillary and Bill selling future access to whoever gave them the most cash for their foundation. No problem. No accountability. But a phony story made up by Podesta and Mook concerning Trump and we have multiple Congressional hearings and a Special Prosecutor.

Everything else is being treated as a “we will get around to it eventually” issue. Total disgrace! Not only should Congress cancel their August recess, but they should work non-stop for the rest of the year to make-up for all the time they have squandered in getting almost NONE of Trump’s agenda through Congress. Six months wasted and almost nothing done, because they do NOT want to enact any real reforms. Of course all these calls from various groups and indivuduals won’t get the GOP leadership to change. They seem to be already just marking time until the 2018 midterms. What a work ethic…NOT!!!

Sorry for the rant, but it is such a shame they are squandering the last chance to save this nation from socialism. People are dying in the streets of Venezuela to try and get back some control of their country and yet so many young people here seem almost anxious that we have not fully embraced socialism yet. Talk about stupidity.

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