If Republicans Want to Take the High Ground – They Should Be Bold and Put Corporate Welfare On the Table

by Ed Farnan – Obama has maneuvered the narrative of the fiscal cliff talks as being a war between the rich and the middle class. Obama claims to be on the side of the middle class and the GOP, the party of the “rich.”

The mainstream media of course, always on the look out for a simplistic headline to rally around, can carry this message forward to further marginalize the Republican Party.

It’s time for the party to be bold and call Obamas bluff. Instead of going through the death of a thousand cuts, come out and put something on the table that all Americans can get behind: Call for the end of all corporate welfare. These “entitlements” are costing taxpayers an estimated 100 billion dollars per year, according to a recent CATO institute report.

Entitlement programs/the welfare state is the driver behind the huge debt of America… Corporate welfare IS an entitlement.

If the Republicans can be bold enough to put this on the table, they can then demand from Obama, cuts to other entitlement programs. This will deflate the class warfare meme that has worked so well against the Republicans.

After all, why should the American middle class be paying for huge subsidies to corporations that hire thousands of lobbyists who shower politicians of both parties to vote more corporate loopholes?

At the same time all of the billions of dollars in “green subsidies” can be ended, including the subsidies for the rich who buy expensive electric cars. Why should the middle class pay for the rich when they buy their toys? Average income for an electric car buyer is $174,000. Why should a middle class taxpayer put up 7,500 per car to entice a wealthy person to buy an electric car?

Why should the middle class by paying 26.00 per gallon for “green” fuel supplied to the military when they can get that same fuel for 3.50 per gallon?

The giant retailer Wal-Mart has more workers enrolled in many state Medicaid programs—which are supposed to be reserved for poor people—than any other employer. Why should the middle class be subsidizing Wal-Mart?

Instantly the Republicans will gain credibility with Americans. They can stand toe to toe with Obama, look him straight in the eye and say: “We are willing to put Americas future first are you?”

Nothing short of boldness will work now, otherwise it will be another kick the can down the road and Americans will be more disillusioned than ever with their leaders in Washington.

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Bill Webster

Because politicians love setting up in Washington playing their silly games and being paid by us to do it.

Fern Martin

I agree. It seems none of the elected have any guts. It can not be so tough to cut everything from the top down 10% and thenwork on waste and abuse.


this is just another right wing whine site.There is nothing mature about it.If you want to get your party back to a credible alliance with the American people than you need to remove these old wanna be supremacist from your party and vote some republicans that want to work with the majority and not try to dictate the majority.The world is changing and your Grand Ole Party wants to try and refuse to change with it.Sorry but its time to get a grip as we are rapidly tiring from all your immature hissy fits.


If green energy needs to subsidize. Then cut it no welfare for corporate Obama!!


If the Republican Party is to survive, we must get rid of the holier-than-thou fanatics that believe an individuals feelings about social issues such as abortion, birth control, and gay marriage has anything whatsoever to do with the quality of running this country. It doesn’t. You can be for or against any of these issues and be a lousy, or wonderful, elected leader. We need to focus solely on the economic issues of the day so that we will have a nation to call home, in the future. While most people are emotionally involved with social issues, they are much more heavily invested (emotionally) in the economic issues that can destroy their lives in short order.


A bold reform:
Let’s divide the national debt and governments assets between democrats and republicans.
The board of elections has party affiliation in their records so we can let the Republicans set taxes and rule over the Republicans While the Democratic voters can follow the Democratic rule.
Anyone not registered in either party has the opportunity to reregister for tax purposes.

Then the voters will have a clearer view of success and failure. No party will have interference with the other and no one will be blamed for the other’s failure.



Wally Mattson

The republicans need to actually live up to the tag that the democrats have suck them with ie, “The party of NO”! Not just NO but Hell NO. The republicans hold the house which is in charge of revenue approval. Shut it all down except for existing welfare, military and similar programs. Shut down all spending for Obama care, the Energy department, the Rural electrification, the NLRB, Big Bird, etc, etc.,etc. Make the democrats come to the table. Right now the democrats are playing the republicans like a fiddle. No More. The party is over.

Wally Mattson

Lobbyist are needed in the halls of congress. The politicians do not have a clue on the legislation that they propose and that is where the lobbyists are supposed to come in to help. Unfortunately the lobbyists attempt and do slip in their own wording for the legislation that of course favors their company or product rather than providing the wording for the good of all companies big and small. Of course a little money on the side in the area of campaign contributions etc helps to cement the deal for the politician. This is the real problem of lobbyists that interact with legislators. We need a mechanism where companies big ,medium and small can review and comment on any legislation that is proposed for approval. If negative feedback is received the bill must go back to the initiating party or congress for possible changes. Otherwise , we get what… Read more »


While there are some truths in this article,there are also plenty of liberal talking points that are simply not true as well as half truths that lead folks to believe things that are not correct-do some research. Example; Walmart employees on Medicaide programs-who are those folks? Mostly part-time folks supplementing meager retirements, how it that welfare for the employer,isn’t that comparing a retailer PROVIDING jobs to a manufacturer that requires fulltime able bodied folks? Who are these corporation with the supposed subsidies? ‘Big Oil’ catches a lot of blame when small players actually get more relief AND folks have NO CLUE what is involved in bringing energy to us OR how many jobs and businesses benefit from that. You almost never see airlines or railroads hammered for corporate welfare and they are two of the most heavily subsidized businesses in America. EDUCATE YOURSELVES, virtually all the press has an agenda… Read more »


Boo! Just checking to see if amac will post anything I try to post.

Vic DeMartin

That’s a nice Christmas wish Ed .However, the problem is; since about the time that Trent Lott was Speaker of the House, the Democrats have become ruthless and, the Republicans gutless. The two parties have developed a lack of acceptance. The Democrats never accept defeat and, the Republicans have never accepted victory.. The Democrats have moved to the extreme socialist left and the Republicans continue to drift in some middle region. While I and, I suspect most conservatives, don’t want to see anyone’s baby go hungry neither do we want to give away the farm.
I think the problem is caused by professional politicians. The solution is “Term Limits.” Until such time as that unlikely event should occure, the solution calls for fiscal common sense. (Also unlikely to occure)


“Corporate taxes–if Republicans can be bold enough to put this on the table, they can then demand from Obama, cuts to other entitlement programs. This will deflate the class warfare meme that has worked so well against the Republicans.” When your main operating method is lying, cheating and stealing. What makes you think they will back off on buying votes through Government Welfare?? As far as I can tell they have given up nothing in entitlements or even suggested it. As I read some of the comments from people here, many think the liberal democrats operate in a normal, rational mode. They don’t, if they run into a rule or procedural negative, they change the rules or ignore them. Look what obama did with all the Executive Orders. They do what they want with our Government as a slush fund for them to buy votes for re-election. All entitlements are… Read more »


Our Congress…..Both elected Democrats , Republicans and Indepents should not only place all Corporate welfare subsidy programs on the table but they should also place themselves in the same benefit programs that middle class Americans are entitled to…such as Social Security benefits , not the enhanced benefits that Congressman and Senators receive. Government Employees are treated as “Special” and do not deserve the rich benefit programs they currently receive whether elected or hired. That includes disability, health benefits as well as retirement income. Too much time is spent negotiating favorable deals for each other rather than laws that treat all the citizens as equal If all Americans are supposedly “EQUAL” why don’t we legislate laws that apply to all citizenry which limit governmental welfare and corporate benefits and tax rates. rdj


To that business corporation who does not know what is corporate welfare, I advise you to call up Walmart and the like to find out how to do this and look good at the same time. I applaud the author of this article for stating truths that strike at the heart of the problem. Now let’s get rolling on making the change needed.

harold norman

i agree whole heartly and i just wonder when the rino refubs will get a back bone and stand up to obama.there are several issues that are impeachable what are they afraid of??????

Jerry D. Nowak

I entirely agree with Mr Farnan.
Yes, there would be an increase in goods due to the producers trying to earn a profit, but get the government fingers out of the realm of commerice and let the people decide what they want and at what price. Let capitalism do it’s thing!


Why is it that Republicans always end up negotiating with themselves. It’s always what more WE can put on the table, when the other side puts NOTHING on the table in the way of real spending cuts. There are a lot of areas in the federal government that are loaded with waste, that could be trimmed today and no one, but the special interest groups who feed at the government trough, would miss. I’m talking whole departments in the federal government, not a few pennies here and there. Look at this week’s so called fiscal cliff negotiations. Obama wants to cut nothing, spend an additional $50 billion on another give-away to his supporters (called a stimulus) and wants Congress to cede him unilateral power to raise the debt limit to whatever he wants forever. In exchange, we get the promise of maybe and I emphasize maybe talking about the possibility… Read more »

Wm Mitchell

Could anyone point out to me the amount of “corporate welfare” the unions get. Also, correct me if I am wrong, unions are corporations but the do not have to pay any taxes?


I agree with Chris Walker. I want the Republicans to not give in to the Obama Regime. So, we fall over a Fiscal Cliff and we know d-mn well that the Lib’s and the News Media will blame the Republicans. So, why don’t the Republicans play Hard Ball the same as the Democrats have done for ever so long. The National debt needs to be paid down. The Government needs to be down-sized. The American people need to be informed by honest information as to what our President & politicians are doing to earn their big salaries. Also, I am sick & tired of paying for big dollars for the Prseident and his family to go on vacations Let them pay for their costly vacations. I don’t even have money to take a vacation to the next county. We must take our country back. Too many people have paid for… Read more »