Report Shows More Violations of Americans’ Religious Freedom

flag religion religious faithHostility toward religion is on the rise in the United States, according to a new report.

The report, recently released by the Family Research Council, shows an increase in the number of incidents involving “religious freedom violations” since the first report was released in July 2014. The original report spanned over a decade and contained 90 incidents. In the past three years, 69 new incidents have been added.

“The recent spike in government-driven religious hostility is sadly not surprising, especially considering the Obama administration’s antagonism toward biblical Christianity,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, in a statement. “The report underscores the legitimacy of the actions taken by the Trump administration to end the policies and practices in federal agencies that fan the flames of this religious intolerance.”

Perkins added the report’s findings also show “the growing courage of Christians, especially young Christians, to defend both their faith and their freedoms.”

The report found that antagonism toward religious beliefs on sexuality was fueling much of the increase:

Hostility to religious beliefs on natural marriage and human sexuality … [included] 42 incidents in the report’s first edition. In the time since then, 48 new incidents have been added to these sections. Thus, the number of these religious freedom violations more than doubled …

In the introduction to the report, the Family Research Council writes that the attacks on religious teaching on marriage and sexuality “is the product of more insidious forces which ultimately will erode civil liberties for all Americans, even if they hold a different viewpoint than our own.”

Included in the religious liberty violations listed in the report was one about a survey distributed by a major financial firm.

In 2014, JPMorgan Chase, a vocal advocate of LGBT rights, sent out a survey to its employees asking a number of questions. The survey asked if the employee was “disabled, had family members that were disabled, if they were LGBT, or if they were allies of the LGBT movement.” Employees that answered negatively the final question could be interpreted as being at odds with the beliefs of the firm.

In February 2016, Edie and David Delorme received death threats after declining to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. The Delormes, who are devout Baptists, have previously refused to create cakes that go against their religious convictions, including those “that support alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or convey sexually inappropriate images,” according to the report.

Rather than accepting a list of nearby bakeries that would create the same-sex wedding cake instead, the couple complained to the media, bringing on harsh attacks against the Delormes.

“The bakery received threats of violence on social media and Yelp,” the Family Research Council wrote. “Though the bakery was never threatened with a lawsuit, they remain a target of criticism by LGBT activists.”

Another area of extreme hostility concerns Catholic churches, schools, and hospitals who have been operating in accordance with the Catholic Church’s teaching.

One example occurred in September 2016 when Kate Drumgoole, a guidance counselor and coach at a Catholic high school in New Jersey, was fired when the administration learned that she was in a same-sex relationship.

Drumgoole, citing discrimination, sued the archdiocese and Paramus Catholic High School despite having previously signed the archdiocese’s “Policies on Professional and Ministerial Conduct.” By signing it, teachers acknowledge the requirement that they “act in accordance with the ‘discipline, norms and teachings of the Catholic Church.’”

“Religious liberty is the exercise of our inherent, natural rights. It is not limited to freedom to worship, rather, it means that we are free to live consistently with our beliefs in the public square,” says Melanie Israel, a research associate in the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation.

“Individuals and organizations should be able to maintain their ability to abide by their religious convictions when they carry out their work, including serving the poor, educating the next generation, or running a business.”

From - The Daily Signal - by Christine Roe

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What Christianity desperately needs is for Trump to CXL out LBJ’s infamous ban on free speech on anything political or face losing their tax exempt status. If Christians start to mobilize their immense numbers, they could effectively stop this ridiculous “transgender” and gay rights agenda that is so politically and morally incorrect from destroying moral decency in this country. When I emailed an article that was showing a Maryland school was teaching his young children that the “only true God was Allah” in one of their textbooks to my Pastor, he emailed me back that “he was not interested in anything political” and don’t send him anything more, I was flabbergasted. If church leadership didn’t fight to protect Christianity, why listen to anything they were spewing? And when I criticized an African American praise band singer for singing way too loud that people were forced to cup their ears, I… Read more »
Rik, Even if Congress (Trump can NOT unilaterally undo this ban by executive action without massive blowback from all the Congressional RINO Republicans and of course ALL Congressional Democrats) were to agree repeal the LBJ ban that tied curtailment of freedom of political speech by religious organizations in exchange for retaining their tax exempt status, I think you would find the view expressed by your Pastor would be pretty wide-spread across most religious factions at this point. What you are looking for, the old style fire-brand pastors and priests of decades ago that preached about social and political issues every Sunday, are few and far between these days. Same seems to hold true for most senior church officials these days. Most seem quite happy today with the current status quo. I have yet to find any church official that is willing to state that Islam is anything other than a… Read more »

Good points. Sorry to have missed it till now. Organized Religion too often is disorganized. Best to advocate for no, none,not any for tax exemption for anyone nor for any institutions, and maybe then honesty could raise its head once more.

I’ve heard that Christ’s mother, Mary, has appeared in documented appiritions, at Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje. Perhaps these modern-day miracles present one or the reasons better than half the world is Christian. (Islam trails a close second, by less than 1%). Christ himself has a number of recorded, supernatural miracles to his name. It does lend itself to the existence of a higher power. I don’t know enough about Islam, nor Mohamed’s miracles (if any), nor any appirition since his death. I do think ISIS is as misguided as Queen “Bloody” Mary when she started slaughtering non-Catholics. She didn’t represent Christianity then, anymore than ISIS represents Islam, now. Both murderers. To murder non-believers was never Christ’s message. Is it Mohamed’s message? …and I do question the infidelity of taking more than one spouse at a time. …and, who was the last group to attack Islam for its stance on… Read more »

Anything that has to do with freedom of speech or religion should be done away with. Many in the news media do not believe this and they cast there evil voices to think people of religion will change there minds. Only the weak minded or those who don’t believe in God, one day will be held accountable and our Constitution guarantee freedom of religion and speech.

PS I don’t mean Freedom of speech and or religion done away with this was a tryo.


Not surprising since libs are up to their continuous tirades. They spout off about free speech—as long as they agree with you. If not then they want to shut you down. No valid arguments, just name calling, shouting and violence. When is the last time a Christian strapped on a bomb to kill people? When is the last time you heard of a Christian blowing up a plane, a vehicle, or a building? How about NEVER. I wonder which of the commandments rub libs the wrong way. No lying? No adultery? Honoring father and mother? No murder? Libs seem to think anything goes as long as the end justifies the means,

Take courage, Rik. God isn’t asking you (or me) to fix any of those nut jobs. We’re asked to fix our own faults and be as much of a part of the solution as we can within our own sphere of influence. We don’t hear much in the media about all of the good things our fellow Americans are doing EVERY day. Let’s help those we can, fix what we can, and leave the rest to the One who reserves judgment to Himself. Keep the Faith, keep praying and trusting in God, and don’t let ’em steal your joy. A heart filled with God’s peace and love in the midst of sorrow and evil is already victorious.

I don’t see much intolerance to many Muslim beliefs and practices which are much more egregious to liberals than not baking a cake for a homosexual wedding reception. Perhaps the reason is fear of Muslim reprisals for such liberal intolerance, and no fear at all of conservative Christian reprisals because Christians don’t engage in such activities.

“In February 2016, Edie and David Delorme received death threats after declining to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.”
So the LBGT crowd thinks it is okay to threaten Christians with death, but it’s not okay for Christians to not bake them a cake! This is about equivalent to trying to beat someone to death because they had a Trump hat on.

I’m going to start with the fact that I’m a Southern Baptist preacher, but first I’m a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. God called me to the ministry, and I am convinced that the Bible, all 66 books, are totally true in autographa or the original. Most of us who are in this arena would say that Islam and its teaching are antichristian. I can and have said a whole lot more about this and other beliefs that goes against a biblical worldview. I was reading the various replies to Rik and I was stunned by several of them. I have a couple of suggestions for those who said their pastor won’t speak out against Islam and other things that are contrary to Christianity and its tenets, maybe it’s time to look for a church with a pastor that does and follows true biblical Christian teaching? I did this… Read more »


The Delormes’ refusal to bake a wedding cake for the gay couple is no different from, for example, a company not bidding on a job that it either can’t or wishes not to take. I have often turned away work that I didn’t have time or equipment for. Or the customer and I simply had different ideas on the process or the outcome. Very likely, there were plenty of other bakers who would have taken the job. This was a case that everyone knew would be paraded down main street, aided and abetted by the breathless liberal media, to make a hard-working small business look small-minded. Every American has the right to stand by his or her religious conviction–whether it’s the Little Sisters of the Poor, or Chick-Fil-A, or the Delormes’ bakery.

“act in accordance with the ‘discipline, norms and teachings of the Catholic Church.” I sure wish the Boy Scouts of America would live up to this. They expect the boys and volunteer adult leaders to follow the Scout Oath and Laws, but anything above the district level seems to be just a business. Some of the worst people can be found in the best organizations, and it’s these people that sold out the moral values of the once great Scouting program. It all started with the evil empire called United Way, who turned up the pressure year after year until they eventually withdrew all funding from the BSA. How can one non-profit organization demand another how to operate? But the decision to admit gays into the program (both boys and adult leaders) came from the BSA upper management. Funding seemed to be their weak point. Instead of standing up for… Read more »

In order for communism to survive, it must dismantle a society’s values and morals. International Zionism, globalism and communism cannot thrive in a nation with strong religious values.

This old tired argument that says “God created us this way” is so rationally and spiritually lame; but, here goes a reply. Did God also Crete degenerate gamblers; drunks; murders; liars; thieves; obese; mean; hateful; silly; child molesters? Isn’t it possible that God created all the evil and righteousness in the world?

NO!!! A thousand times No!

Defining this as “sin” as the commenter did answers their own question. I agree we sin i.e. Homosexuality and need to repent and ask for forgiveness AND not repeat the sin.

On the other hand, if your religion happens to be Islam, apparently the Constitution does not apply to you and your government-paid enablers. Watch this 17-minute excerpt from a recent San Diego school board meeting, and see if your liver doesn’t do a few back flips:


I was raised as a Lutheran & know my bible fairly well. God loves all people: gay, straight, black, white, brown, transgender, speakers of every language. Instead of only paying attention to Leviticus 17, read the entire book. Almighty God could have created human beings who were strictly & only heterosexual, but He did not. We all sin & fall short of the glory of God & are not to judge, lest we be so judged- leave the judging to our Lord, who can see into people’s hearts & who knows the truth. Jesus died so that all can be saved, not just people you like or who agree with you politically. Don’t be like the Pharasees, who thought they were perfect, or at least better than most of their fellow men & women. Love your neighbor, even when they offend you. I wake up every day grateful to be… Read more »

Whatever happened to “Go and sin no more”? Rebecca, no one is casting real stones or advocating anything other than that we are giving up our culture to advocacy for licentious debauchery. You may call it small stuff, but over time it will contiue to expand as it has been doing over the past many years.

While it’s true that God loves the sinner, it’s also true that He hates sin. He hates it because it destroys lives, families, relationships, and personal integrity. In other words, He loves us so much that He hates the things which destroy us.
Throughout the Bible, we will find a comprehensive list of things which God considers as sin. Homosexuality and lesbianism comprises part of that list (Romans 1: 26 & 27). I don’t believe that He has changed His mind about any of that! But what I do know is that He loves the sinner enough to forgive us and to “cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9) if we’re willing to repent (turn away) from our sinful ways, accept Jesus Christ as our savior, and then commit our lives to Him (Romans 10:8-13).

Your message is right on, spot on, or to the point. Thank you.

Even if I agreed totally with you, I don’t want anything shoved down my throat. When states began passing laws to allow open restrooms, acceptance of the LGBT’s was in fact being just that. Safety for our daughters and wives by allowing perverts to use the law as an excuse to be where they shouldn’t was overlooked in an effort to appease this group. Common sense never entered into this decision. By the example in this article with the bakery proved that acceptance was not their goal.

You know Rebecca, you can say God loves us all, which does not make it a fact. In fact, if we are in sin God will condemn any and all of us to eternal Hell. That is, without accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ (including his atonement for your sins) and becoming a new person (inside sinless new man in Christ), God (Jesus) will not recognize us as his. He will cast us out. By the way, no religion saves – only accepting the Gospel of Christ and believing in Him saves. God loves our souls, owns our spirits, and is repulsed by our corporal bodies and the sins they commit. So no, God does not love us all as you state it. Oh, and Ivan is right Rebecca, history shows us that much.

I think you’re missing her point. She didn’t deny that people go to hell for rejecting and refusing the means of salvation. The New Testament states that God IS Love — their is no darkness/hatred/evil/lack of goodness in God. He always loves the sinner, even those in hell! [Take a breath.] But He is Just, giving those people what their works have earned for them (Romans 6:23). Jesus loved sinners and died for them while they (us) were yet in their sins, but he hated their sin. His love caused Him to cry over Jerusalem, but he respected their free will and the punishment their choice would cause. Those of us who are Christian can’t avoid loving our enemies and doing good to them as Jesus commanded and did Himself. If you are loving these folks who are ruining our country, I’m not really picking that up in your post,… Read more »

Loving each of us didn’t keep Jesus from casting the loan sharks,–money changers out of the Temple. Blatently practicing sin should be a reason to be disaccociated from any congregation as they choose, and accomodating any life style should never be imposed, while allowing each the choice for themselves. Tolerance is not the same as accomodating through special laws reserved for any minority or even majority life-style or subset of people.

Rebecca, good post. I feel God has created all people and there should be harmony among us. But, the human race is so faulty…we really need God now and forever.