Rep. Bradley Byrne: Illegal-Alien Students Cost Americans $60B a Year

student illegal education cost expensive billionsRepresentative Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) told fellow lawmakers during a congressional hearing on Wednesday that American taxpayers today pay approximately $60 billion to educate illegal-alien students and the children of illegal aliens.

In his remarks, Byrne noted that the burden of paying for the education of the more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants that come into the country every year falls squarely on the shoulders of American citizens.

“In 2016, the Pew Research Center estimated that 3.9 million — or 7.3% — of kindergarten through 12th grade students in the United States were either here illegally or were the children of at least one parent illegally present in the United States,” Byrne said. “Can anyone tell me how much we spend on public education for that population of students? It’s around $60 billion.”

The Republican explained that while the federal government mandates English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for the roughly 9.6 percent of students in America classified as having Limited English Proficiency (LEP), it leaves the brunt of the costs to state and local governments.

“What percentage of ESL programs are paid for by the federal government that requires them? Just over one percent,” Byrne stated. “Who pays for the rest? States and local school systems.”

He continued:

So, we require it and we push 99 percent of the costs on state and local school systems. That costs a lot of money for these state and local school systems. Many of them, like my state of Alabama, just don’t have it. But because the federal government requires it, they have to put that money in there to the detriment of other programs.

That cost is not being borne by those of us in Washington. It’s being borne by men and women and the states and local school systems around the United States of America. But really the cost is being borne by children who are being denied the programs that they should have. Children who are citizens of the United States, whose parents are citizens of the United States, they’re being denied programs because we’re forcing their state and local school systems to take on an expense that we should be taking on because we’ve failed to enforce our own laws.

Residents of Worthington, Minnesota, have experienced the effects of mass migration on their education system firsthand. Last month, the town implemented a tax hike to provide an additional $34 million for the local school district, which has exploded in class enrollment due to migration.

study by Princeton Policy Advisors researcher Steven Kopits found that, at current migration levels, the United States could have nearly one million new migrant children by the November 2020 election — approximately 800,000 of whom would have to be enrolled in local school districts.

Minnesota has seen major demographic changes due to federal refugee resettlement programs. In fact, the state has the most refugees per capita of any in the union. Refugee resettlement has led to a large Somali population in Minnesota that made possible the election of Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who is Somali-born and one of the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress.

In September, President Trump signed an executive order requiring refugee resettlement agencies to get the consent of all states and localities in which they plan to place refugees.

The immigration lobby has opposed the executive order. And with good reason: There’s money to be made in the refugee business. Nonprofit contractors such as Church World Service, World Relief Corporation, and International Rescue Committee are paid $2,125 per refugee by the U.S. State Department for initial reception and placement, of which the nonprofits may take a cut of up to 45 percent.

As Michelle Malkin, author of the book Open Borders, Inc., noted:

In the 2016 annual report to Congress by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the agency reported that in the year prior, 26.7% of refugees received cash assistance from at least one federal program; 66.1% of refugees had received noncash assistance such as SNAP (food stamps). The Federation for American Immigration Reform crunched the numbers in 2018 and estimated the annual cost of refugee resettlement to U.S. taxpayers at $1.8 billion, and $8.8 billion over a five-year period.

The immigrants are not only brought in to collect cash but because immigrants overwhelmingly vote Democratic/socialist. As TNA has previously reported, the open borders movement has a long record of being supported by communist organizations.

The leadership of the Abolish ICE/Occupy ICE, for example, includes veterans of radical groups such as the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG).

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by Luis Miguel

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Paul W

$6oB! The President was asking for $5B for the wall. The left has betrayed the country by doing nothing to impede illegal trespassing. We can’t afford to import poverty. We also can’t afford to allow drug smuggling, gangs, disease, human trafficking, sex trafficking, terrorist entry etc.. The dims need to be held accountable for aiding and abetting this onslaught of catastrophic lawlessness. And this, of course, is only regarding one topic…border security. One of a myriad of dim and deep state actions attempting to topple this great nation. We The People demand accountability!


With numerous problems that our legal citizens face, why are we giving so much to those who shouldn’t be here in the first place. Yes, I know the argument that we are mostly immigrant ourselves, but there should be a line firmly drawn between those here legally and the illegal persons. Changing birthrite citizenship would be a great start. A baby born in the United States should be a citizen only if at least one of its parents is here legally. Rather than punishing breaking our laws, we reward it in perpetuity. Tax paying citizens shouldn’t be forced to bear the problems of every other country. Think of the education our children could get if all those tax dollars went to teaching them how to read, write, and do math. We don’t need gender studies in kindergarten or classes in birth control and abortion for middle schoolers. Where did we… Read more »


It’s way past time to put the Church World Service, World Relief Corporation, and International Rescue Committee out of business. Build the wall and start the deportations. MAGA 2020.

R shoemaker

Perhaps a more important point is that studies show our school system has fallen behind China because our watered down system no longer teaches the critical thinking courses of math, science, & economics. Our education money is spent on immigrants and unions.
A study two years ago showed that 70% of the software engineers working in Silicon Valley are foreign born‼️CA would not be able to grow its technology sector if we weren’t bringing in math people from China, India, and various Asian countries using H-1 visas.😮



Stephen Russell

This is the Dems focus only, the Dems want this big time & we lose.
60B per year X since 2011 or earlier wow.
Lost funds for other issues
But Dems DONT care & some RINOs

Mary Sergiacomi

The whole thing is sickening! I have been a Naturalized citizen of the U.S for fifty four years now. I came over here from England with my husband who was an American Military man and I sure went through a huge amount of requirements before I was accepted into the country. I had to undergo physical examinations and background checks to make sure I wasn’t a Communist etc. I accepted the whole process without any complaints because I loved this country as soon as I arrived. The people (neighbors etc.) accepted me with wonderful acceptance and I knew I would learn the customs etc. with eagerness. Obviously I couldn’t wait to become a citizen and so I worked hard to meet all the requirements. I love this country with all my heart and feel it’s where God intended me to be. Sure, it’s not a Utopia, but I realize in… Read more »

Patriot Will

The progressives, socialists, and communists can pretend to be civilized, generous elites; however, their primitive, dysfunctional talking points give away their true dark souls. No person who disregards even a basic appreciation for the rights of individual countries to secure their borders is anything but devious and illogical. Every day, we have millions of legal inhabitants of the US suffering needlessly, because the Democrats consider themselves “citizens of the world,” instead of elected representatives of a democratic republic. Many of the Liberal Democrats are ignorant hypocrites and traitors.


This has to stop we have our own that need that money so they can have a better education not NOT illegals they are not Entitled to a dam dime, when they are found immediately need sent back to what ever country they came from, illegal is illegal and that means out and they have broke the law so Never allowed here not even for a visit

Brenda Blunt

This is wrong on so many levels! No other countries provide this for illegals! USA should not being providing this! Illegals must enter and apply for citizenship like everyone else! They must assimilate and NOT the other way around!!


fight for accountability


The Bible speaks of a time of Lawlessness in the time leading up to the second coming of Christ. We are now living in those times!! Come Lord Jesus!!🙏✝️

Bob L.

That $60 billion is just part of the $one-quarter TRILLION total cost of illegal immigration so far THIS year. On One American News Network, they show several times a day, a clock, similar to the old national debt clock that shows a daily running cost total, the year-to-date total, and the number of illegals in the U.S. Where is the money coming from to pay for that as well as all the other government spending? Let’s start with a wake up fact. If you have a monopoly set or some kid’s play money around the house, take a one dollar bill of the play money and set it down on the table next to a “genuine” U.S. Federal Reserve Note=(loan). Which one to you thing is worth more? The FED note? You’re right, the quality of paper and ink make it worth more, otherwise they are worth the same –… Read more »

Lynn Miller

American’s are taxed through their teeth to educate people in this country illegally, and to educate illegal’s children. Those illegals have not contributed to the American education system. They are merely exploiting the good that the American taxation system was designed for the care and support of Americans and their needs. Americans are paying through their teeth to house, manage, deport, incarcerate, feed, house, provide medical care for illegals in this country. That 60 billion annually is for a mere component – just to educate these criminal tresspassers in this country, of what the 15 to 20 million people here illegally cost hard-working Americans. Remember this whenever you buy groceries or gas and pay taxes, when you pay a tax every year so you can own a home, when you pay your taxes to the Feds and states for the income you earn, and the dozens of other ways we… Read more »

Almos Berry

Round up the illegal school children and their parents and other illegal family members, and friends and acquaintances, and ship them all out of the USA.


This is sickening! We are doomed.


i’m tired of my hard earned money going to help those who are here illegally. sorry but i don’t owe them anything! i am a good, kind soul and would help you if you were a citizen, a person who worked hard or were on hard times. this other nonsense has got to stop. i’m happy when good people, get money as gifts or work under the table and get money and dont give to the government. that means we have control over not paying taxes . And if that is illegal then touche!!!!!


If the student is an Illegal why hasn’t ICE removed them…


join the march

Irv C

DemocRATS can burn water let alone burn America. This has got to stop!!!