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Our Religious Freedom is in a “State of Emergency”

by Dan Weber – A new, darkly ominous threat to all that we hold dear as Americans is  upon us —a threat so grave that recently The National Clergy Council  declared a “state of emergency.”

Let me tell you about it.

Religious tolerance and interfaith understanding are among the most cherished American traditions. Learning from parents and teachers — and from our leaders in churches and synagogues — about respecting the religious views and rights of others is a special memory for most older Americans.  Regard for the religious conscience of others is also a value that we strive to pass on to our own children and grandchildren.

As Americans we also learned, however, that no right is more essential to the preservation of freedom – and no right more properly enshrined in the Bill of Rights – than freedom of religion and worship.

We were educated in stories of the Pilgrim Fathers coming here to America to escape persecution. We knew the story of Roger Williams founding the colony of Rhode Island so his congregation could follow the dictates of conscience. We remember George Washington’s moving letter to the Jewish congregation of Newport Rhode Island about a  US government that will never “give sanction” to any form of bigotry or persecution.

Now, in a way that other generations might have found unimaginable, the federal government has moved against the rights of religious conscience.  President Barack Obama’s recently ordered Catholic institutions to go against their religious conscience and pay for sterilization, contraception and “morning after” abortion pills.

So serious is this threat that The National Clergy Council, a Washington DC based group that represents church leaders of Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, and Protestant church traditions, declared “a state of emergency.”

In protesting this government attempt to force Americans to compromise their religious and moral beliefs the Council said in its Feb 22nd statement:

“In recent days, Jewish rabbis have joined all Catholic bishops in the United States in expressing alarm over the President’s ‘healthcare’ mandates and other violations of the Constitution. The National Clergy Council deliberated for the last week on what it would do, consulting pastors, moral theologians, organizational executives and activists from around the US.”

The council’s president, the Reverend Rob Schenck then decided to “ begin the holy season of Lent 2012” by hand delivering  to the White House on Ash Wednesday an appeal to President Obama for answers to its “State of Emergency and Time for Speaking” declaration.

Speaking for the Council, Rev. Schenck said in his communiqué to the President:

“We state to you our unwavering position on the sanctity of our constitutionally protected right to espouse certain principles of conscience; and, we maintain and insist on our God-given, moral rights to act upon these principles of conscience within our respective institutions and in keeping with their attendant prerogatives; Furthermore, while we hope for a resolution to this crisis that includes the rescinding of your directives, we must hold to our convictions and positions and act according to our prerogatives no matter the legal, social, pecuniary, or political consequences.”

The leadership of the National Council is admirable.  So too the Catholic bishops have spoken out heroically.  And all across America priests and ministers are having their sermons interrupted by applause from outraged church goers.

What I want to know from you as a member of AMAC is this: “Should we leave this fight to others?

Or should we join these heroic clergy in their struggle to preserve one of our most essential American freedoms?”

Your answers to our recent poll on the issue tell me that you want to make this fight your fight  – an AMAC fight for freedom.

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10 years ago

May God shine on all of you.

Bruce McBurney
10 years ago

Has anyone ever considered that Obama is the Anti-Christ that has been expected for so many years? His arrival is under the guise of peace and good-for-all, but in the end his deceptive plan will be revealed. If he is re-elected, then the next four years will begin to show his real plan. Even if he doesn’t get re-elected he will still have a residual impact that takes us toward Armageddon with his Muslim friends as Satan’s army.

10 years ago

The intensity with which this administration pursues it’s agenda should make it clear to the most patient observers that they mean to do what they have repeatedly said. The total transformation of this country is their aim. They intend to leave very few decisions -and none they consider important – to the citizen. That term will change to ‘subject’ if ObamaCare is not repealed.
Religious freedom and freedom of conscience are a threat to the level of control that the statists wish to have – for “our own good,” of course.
Do not be misled by verbal tricks such as equivocation, campaign rhetoric can be quickly explained away – as it often has been. Can anyone seriously maintain that the state of this country’s economy is actually a cause of concern to this administration? Jobs? “I’m being stopped in my efforts by a handful of Republicans.”
All problems are caused by others, all credit is his. Spare me more of this!

10 years ago
Reply to  Marvin

I’m very sorry to say but the Catholic Church has made their own bed in this area by supporting every liberal social program that has been enacted.

10 years ago
Reply to  RLG

I would like to point out the Catholic church has not strayed from scripture on the following issues: abortion, contraception, invitro-fertilization, celibacy for priests, etc., while most mainline religions have changed their positions. The Catholic church is staying true to the scripture. I realize that some rogue nuns sided with the President, which was regretful, on Obama care, but that was not an official position of the Church. I urge you to seek out a Priest to check these facts. All faiths must stand together on these religious issues on lose a freedom we have had for 200 years.

10 years ago
Reply to  Herb

Celibacy for priest, really? I would think that molesting children would be against those celibacy vows, but yet the offenders continue to remain in the clergy.

10 years ago

Remember the satellite pictures of semi’s headed to Syria from Iraq, before Desert Storm? Now we are worried about Syria using WMDs. Hmmm, where did they get them?
Too many Christians say that they will “pray about it”. I am sure that God hears all prayers, and I am sure that God answers all prayers. So why are so few Christians involved? Folks, when God tells you to get up off the couch, GET UP AND GO!

Steve J
10 years ago

Wow, Mr Schultz, you’re a popular guy today. First of all, I am an American of African Decent and a Born Again Christian (who reads the Bible). I did not vote for Mr Obama because his views are clearly opposed to the teachings of the Bible.(i.e murder of babies, applauding as “good” what God calls an Abomination etc.). I am very saddened however that many persons who profess to be Christians voted for Him because of the history implications.But even more so, because he had a “D” next to his name. Many so called Christians attend church every week and proclaim the name of Jesus, but asks Jesus to “wait outside” while they go into the voting booth. We get exactly the type of leaders that we ask for. The selection of Mr Obama is a sad indictment on where the majority ov voters stand in this nation. I look forward to November and hope enough voters have a change of heart to send him into retirement. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me!” God Bless you.

David Wendell
10 years ago

Too bad about Schultz. Thanks for posting your article Mr.Weber. This is the reason I joined AMAC rather than the pro abortion and pro appeasement AARP.

10 years ago

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out. author Martin Niemoller

10 years ago

What bothers me very much is President Obama pretending being a Christian! Stop insult our intelligence, Mr. President and at least be honest and tell people you are a Muslim! Your deeds tells everyone that you are an anti-Christian, anti-God, and anti-family. Stop playing politics because you don’t deceive us, you just deceive yourself. God truly knows your heart!

Greg the Electrician
10 years ago

Pray for your protection with Pslams Ch 91.

Pray the enemies out with Psalms Ch 109.

Greg the Electrician
10 years ago

We are coming to the end of two biblical Ages: “The Church Age” and “The Times of the Gentiles”.

The ending of these two Ages couldn’t happen until the Jews return to their land, for the 2nd time, and become a world problem and surrounded by their enemies…and “Matures as a fig tree”….

Government teachers are ordered to teach evolution in their public school systems and do not allow any discussion or controversy, especially the Genesis Account. Remember please, that Chas. Darwin was not a credentialed scientist, biologist…

75 days after the last great war, located at Armageddon; the Kingdom of God starts up. (See book of Daniel)

But, those left behind will have to try and survive the Great tribulation, a 7 year time period of Great Catastrophies. The rate of survival is only about 15%…and the % could be reduced, as it depends on how one “crunches the numbers”.

Betty Johnson
10 years ago

If we are ever going to stand as Christians, we had better stand now. Later will be too late!

10 years ago
Reply to  Betty Johnson

If we wait too long we’ll be standing against the wall in the United Socialist States of America.

10 years ago

It is Obama’s style of rule which scares me. He has so much more power compared to former presidents because he has the backing of people like George Soros who is intent on destroying America because of his hate for the Christians and the Jewish people. (Research him–there are hundreds of sites that will explain his agenda and who he is connected with. It will surprise you. His nickname is the Puppet Master and he owns a lot of the media, is connected to and supports organizations like, the Occupy movement, several Communist-linked organizations, Goldman Sachs, etc.)
His goal is to control the world through the UN, owning big oil, the “green” movement, etc. and stamp out the Jewish people in a Holy War”.
He needed someone exactly like Obama who he could control and that would appeal to a wide range of voters and you can see today which voters he needed to appeal to. I urge you to do your research for yourself.

10 years ago
Reply to  jane72

Did you know that George Soros is Jewish? But he utterly hates Jewish people.

Donna J. Dixon
10 years ago

I think this basic issue of contraception, with abortion the deadly part, comes down to the value of life. I have a daughter who became unexpectantly pregnant at 36. The father was not interested, nor wanting to take any responsibility at age 37. This child is a blessing for her mother and for us. Thank God my daughter chose life.

History shows us that several millenia ago life was not valued. If you wanted a boy, you threw the girl away. You mated the strongest man to strong workers so they could start work at 11 and work until age 44 or when they died. Retirement was death. It was the people who believed in life, that had large families, and believed in each persons value with his own gifts to the world. These happened to be Christians and Jews. Now we are working very hard to go backward and devalue life. What we want as individuals is more important and fullfilling than a future. The largest loss of young life with abortion has been in the black community, % wise. What are we trying to do.?

10 years ago


10 years ago
Reply to  W. SCHULTZ

W. Schultz: I’m not and have not ever been a fan of the Bushes (any of them) but the reason that I hold the current President is such disdain has nothing to do with his “opening a controversial subject” it has to do with his dishonesty, his socialist policies, his intent to destroy the country as we know it and fundamentally change it into a little Cuba. If all the President did was “open a subject” I’d be glad to listen, he did not “open” anything, he has pronounced and edict, like a King from a throne. We are FORCED to take his way or the highway, through Obamacare. This is not a man who wants dialogue with the American people, he has forced everything down our throats. The man is a danger to every freedom we were granted int he Bill of Rights and he just happens to be starting with Religious freedom. Look out W. Schultz, you are saying nothing as they come for the Christians, I’m sure you will say nothing when they come for our guns, of course you will not be able to say anything when they come for our speech, and when they come for you, no one will be there to stand with you!

Joe Lindenfelser
10 years ago

Congratulations to Bill Thomas for a very well stated opinion. I could not agree more!

If we stand aside and let this happen, we will be repeating the mistakes that brought us WWII when Hitler took over.

We must do whatever is necessary to take our country back!

Bill Thomas
10 years ago

It’s been proven that there are darker, much more powerful forces at work here to destroy our way and life and country. Our puppet president may not be any different than some in the past in that respect but the agenda is now clearly the destruction of our way of life. That’s what’s different and people had better wake up. It’s also been demonstrated that Muslim and Christian faiths cannot peacefully coexist. Muslims are accepted and free to worship in our once predominant christian culture but Muslims do not accept any other faith and seek only to eliminate or dominate. That may be a oversimplification on my part but whether we agree or not our president is working to undermine our economy, values and way of life in an effort to level the playing field for those of his faith and conviction to unseat America as a model for the world.
This is not about Obama’s skin color ! If he was making decisions that supported our country’s economy and citizens I’m sure he could be extremely popular and truly do our nation proud as our first black president. However, his actions do not support that agenda at all and unfortunately many including our black population may choose not to make that a priority. HIs decision record sends a very clear message of what agenda he is following (read the article in this issue !).
I can only hope and pray that it is not too late. Another term under this administration will bury us all and we will in fact have lost America because of our own apathy and lack of individual ownership of her. Perhaps a bit overused but still appropriate reminder is that “Freedom is not Free” !

10 years ago

Once again any disagreement we conservatives have with anyone of color WE are the bigot! For someone to play the race card EVERYTIME I think they need to take a look at themselves in the mirror. They are the bigot. They are the one that can’t see past color. BO is dangerous his actions speak volumes, perhaps if you close your ears to him and watch his actions you could see him for what he is. W Schultz I pray you change your beliefs.

10 years ago
Reply to  SM

It is obvious that you are not an AMAC member!

10 years ago

We must continue this fight, and we must fight if this continues !!

Martin Babb
10 years ago

If we judge this President by what he does, he sure lacks on doing what the Christian Bible says to do. “By their fruits shall you know them”

tom s.
10 years ago

74% of Americans say they are christians. Then how did this person get into Whitehouse?

Debbie O'Rourke
10 years ago
Reply to  tom s.

Good question. ” My people perish from lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

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