Harry Reid Calls ObamaCare Victims “Liars”

“Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.” – Harry Reid

Speaking from the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declared all of the “horror stories” being told in relation to ObamaCare, “Lies”. “Those tales turned out to be just that — tales, stories made up from whole cloth.”

AMAC would like to gather true accounts of the problems people have suffered as a result of ObamaCare to share with the law’s stakeholders, including the media – Share Yours Here

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Dane Lucas
6 years ago

This pathetic little nothing of a man, along with Nancy Pelosi, have lied so much they don’t know what the truth is anymore. They are so into giving our money away, take a look at the Dems, including these two, vs. the Reps give to charity of their own money. Two of the most ridiculous and arrogant things they have done is vote them pay for life and not having to live by what they pass. We have to be the only country in the world that pays people for life for losing elections. Makes you wonder why they all… Read more »

George Rollover Purdy
6 years ago

It’s funny how he ONLY called 2 woman liars then the Party. BUT he’s so sad and unmanly if he had to call the women liars because if he had called a man a liar he would have to stand up LIKE A REAL MAN toe to toe because if you were to ever call a REAL MAN a liar, your pathetic body guards would not protect you from the ass kicking you so deserve right now!
When are you going to eat a bullet for America you old useless ungrateful putz?

6 years ago

Lies? The president and his crony’s lies are abhorrent. Our health insurance has gone up 60%. The checkbook does not lie. Where is our $2500.00 a year savings? Talk about lies. And the people who continue to lie for him will someday answer for all their deception and falsehoods.

Elwood Dowd
6 years ago

I’m a liar, huh? Well, Sen. Reid, I am merely an amateur when it comes to lying. You, sir, are a professional. You do it for a living. You gutless, spineless, piece of garbage! Tell me I’m a lair to my face! Go ahead and try to convince me that all the frustrations and incompetence I’ve been dealing with because of this worthless legislation was just a figment of my imagination. Better yet – YOU go on ObamaCare. Then I call you a liar, too.

Ma Donna Klendworth
6 years ago

Obamacare was doomed because of the lies the our President promised, “If you like your plan, you can keep it”. ” If you like our Dr., you can keep him”. ” Obamacare will lower plan bill by $2500 a year”. And for that, HE WON LIAR OF THE YEAR AWARD. Any lie that was even MIGHT have been told, by a Republican regarding Obamacare, pales in comparison to the LIES OF OUR PRESIDENT.

6 years ago

Let’s call Harry and tell him that we’d like to be called LIARS to our faces–Harry Reid –202-224-3542 775-686-5750 775-882-7343 702-388-5020

Helen DePrima
6 years ago

Thanks for calling me a liar, Sen. Reid.

6 years ago

This man has to look at his notes to lie to us. We the people need to repent and come back to Jesus. I pray for God to bring us back to Him; His will be done. Until He comes for us, I will do whatever I can to advance the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Simpson
6 years ago

I quit counting how much money patients owed me (but would never pay) when the amount passed half a million dollars.That was the largest factor in my decision to close my office. My town then lost a trauma surgeon. I never sued anybody but obamanocare has absolutely no provision for protecting me from lawyers. My malpractice insurance was costing $30 thousand dollars per year r, even though no case was ever decided against me. It cost a minimumof $120 thousand dollars per year, just to keep my office doors open. obamanocare provides nothing and hinders or destroys everything. IT IS… Read more »

6 years ago

Carol: Obamacare is a Socialist “program ” disquised as an insurance plan. The healthcare issues (such as pre-existing conditions) could have been dealt with by requiring the insurance companies to cover those people. Costs could be reduced by allowing purchasing of insurance across state lines because of increases competition. There was no need for the CHAOS & DEVASTATION caused by this over reaching program. MILLIONS of peoples policies were CANCELLED and their medical care disrupted because the Democrats want to CONTROL the masses. Obviously you have the same attitude you are accusing Jeff of “you got yours so screw you”… Read more »

6 years ago

Wow. An elected official calling others a liar. That is the stunning thing about this article. (HEAVY sarcasm) ACA or Obamacare,, however you want to put it, is not a health plan. It is a way to make people dependent ont he government teet, Everyone has access to Healthcare in the United States. EVERYONE. That some are too lazy or too stupid to not go and take care of themselves is now somehow the whole of Americas problem. 3 million have signed up? 800,000 have missed their first premium payments. Where does that money come from? You guessed it! The… Read more »

6 years ago

We say we are Christian.
Yet we say we are pro-choice on abortion.
Yet we say we have no problem with gay marriage.
Yet we vote to steal from others for our own benefit.
Yet we vote for representatives who are not Christian by their actions even though they say they are Christian.
How are we Christian with all these “yets”?

6 years ago

Affordable Care Act is providing insurance coverage for millions who have not had ANY coverage. Do you honestly believe that we should have people in America who do not have health coverage because they cannot afford it? Or because they had a pre-existing condition? Come on people – those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to pay for premiums shouldn’t begrudge paying a bit more in premiums so that ALL Americans can have health coverage. There are A LOT of positive stories about the ACA – this forum is just to create more negativity and divide our… Read more »

6 years ago

gloria gagne: there is a difference between purchasing insurance through Obamaacare or through the Marketplace My son has a healthcare policy which is NOT through any Obamacare exchange. It is direct through the insurance company. is what MARKETPLACE insurance is. I couldn’t tell if you are aware of the difference between them. Coverage for pre-existing conditions could have been accomplished WITHOUT the devastation & chaos caused by Obamacare and being able to purchase health insurance across state lines (which is in the Republican plan) health insurance could be cheaper because of the competition. Obama would not even consider this because… Read more »

Donald Sowers
6 years ago

Yep. I am 66, retired, have medicare and a okay supplimental from the ATT pension fund. My pension went down $130 (my medical comes directy out of my pension before I get it) per month. That tells me that my medical went up $130 per month because of the ACA. Changes in my plan? No, I have never changed it. I feel blessed because at this time I am healthy and do not go to the doctor often and am not on any medications. My heart goes out to all the ones on this blog that have not been so… Read more »

Perry Willson
6 years ago

What does Harry know? Niether he nor his good friend Nancy read the bill.

Bob M.
6 years ago

I`m sure there are some fine folks in Nevada.Evidently not enough to matter.It`s not just Nevada though.Minn. gave us Al Frankin,Florida gave us Grasson,and Schultz,California gave us to many to count.Kansas gave us Sebilious,Illinois gave us the big O,and so on.What is wrong with the American people who vote for these scums.These are people who should get laughed out of town,but instead they get elected.We got to quit letting the media destroy the people who will stand up for us,and our country,and stand behind the good ones.The ruleing elite,and media elite need to be destroyed,not just defeated.Thats how they play… Read more »

6 years ago

well i am early retired my health plan went from 399 to 525 and I pay more out of pocket costs. so in writing on the policy provided from the insurance company are they liars as well Mr Reid??

we need a blockaid to stifle all current political activities until we can remove the current vermin destroying this once great and respected country.

6 years ago

Obama and Reid ARE the TWO biggest LIARS in GOVERNMENT . Maybe we should include “we have to pass the bill, to know what’s in the bill” Pelosi, too

Bob M.
6 years ago

Has anyone ever heard a intelligent thing come out of Harry Reids mouth.Every time this guy steps up to a microphone he says something stupid.I can`t believe that we have such stupid people running our government.It`s no wonder the rest of the world is laughing at us.Honestly people is this the best we can do.I can`t vote in Nevada,but I don`t have to go there either.

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