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Reform, Chaz/Chop, Justice

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The President has officially taken executive action on law enforcement reform, and his response is supported by both law enforcement and the American People. Next, Seattle’s autonomous zone, Chaz, is calling for people to send in supply to continue their lawlessness. Finally, we will be joined Andy Mangione, AMAC Senior Vice President of AMAC Action, to talk about the President’s efforts with law enforcement and what AMAC is doing on behalf of law enforcement and the American people.

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1 month ago

It is time to turn off the water,electricity and the phones. Why are the people of Seattle putting up with this nonsense?

1 month ago

There should be an embargo around this zone. Let them experience the consequences of their actions.

Mike B.
1 month ago

The last time a portion of our country broke from a centralized government it resulted in the Civil War. Federal athorities should go into Seatle, put down this rebelon and prosecute the Mayor and Governor as traitors to the oaths they had taken to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

David Wyncoop
1 month ago

Someone needs to shut this lawlessness down. Not only has it gotten out of control but it is getting worse. These people you see at all of these protests do not look like my neighbors, my previous neighbors or anyone I see most of the places I go, like WALMART, for example. The media is the driving force behind all of this. Why people watch the mainstream media shows or read much of the trash they publish is beyond me. I say, lets take a vote on some things and see where most of the real American people stand on… Read more »

1 month ago

These morons are so brainless that they didn’t even have a follow-thru plan. We’d let them figure it out, but libturd inslee and his wasted state will cater to them.

E. Fletcher
1 month ago

This is the only place where I can speak my mind without being censored. Truthfully, I am ashamed of what is going on in this country. Never been ashamed before. What I’d like to see is: everytime a picture of a black man getting killed by the police is shown, I’d like to see that picture matched by a picture of some of the innocent white people who have been killed by black men. For example the killing of innocent kids playing in their yards shot by gangs drive-by shootings. Store clerks killed during robberies, White people killed by black… Read more »

Nancy Lipkins
1 month ago

They all need to starve since they did not think ahead to what they needed while they are being criminals. Water, Lights and what ever is normal living needs to be shut off.

Jane CA
1 month ago

Don’t give them anything. They said they wanted to be automous, so let them ! No more Port O Potties, no electric, no water, gas etc. that comes from the “Capitalist enemy”. They won’t let anyone in, my question is are they willing to let people out once they come to their senses? I am ashamed that so many of our young people are involved with BLM when, at it’s core it is entirely raciest ! We need to squash those breaking the law, clear out the place and ask for reparations for the damage they have caused. Start with… Read more »

Pat R
1 month ago

Awh shucks. Their ‘sponsors’ who paid their way there to agitate, loot & destroy, isn’t funding their lengthier stay? Nine times out of ten, those agitators likely riled up actual protest marchers to help do this and after it was set up, left. Great way to end CHOP is not supply their demands. And where is the white car & owner who passed out guns from the trunk to hesitant young men? Also likely gone.

E. Fletcher
1 month ago

Watched your video this morning of the mayor of Seattle referring to CHOP as a block party. Stating that they have lots of block parties in that city. Well, now that they have a murder and a shooting in their “block party”, who does she expect to clean up the mess? I think she should be sent into the block party and fix it.. that woman is a gutless, irresponsible fool.

Fred J Noel
1 month ago

Use U.S. marshals to surround the zone. No one, no one out. No supplies in or out. Rescue citizens that are not involve in the take over and want out. Once the siege is over arrest and prosecute the leaders to the fullest extent of the law.

1 month ago

If Chaz/Chop or who ever they claim to be want to be autonomous WHY ARE WE giving them anything that’s Stupid. Let them figure out for themselves how to survive on their own and reap what they sow

1 month ago

BLM is not the Bureau of Land Mangement. BLM and Antifa are communist, George Soros sponsored

Frances Carlson
1 month ago

Send CHAZ/CHOP/CHOOP absolute nothing, well, perhaps a bird.

1 month ago

In Massachusetts this week a town shut off electricity and water to a local gym. At the
same time, govt dimwits in Washington allowed an obscene number of goons to gather together,
shut down the downtown area, and infect each other. Officials in both areas are wrong.

1 month ago

Let the national guard loose and this can be solved in 10 minutes. Why do we have a national guard ?
Lets eliminate it and its cost if we are not going to use it when needed. Then we can give the money (wretch)
to another right-wing welfare program. Refund the money to taxpayers ? Never.

Jinnee T Parr
1 month ago

Don’t the people of Chaz/Chop need to get passports to travel in to the United States of America? Isn’t that how wars are started when one country makes demands of the surrounding countries? Start sending Chaz/Chop bills for their electricity and gas. I thought the LEFT accused American of stealing this country. Isn’t that what Chaz/Chop did? . . . They stole it from other people and people died.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jinnee T Parr
1 month ago

@ Ben Ferguson
I remember reading that former President Obama was militarizing the Police Depts during his 8 years in office. Would someone investigate this possible agenda. Did it entail forceful training?. If this is true, then should not Obama be held responsible and not the police officer? Does Anyone else recall this objective? The American people need to know if Obama is getting another pass.

1 month ago

FYI;;; Sen Tim Scott is from SOUTH Carolina…Thanks

Mr. Camiel R. DeSchutter
1 month ago


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