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Red Wave, Meltdown, AMAC

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Kamala Harris said it herself, “What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” The Red Wave has taken over with the Youngkin/Sears win in Virginia! Americans are waking up, and the media is having a meltdown. Did you know that two thirds of AMAC members are veterans or have a veteran in their family? That is why AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisor Gerry Hafer joins Ben with important information on our latest veteran outreach efforts!

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6 months ago

It’s time for truth to stand stronger then ever and be counted. While Branden and his cronies try to destroy the USA with mandates for the vax, yet leaving million cross our southern boarders to spread C-19 is appalling. Then wanting to pay people from 2017 and 2018 who were traffickers of small young innocent children is discussting. Separated at the boarder what does he know he’s never been there. Also leaving so many to fend for themselves in that great so called departure from Afghanistan is impeachable. He must not succeed in destroying us like he did with Obama years ago. His whole administration should be impeached with Pelosi, Shummer and Comey. Please God I pray ….

6 months ago

The media harrased President Trump when he was inaugurated.Trump was our Greatest President because,he believes in America.His greatest accomplishment is getting North and South Korea to have a discussion about Peace.These two Countries haven’t had diplomatic talks since 1953.My loyalties and my support goes to MAGA.The US Economy was alot better last year,even with the pandemic.Trump would have handled the Afghanistan withdrawal more Effectively.Everyone would have come home.You all know this to be a fact.Trump 2024!!!!

6 months ago

Impeach Biden,Harris and pelosi or shoot them .They have killed American people and they are giving and stilling or money they will destroy America if we don’t stop them.Make sure you vote republicans.

Richard Minetti
6 months ago

Right on!!!!

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago

When WE regain control we need to DEFUND the federal Department of Education which was a reward by PEANUTHEAD to his rabid supporters in NEA and AFT. Next defund NPR and public TV which are simply propaganda outlets!

Bill on the Hill
6 months ago

Hallelujah brother & amen to that!
Bill on the Hill… :~)

6 months ago

They have stone walled any attemp for accountability for so long. They no longer serve teh American tax payers. They only care about their party.

6 months ago

Finally honest real news I trust.

6 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

???? amen

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