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Recession? The Liberal Media Not so Secret in Calling for One

RecessionAfter teaching high school economics for 15 years, I can explain what causes a recession. Simple— decreased demand. When consumers buy fewer goods and services, suppliers have to cut back as profits disappear. Businesses lay off workers. Those now jobless have less income, and they buy less. That adds up to many lost restaurant meals, movie tickets, and concert or sporting events not purchased. Those establishments then lay off some staff, and there goes the whole ball game (i.e., the overall economy), so to speak. It’s now a downward spiral. A contraction. A recession.

But why do people initially cut back spending and demand? Fear is a culprit, and that’s fueled by the media. Past recessions have been caused by global events, overproduction, too much debt, or when money gets too expensive (i.e., high-interest rates discourage borrowing and spending). The 2008 crisis was largely in housing. Banks practically threw money at people, and many took on more debt and more house than they could truly afford. It eventually came to a bust.

It need not have been so bad. Even when unemployment hits 9-10%, still 90-91% of people are working. But the media signals through their negative reporting that “Your job may be cut next.” People shudder. They close their wallets.

Today, the fundamentals of the U.S. economy could not be stronger. Companies cannot even find staff to hire with our 50-year record low unemployment rate. Business is booming. Paychecks are fat. The stock market hit highs in February 2020, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Enter Coronavirus. Here’s the definition from the World Health Organization: “Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).” Though not new, the current strain, COVID-19, is novel. It, too, causes flu-like symptoms. While it’s more easily spread, 80% of those, who contract it will have virtually no or very mild symptoms. The young, middle-aged, and healthy have little to fear any more than seasonal flu, which killed 61,000 Americans last season and over 12,000 so far this season. Why no hysteria over that? The elderly and immunocompromised should always be extra vigilant with hygiene with any circulating viruses.

The liberal media barely mentions the above. A cruise ship circling at sea or histrionic words like “Trump-virus” are better visuals and headlines to gain audiences. Calling for large scale shutdowns of the economy is no more warranted than telling people not to drive their cars because there were 38,800 vehicle fatalities in 2019. If we all stayed home last year, there would have been no car crashes, and almost 40,000 more people would be alive. Of course, without cars, our lives, our freedoms, and the entire economy would be so severely disrupted we would scarcely want to live.

If there’s one thing you can take to the bank, it’s the strong correlation between presidential elections and the economy. When an incumbent president has a recession in year 3 or 4 of his term, he’s out (Carter, George H.W. Bush). If the economy is doing well, voters stick with whoever is in office, and party matters not (Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama).

Anyone looking at the economic data during the first two months of 2020 would easily conclude a Trump landslide. Even those who say the links between the two variables might have weakened, some would forecast a Trump reelection. What single event would make voters want to change course? Answer— a recession. Now you know why the Democrat candidates and media are secretly rooting for a downturn soon, and by needlessly scaring Americans over a virus strain that is not Ebola but more flu-like, both are hoping to get a Democrat elected in November.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communication for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with over 2.1 million members.

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Yes, the media is going all out to stoke as much unjustifiable fear and uncertainty as possible with one goal in mind: That is to damage President Trump and all Republican candidates in down-ballot races ahead of the November elections. Getting a Democrat, any Democrat, back into the White House and retaining control of the House and potentially taking control of the Senate The media has always been biased towards supporting the Democrats, but that has completely given way to openly and overtly supporting virtually all aspects of the Democrat agenda and overtly lying about and sowing disinformation about any and all Republicans and their policies. No position or policy being espoused by any so-called Democrat today (it truly is now ONLY the party of socialism / communism based on their party’s platform) is considered either “too far” or obviously dangerous to the well-being and long-term viability of the country.… Read more »

Vicki K

The good news is everyone who is already a Conservative or Republican knows better. The Liberals, Democrats and Socialists will never know better because they don’t want to know better. I say the Scare will fade away leaving very little in its wake, other than a bunch of Left Wingers who got to work from home for a month. It’s tough to leave the Herd tho, and they will be Bleating to get back by the time it’s over.

Paul DAscenz

That’s Correct! The Socialist Media, will stop at nothing to try and Destroy, President Trump!
Don’t buy into the Hype! This viral scare is Serious, but not at the Level that the Democratic Media is Projecting. More people, die from the Influenza virus every year!

Brenda Blunt

The media is like a bully as well. They are only interested in instilling fear and selling time.

Paul DAscenz

Be Calm! Be Mindful!
Stay Aware! Don’t Panic!

Patriot Will

Criticize, criticize, delight in potential bad fortune, delight in potential bad fortune — this has been the media’s treatment of President Trump from day one. In fact, the main stream media has been a petty, mean spirited, false spreader of news towards President Trump’s entire administration. Disgraceful and Disgusting — pretty well sums up the entire sordid affair.


The only time leftist win is when Americans lose!

John Karkalis

There has been a clear thread running through Amacs editorials recently, ably noted by PaulE and Patriot Will, namely the incessant feeding frenzy , 24/7, of mainstream media. Like a parasitic tape worm it must go on feeding like a glutton to survive. Its favorite food? Fear. The irrational kind. Paul, I am less optimistic than you about the educability of a certain segment. This is the fodder for mainstream media. The recent downturn in the market. Scary, but I think it is a big burp and will recover. Now look, I am not a Pollyanna who thinks that there is nothing to fear. I have a legitimate fear of flying. No one has ever given me a reassuring explanation of how a plane remains aloft without flapping its wings. Birds have been doing it quite successfully for millions of years. How do planes get away with it? FDR said… Read more »


Fear of the Presidency falling into the hands of a communist or a leftist, socialist-leaning Democrat is what caused the market dive in October 2008 and thereafter.

This is just Act II, Scene i of the same underground play.

The media blaming the present market retrenchment on COVID-19 is just another smokescreen for what is actually happening. Same old, same old.


Democrats will do anything to steal an election. False narratives being no exception. If facts were truly presented, caronavirus would barely cause a blip. I’m not downplaying the severity of this pandemic. Just the methodology.


The stupid stock market is another example of sheeple. The media sparks FEAR and people react.

Stephen Russell

Since Wuhan Virus 19 hit Dems want recession for Nov win.
only reason for is power & we Lose OUR 401K s etc to date IF win WH etc.
Game plan day 1


Exactly what I’ve been saying since the drums began to beat. They failed to cause the market to crash several months ago and jumped on this immediately to fulfill their wishes.

Tom Gindorf

The measure of a successful leader is in how he or she reacts to real difficulty, not how their opposition and liberal biased media choose to cast their perspective about it or them. Imagine what our economy would look like had Hillary won and what would be the response in the markets. Our country has been very well positioned over the last three years to absorb the current events by energy independence ( caused by Trump administration actions) and a strong economy (caused by Trump policy and actions). The latest stock market reaction to an oil spat between Russia and Saudi Arabia is over cooked. Trump administration policy and actions have zero to do with the origins of Coronavirus and the oil spat. In fact, administration actions have curtailed their impact on the average American. The current very professional reactions to the current hysteria fostered by the media who only… Read more »

Press ONE for English

What a good article. Speaks many truths. The writer edges up to the line but does not come right out and say that this is a manufactured crisis. Much evidence says that it is. I do have a few quibbles, though. We should not misconstrue the term “full employment” to mean everyone is working. At “full employment”, something on the order of 50% of Americans are living the good life courtesy of the taxpayer (and no shortage of illegals are doing so as well). Also any consideration of the concept of a “Trump Landslide” fails to consider the abject stupidity of a wide and highly diverse swath of American voters, and, not to forget, the vulnerability of our elections to tampering and fraud. I’m hoping for a clear mandate but will heave an uneasy sigh of relief at 50% plus one. Get out and vote, vote like you’ve never voted… Read more »


Praise God. This election will be different no matter what the economy is or what is happening in the world, in this country or in the oval office. Why? Because….We, the American citizens/voters understand the evil of the left and that they will stop at nothing to remove Trump from office. WE will not let this happen….However, if the cowards (the left and the media) would make themselves known…we would be glad to find a way to put them out of their misery. Their evil trick of a deadly virus is killing many innocent people….These evildoers do not deserve to get away with it “Scott Free.”

Stephen Lykins

Gawd forbid they are successful. Any of the current crop of potential candidates would be a disaster for the country!


BO had a great economy ? Are you kidding me ?? Under 3 percent growth for twelve years . More like inept Republican leadership . I don’t listen to the Free Press but that’s all that’s on the virus , the economy is tanking , it’s the end of the World ! Turn the boob tube OFF and VOTE !!

Jim S

Just heard interview with authors of book called “Tightrope” on the very liberal MPR (Minn. public radio) station. It was all about oppiod crisis, and how “we” ignore the downtroden folks in this country who got messed up with alcohol or drugs, resulting in more suicides and incarcerations, and that “we” are not helping them with government programs. No mention of the low unemployment and higher wages, that gives everyone more opportunities than ever. One of them even implied that the “Trump era” has been bad for these folks. I hope the government is not still supporting this liberal media outlet in any way. This is a perfect example of the suttle support that the liberal media gives the Democrats, and of course they want everyone to adopt their way of thinking, now that an election is looming.


Let’s use round numbers for this: 60,000+ people died of the flu last year. About 40,000 people died from car accidents too. Tragic but not unexpected. No one gets out of this world alive. Enter the Coronavirus. How many in 2020? We all will eventually die of something. BUT a cruise ship circling off our coast and people in China wearing masks make for more thrilling and chilling visuals for our leftest news media. Fact: there are over 300 cruise ships with about 2,300 passengers each plying the waters of the world at any one time. That’s almost 700,000 people. Statistically, some will fall ill and some of those will die. The same if they were on land. What can we do? If you get sick, stay home and drink plenty of fluids and see a doctor if necessary. Wear a seat belt and drive defensibly if you travel by… Read more »