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Liberals root for a recession while the Trump administration fights back with facts and economic data. Also, new revelations about what actually started the Russian probe. Finally, we reveal where President Trump’s paychecks actually go.

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God Blessed us with this President… I pray he does again in 2020… Isn’t it Ironic that when you ask a Trump hater what has this man done to you personally to hate him? You get Nothing… Because he hasn’t. Stop the Monkey see Monkey do mentality in this country by Voting Trump back into office… Honestly, from all he has had to go through, it is hard to believe he would even want to run again… Thank you Father for interfering in their election that gave us President Trump…

Starla Ellwood

TRUMP 2020

Lois D

The truth is :The Federal Reserve is neither federal, or abounding in reserve. We are a debtor nation. Our entire global economy is built upon debt. A large group of bankers pull our strings. They tell us our value by numbers. The more we place ourselves in debt the more we are rewarded. The reward? We get to make more debt. The party is over. The bill has come due. Nothing is free. This was only suppose to last 10 years. 2008 was the big bail out. Banks were given reprieve. What did they do with it? Encourage more debt and print more money. POTUS has been trying to prop up this economy and bring back jobs. Globally all other country’s are suffering. America is doing better but the federal reserve is trying to squash it. Why? Because they are out to destroy us. Get out of debt as best… Read more »

Lynne Pace

You guys are a total breath of fresh air and I am so thankful you give us the real news!

Linda Allenbach

Thank you for reporting the truth!

Mike W.

“TANSTAAFEL” After the War of the Almonds, the Land of Kulumar was the richest and most powerful of all. Its fields were bountiful and its granaries were full. Its Flocks were fat and sleek The Kulumese were proud and productive. They worked and they rejoiced in the highest standard of living known. Sire, the Generous, surveyed all this plenty and said: “Surely a country as rich as Kulumar should provide food and housing and garments for our less fortunate. I will ask the Lawmakers to levy a tax on the workers to provide this.” And the Lawmakers, each of whom hoped one day to become Sire, levied the taxes. They then said: “Let there also be free circuses for those who do not work. And let there be soft hassocks and free food and wines for those who watch the circuses.” And the Lawmakers levied more taxes. When the workers… Read more »

Dean Brittain

Good work 👍 Keep it up, America needs you.

Gerlinda Baker

Thanks for the truth. Go Trump!!!

Linda C Burns

First it was Russia, Russia,
2nd resist, resist,
3rd recall , recall
4th racist, racist, and now
recession, recession….What next.

Gerald Schalk

I consider ALL government workers to be ‘takers’ of wealth (from the tax payers). President Trump (and 2 other previous presidents) are the exciption, as he does not take pay cheks from the tax payers. His policys earn him the title of ‘maker’ of wealth (for the share holders) (common stock and mutual funds in 401k’s IRA’s and even 403b’s)

Todd Taylor

I am so tired of this false narrative “Recession,” “collusion,” “racist” being spun by the media; the liberal media along with the socialistic Democratic party is full of crap. I liken it to a full, overflowing toilet that needs to be flushed!

Sharon Harrigan

I pray daily for President Trump. 1 Timothy 2: 1-2 I exhort, therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

General Patton

Thank you for truthful unbiased reporting.

Carol T

Not only does the press not want to give Trump credit for his “donations”, they probably do not want the American people to know such donations are possible. After all, the billionaires complaining they don’t pay enough taxes could, in fact, donate the amount they think is right without hitting the money that is earned by the rest of us.

Ralph Ormsbee

We should not only keep Trump, But we should keep all of the members of his family as presidents of the united States. we should also remove every democrat and democrat supporters of the republican party out of office and do care to hire real americans to congress and maybe we can turn around the muslim Terrorist congress that we have now

Cynthia Elaine Phillips

Love Ben Ferguson, would love to see an AMAC news channel, maybe replace Fox for Conservative news. They are leaning too far left.


Finally an AMERICAN President that loves his country very much unlike the last faker or fu#%$r.

Elena Tellez

For Diana Collins — go to… find articles; and click on the menu button (upper left) for many more.

David P. Minato

Good info; good delivery. Thanks.

Paul A. Clark

Thoroughly appreciate Ben Ferguson’s report.