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While the nation mourns more than 30 people who were killed last week in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, liberals blame President Trump for both events. Also, liberal bias in the media causes a newspaper headline to change under pressure. Finally, trade war with China hits new levels.

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Victoria Moyer

Sorry but I blame Obama for increasing racism in this country. As far as China goes. They play their games, we play ours. No other president ever stood up to them. I worked in the Steel Industry 34 years. I know how cheap steel with low tariffs from China affected our Manufacturing of steel in the USA. Kudos President Trump.

Greg Russell

We are in a civil war in America, for the hearts and souls of all Americans. It is a spiritual and ideological war, and the Republic is at stake. Its just this simple: will we allow a despotic government, fueled by demon-crats delusion and hatred for our freedoms and individual liberties to further crush the free speech and gun rights of law-abiding Americans? Or will we take our Republic back and find brave, reasoned American Patriots who understand the Constitution to be our elected employees? We wont last long as a sovereign nation if things continue as they are unabated. Pray to the Lord, Jesus, as though your life, soul, and country depend on it, because they do.


Is it possible to get caption with these video’s? I’m deaf & would truly like to hear/see what’s being said? Thank you!


If you Bother to read the Manifesto that the shooter in El Paso Penned you would see that the man is not a racist against Mexicans as much as he is totally frustrated with the politicians ( both D’genrat and Rino) in this country that REFUSE to govern by the constitution and would rather try to manipulate the vote and the population to their advantage by regulating the rates that illegal aliens are permitted into the country. He is frustrated that the politicians and corporations are negotiating wealth for themselves at the expense of the citizenry and future of our country and no matter how the population objects and votes the politicians continue their path of selling the country away.

Ron R Graham

Hi AMAC Ben is great, I look forward to ever Friday, or sometimes Saturday, morning to hear his comments. He speaks my language, so clear and concise. You to AMAC.
Keep up the good work, keep talking for me.

Janette Lewis

Brooker and the derange mayors are out right liers. They have no shame. It is the left socialist and communism that is fanning the flames of hate.
They know these things about Trump not true. Trump speaks the truth and they will not report the truth.

Sam Williams

Is it possible to watch the video without having to agree to let You tube track my activities.

Claire Duprey

I am enjoying these news briefs so keep them coming, Ben is great at getting his point across to the public and tells us what is happening. Thank you

Charles Steen

Thanks to Ben for a healthy weekly dose of a clearer perspective of the truth.


The Left is bringing bigotry and calling the President a Nationalist and using the media and blaming the President for causing this darkness they are spreading. I pray that the people recognize this.


Thank you for the great show this week! I especially liked the comparison with the old NY Times headline and the new one, once they caved to liberal political pressure! It’s just very disconcerting that much of the media continues to blame president Trump for everything.

Kay Delano

I love this news outlet. I look forward every week to the email I receive from AMAC with the factual news given by Ben Ferguson. This helps me to sort out the confusion in the world of media outlets. My views are conservative and I appreciate a like minded news source that is able to keep it accurate and factual.

Glenn Lego

My son works for a company that has manufacturing facilities in China. And the company is bad mouthing Trump for the tariff of China.

Gordon R Froman

Firstly let me say where I am coming from: I am a retired Naval officer with over 20 years service in the defense of this country (my country). President Trump is a breath of fresh air! He won the 2016 presidential election hands down, and I am one who supports A WINNER. Based on those who have announced their 2020 candidacy, he will again, and with an even larger majority win again, HANDS DOWN! Since retiring from the Navy, and since I speak Mandarin, I have spent numerous business trips to China. I’ve learned much about the Chinese thinking process and I can guarantee you his current approach is “Right on” Next I am terribly disappointed in those of you who get a printed script and without even understanding what you are TOLD to say or what to oppose just kind of fall in line like little chickens (with about… Read more »


Our President Trump did the right thing in the wake of the shootings, yet the left vilifies his every action. When will the media wake up, pull their heads out of their butts and start reporting the news instead of politicizing it? President Trump has the stones to stand up to China. I say GREAT! The economy is chugging along at a brisk pace, unemployment is down as is inflation. What is not to like?


You need to put closed captioning on. I am deaf and have no idea what is being said in your videos

Patricia Malone

I think President Trump is doing a great job handling everything.

Junior Villafañe

Que bien se ve un Presidente que está cerca del pueblo cuando sufre. Por favor, continue su obra. Las palabras convencen, y su obra arrastra. Tenemos que explicarle al pueblo la obra que se quiere hacer en la frontera sur. Los detractores hablan y hablan pero no ofrecen soluciones. Con la tecnología que tenemos, podemos proyectar la obra a llevarse acabo, para tener un control total de la frontera sur. Insistir que no es cerrar la sino, controlar la entrada a nuestra casa. Y de esta forma podemos darle una calidad de vida mejor, a todos nuestros hermanos, que tocan a la entrada. Espero que de esta forma una obra excelente, que nuestro Presidente le a dado una atención prioritaria, se lleve a feliz término.

Linda Paz

Keep up the good work!