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Real Facts About Shutdown – Reassurance for Most Americans


Let’s do a reality check on the current federal shutdown.  Are you ready for a good laugh?  Put down your favorite mainstream media outlet.  Switch it off, and just follow the numbers.  Yes, every rooftop is cluttered with news anchors, bellyaching reporters and stray Democrats shouting “the sky is falling!” or “the federal shutdown is ending life as we know it!”  Here is real news.  Not so.

First, recall that when President Obama managed a congressional shutdown, he blamed Congress and “weaponized” that shutdown against average Americans – deliberately putting barricades around traditionally open, accessible monuments and parks, including our WWII Memorial on the National Mall. 

President Trump has done the reverse, waiving obstacles to volunteers at monuments and parks, clearing the way for federal agencies to stay as open as much as possible.  He has specifically assured EVERYONE entitled to a timely tax refund will get it, throughout the shutdown.  Most parks can use operating budgets to keep restrooms and garbage pickup going.  As he seeks to get Congress to properly secure US borders, he is looking after the American People – in ways his predecessor did not.

Second, remember that the bills held up by Democrats in Congress have more than 300 billion dollars that could be placed against the five million dollar request.  It would take ten minutes for Congress to agree. The five could be taken from parts that deliberately EXCEED the President’s original request – such as the 10.6 billion dollar jump up for Housing and Urban Development over the President’s request.  This would instantly end the crisis, allowing money to be used for border security or “the wall,” also allowing other programs to remain at requested levels.

Third, look at the real numbers on shutdown impact.  No one is doing it – so let’s do it here.

As of this week, 328,000 federal employees are on furlough, according to the most recent agency reporting.  If history is any example, they will all be given back pay – part of the eventual compromise – when the shutdown ends. 

They represent 38 percent of employees at the several affected agencies – so less than half, even of those agencies – and almost nothing by comparison to total government employees, federal or national employment.

Today, there are 230 public employees for every 10,000 Americans, according to the US Census data.  Altogether, America has 16 million public employees employed beyond the federal government, plus more than two million (fulltime) federal employees, excluding postal employees.

Since we have another half million postal employees, we have a total of 2.5 million federal employees, 18.5 million overall public employees (with the federal employees), and a total of 126 million employees nationally – a number that has risen sharply (and in every demographic) since President Trump took office.

So, let’s keep some perspective here.  This “partial shutdown” – furloughing 328,000 “non-essential” federal employees who will likely be paid for time off – is a drop in the national bucket.  To be precise, these “time off” employees represent 13 percent of our total federal workforce, less than two percent of public employees, and one quarter of one percent of all American employees. 

So, while congressional Democrats insist that 10.7 million illegal aliens in the United States amount to nothing to worry about, and we witness roughly one-half a million new illegal entries per year, the commotion is now about the one quarter of one percent of employees who are presently furloughed – pending protection of the border. 

The sad irony is that this contrast – genuine public health and safety issues tied to a porous US border versus the political hoopla promoted by Democrats who refuse to pass the bills that would protect the border and pay the quarter of one percent on furlough – is somehow lost in the clatter and clank of what masquerades as modern political debate. 

Average Americans are tired of this poking by Congress at a President trying to protect the nation, endless and pointless posturing, ranting and reorganizing of facts to support what Democrats in Congress think will bring more votes. 

The average American is glad that President Trump has assured all social security, Medicaid, Medicare, Military pay, and IRS refunds will go out uninterrupted by the political shenanigans.  They are glad essential personnel will remain as usual, and that the “partial federal shutdown” is not being weaponized against the American people.  They are glad too that President Trump wants to protect them and secure the borders.  What they are not pleased about is the antics that now define the public square.

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J Wayne Watson

I just heard that a Catholic Biship in New York commented that he was having great difficulty in understanding how a good Catholic could be a Democrat. I have been saying that for years! They give more credence to whales rather than humans. Save the whales and the seals while murdering millionso of the most defensless humans of all……..the babe in the womb.


And again, thank God for this President.

Deborah Hendricks

Do not give in Mr. President. We are with you.

General Patton

Good article——–this is great that the average American realizes Marxist Demorats care more about illegals than American Citizens.


Bob L.

In just three words – way too big.
The Founders of this nation would be appalled at the current size and scope of the federal level of government.
I firmly believe in the 10th Amendment and the old saying: “The government that governs best governs least”.


When are the democrats going to wake up! The invaders coming through our borders don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat. They will run you down while they are drunk or on drugs regardless of your politics. They won’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat when the go after your job, offering to work for half your pay, in cash and willing to live ten in a room to do it. They won’t care what your politics are when your taxes are raised to provided welfare, free medical care and free education for them and their several children. They will be nonjudgmental as to who pays the freight, Democrats or Republicans, as long a Americans do it.

Gary Friedenbach

DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Woolen

Please refuse to settle for anything less than money for the border Donald.

I do not want an open border.


Question: if these furloughed Federal employees are officially classified as “non-essential,” why not furlough them permanently and just retain essential employees? And, why were they hired in the first place? STAY STRONG, MR. PRESIDENT! MAGA!


Well said! Hopefully the President stays strong and holds the course.

Paul Lund

I don’t think normal people have noticed any difference in this shut down. Maybe its time to trim more fat off the budget and release these no essential to go work in the private sector. Congress and the Senate need to stop receiving pay checks too until they get off their fat “@&$ and do what the American people have asked. Build the flipping Wall.

John Lemley

I know this article is true and accurate, except for the typo already mentioned. But, what concerns me is that everyone, yes everyone, I have talked with about this believes the lies and misrepresentations and hatred spewed out by the media and they vote accordingly. What can we do to turn the hearts, minds and votes of the deceived masses?


The Democrats don’t want a so called fake crisis to go to waste. They are poor excuses for human beings. A lot of the old wind bags need to retire and ride off into the sunset. Never to be heard from again.

Phyllis poole

I can’t understand why some people are against this Pres! I know some and they have no valid point. Are they too democrat and don’t look at facts? Or are they so for abortion that nothing else matters?! Climate change matters to some. We must PRAY. because the devil is loose and clouds reason!!!!!

James Spragg

The Democratic party have shown they are haters of God country and the American way

Michael Francis Kennedy

Steady as she goes Mr. President. Be stronger.

Robert Wileu

Don’t let the Liberal Democrats win this one. Stand your ground, President Trump. Your are correct and the Democrats are willing to let our country be overran with illegal aliens.


Our elected congressmen are working to protect themselves, and not the american people, while our News agencies lie to us. Very sad.


Demorcats need to know that they are the ones hurting the American people and have proven again that they don’t care about the American people they don’t like trump and his promise to the American people and want there own way even if it hurts the American people and line there own pockets with money that is not theirs


The article states “… against the five million dollar request …”. That should be 5 billion, not 5 million. In all other respects, I agree with the article.,

Why don’t the Democrats ask the people who live along the border whether they want the wall built or not?