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First, amid a severe COVID-19 crisis, private companies are stepping up more than they ever have before. Next, the president is using the full force of the Federal Government to take on this virus; however, Nancy Pelosi is politicizing this and trying to come up with a new way to possibly impeach Donald Trump. Finally, we have an AMAC Action update on how AMAC is helping our members fight COVID-19.

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Dave M

I’m waiting for the day when someone in the media has the backbone to speak the unvarnished truth that Socialists have taken over the Democrat Party and that Party has become the enemy of the United States and its people. I never would have believed the day would come when America’s enemies were seen as merely “partisan” members of our government. They are not “partisans”. They seek to destroy the United States. Whether they are fifth column or fellow travelers, they need to be put out of government. All patriots need to begin saying this clearly and loudly. I’ve watched this rot spread for sixty years, and though many warned of this, people said it couldn’t happen. Well, here it is. We are living in one of the most dangerous times our country has ever experienced. It’s long past time to take a stand.


Mike Lindell did not deserve the attacks and sarcasm – he IS helping, he IS making a difference – what are those clowns doing? Thank you Mr. Lindell – we appreciate you and your employees efforts to help. God bless you!

Wayne Sluiter

Trump 2020

Patriot Will

Mr. Lindell is an inspiration. From a down-and-out crack addict to a hard-working businessman who employs many people, what’s not to like?
He actually has given back to his community over-and-over. He is a true hero and a true patriot. Those sarcastic bags of manure who have nothing better to do than find fault with Mr. Lindell are disgusting. No one is perfect!

Marlene Turner

If nancy would be fired i think this would get over so why are they letting her run things


All I can say is as the press goes I want the facts, not your opinion or your bias. I watch Trump’s press conferences. I resent having them cut short–and that includes Fox cutting it short for Martha’s special report. We missed too much of what happened that day. As for the Alphabet soup networks, eventually no one will be watching you and you will have created that situation yourselves. I think Trump needs a second task force and that’s one for getting back to work. Let’s be ready, willing and able with boots on the ground when the proper time comes. As for Cuomo and Di Blasio–you reap what you sew!

Nelson G.

Impeach Pelosi!! I often wonder why no one has looked into the finances of Ms. Pelosi. Who’s pushing her to do what she does? Why hasn’t anyone questioned her “sanity?” Why doesn’t anyone have enough nerve to call her out when she pulls one of her flim-flam, stupid stunts? I’d like to see someone in the Senate or House order a full investigation into her Socialist friends and contacts. She needs to see what a “witch hunt” is like.


The democrat-controlled news media only allows hate-Trump coverage! Hatred for the president and hatred for those who voted for him! Nothing positive! The democrat party has complete control! The democrat party is using this platform like shameless bullies! These bullies are trying to intimidate American voters! These bullies will lie to confuse voters! I will show these bullies just how intimidated I am come November!

Joyce Gibson

I have never wanted to slap anyone so badly in my life as Nancy Pelosi and the liberal news media individuals. They need to be replaced and the sooner the better. To think that, particularly, our congress would hate our President so much, they would focus on getting rid of him instead of helping their constituents who are, or may become, victims of COV-19 is ludicrous. THEY GAVE TO GO!

Richard Leon Shelton

I have a “my pillow” pillow, it’s my favorite. Even tho it’s perfectly fine, I think I’ll order another, just to let Mike Lindell know how much I support him!

Whiskey Sierra Lima

Greetings One and All, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1. This American Born Patriot Citizen, Career Retired United States Marine; Hereby “Salutes” Mr Mike Lindell, and, All of his dedicated employees; Who ARE Mind You, Fellow Americans ALL; For having Stepped Up during this COVID-19 Pandemic here in Our United Sates.. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// a. As for the Liberal Media, and their collective Bashing of Mr Lindell, for having been at the press briefing with President Trump; As well as, what Mr Mike Lindell had conveyed, with regard to Our President, and what Mr Lindell had conveyed with regard to “Praying and Reading The Bible”, while getting back to being with Our Families during all which we as America’s Population, goes through this Corona Virus Pandemic within Our Country.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> b. With regard to the Many, Liberally Bias media outlets within Our Nation. Here are my words to you “Bums, Bums The Lot Of You”.!. You… Read more »

Mike in AZ

WHAT A SAD BUNCH – PELOSI, NADLER, SCHIFF, SCHUMER, CUOMO, how many more Then ya got the LIBERAL MEDIA – Liberal is not enuf!! how abt Pharisees – They Treat the Prez like the Pharisees and Sadducees did the Lord. YES!! Bible does no good to Liberals and sinners that cannot see their own sins. The Blind Media leading the Blind people who listen to them. SAD! Eyes to see but cannot see, ears to hear but don’t. Don’t want to. Negativism is rampant. I DO NOT get why this country does not do the absolute most to HELP in every situation to deal with this BUG!! And put all the hate and complaining aside – Domestic violence is up 20% – a bus driver is dead because some UN CARING person coughed on him – NO regard – His Video was – wow. He was mad! Some People with… Read more »

Wiley Ashworth

Never ceases to amaze me that people like Pelosi and the media seemingly have the ability to survive and even thrive when all they are about is tearing down a President who has accomplished more against mounting opposition than anyone since Jesus Christ.


I just wonder if the Democrats and the Media would obsessively attack President Trump if he was still a Democrat?? Bet not. Then they would love him.

Th Fox

I am praying for God to remove Nancy Pelosi & her henchmen from office. Anyone who works so hard for the Devil will get their reward, but not soon enough as they are ruining our country in the meantime. Can’t some one impeach her & her henchmen? I wish I had the power to do so. Hopefully the convention of states can do something, but not soon enough.


I now only watch One America News on the TV. I have given up on tuning into Fox but still watch Lou Dobbs and others on Fox Business.

Mark T Carter

Revelation 20:11-15

daniel bonner jr

Do not EVER watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS or read the NYT, WSJ, Wash Post. or ANY of these crazy Left Wing Media outlets. One very effective way to fight back is through ratings and subscriptions. The less money they have the better.

Carol Miller

Thank you for the good reporting!

Whiskey Sierra Lima

It is my belief, that the unvarnished truth, about the liberalized-socialists, having taken over far more control here in our country, than than any of America’s population really knows of, simply shall not be spoken of by reporters, that is any reporters, due to the backlash which the reporter(s) would receive, from the liberalized-socialists within our country. Now this is sad, but I do believe that it is true.