Reaching for Impeachment Shows Democrat Desperation

reaching impeachment democrat desperationWith House Democrats (House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler shown) holding hearings as part of their probe to impeach President Trump, it is more apparent than ever that Democrats — who have been claiming all along that Trump will be easily defeated in 2020 — are politicizing the impeachment process to remove a president whom they cannot defeat otherwise.

Having failed at every turn — including a plethora of probes and investigations into “Russian collusion” — to harm (if not remove) President Trump, Democrats are now making what can only be accurately described as a naked play at damaging his hopes for reelection by doing what many high-ranking Democrats said they would not do: impeach the president. It is noteworthy that Democrats are basing their impeachment efforts on Trump allegedly “obstructing justice” in the Mueller probe — even though that probe found no evidence of the collusion charges over which Trump allegedly obstructed justice to avoid being found guilty.

This is typical of Democrats. Sling mud and then accuse the target of wrongdoing for trying to avoid having mud slung at him. With the backing of the liberal mainstream media providing a non-stop flow of free publicity in their never-ending witch hunt, Democrats have hounded President Trump with unfounded accusations since before he even took office. Nothing they have thrown at him has hit the target — even Mueller concluded that there is no evidence of collusion. So now, Democrats — and their liberal mainstream media accomplices — are accusing the president of having obstructed justice to hinder that investigation.

This, of course ignores the facts that (1) that investigation was given free rein to go far and wide (even beyond its initial scope), and (2) uncovered not a shred of evidence that Trump or anyone associated with either his campaign or administration colluded with Russia.

On Tuesday, the House Democrat probe held what the Washington Post called its “debut” by grilling former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. The Post even reported that Tuesday’s hearing “left more questions than answers about how [House Democrats are] going to manage to pull this off.”

After five hours of testimony, Lewandowski left House Democrats frustrated. The only thing they really can even claim they gained is that Lewandowski confirmed that President Trump had asked him to tell then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to limit the special counsel’s probe. To consider that a gain is ridiculous for two reasons: First, the Mueller report already revealed that, and second, it is not a big deal. An attorney general has the authority to limit the scope of such probes and presidents have the authority to direct them to do so.

What is happening with this impeachment effort is plain to see. Despite their claims that President Trump is washed up and will easily be defeated by the Democrat candidate in 2020, Democrats seem to know they can’t deliver on that hollow promise. In fact, evidence shows that Trump continues to be a force to be reckoned with. In the recent North Carolina special elections, Democrats had to admit that Trump turned the tide and cost them both of those House seats. Has-beens don’t have that kind of power. Realizing that they can’t easily defeat him, they appear to be hitching their political hopes to the impeachment wagon. Consider this: With just over a year until the election, if Democrats believed Trump was done for, why would they risk the political capital of impeachment when they could simply let him ride out his term and then beat him the 2020 election? After all, the likelihood that the House could successfully impeach him and the Senate could convict him and remove him from office before the 2020 election is slim, at best. In fact, chances are slim that these proceedings will accomplish anything toward an actual impeachment, much less conviction.

It appears that Democrats are simply using this impeachment probe to continue their assault on Trump in the hopes of damaging his chances in 2020. Many voters may feel that it is a waste to cast a vote for a president that is under the shadow of impeachment.

And — to put in the for-what-it’s-worth column — if Democrats felt they had a viable candidate that could actually give Trump a run for his money, they would be focusing their efforts in that direction. Unfortunately for the average Democrat voter, the far-Left wing of the party has taken over and doesn’t want to run a moderate candidate. Even Biden seems to realize this and is rapidly moving further to the Left.

Lewandowski partially addressed this in an interview with Fox News after his testimony, saying, “I think I reiterated what the American people already knew. There was collusion — there was no obstruction. The Mueller report was very clear about that. And what we know is that the far-Left wing of the Democratic party has to have these hearings to protect themselves in their congressional districts from futher-Left progressives who want to take them out in their primary races. This is all politics.”

It appears that there is a sense in which the Democrat impeachment probe may be a good thing for President Trump and the American people — because it shows the desperation of a party that has moved so far left that there is nowhere else to go but down.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by C. Mitchell Shaw

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3 years ago

When is this idiot going to get a life. He is a one of the swamp creatures that we were hopping our president would drain into a sewer.

David Schultz
3 years ago

Let’s hope they keep up this stupidity the democrats are showing! We Conservatives will gain seats in the House and Senate, which will shut these idiots up!
We also will retain an extremely competent President!
The dems are too stupid to know this, let’s hope they don’t catch on

3 years ago

Of course they’re desperate. They have nothing else but hatred for Trump and America. They’re platform is one of Hate!

3 years ago

There are two things at play here that are making Nadler go far beyond what his party/Congressional leadership are willing to put up with, and they’re both personal.
First, Nadler has a serious democrat challenger for his seat back in NYC. He is scared, and he’s using these hearings to try to show he’s still “got it” to the folks back home.
Second, and this is more suspicion than provable, there is bad blood between Nadler and fellow New Yorker, Mr. Trump. There is some sort of history there that’s prompting Nadler to go after The President with such an expense of money and energy. Maybe he wasn’t given free space at Trump Tower?
Neither is good enough in the long run, however, more likely to backfire than not and make Nadler look even more incompetent than he really is, which is substantial. Mr. Trump will have the last laugh. Period.

Bruce Chalmers
3 years ago
Reply to  Gerald

So true, Nadler is a has been, and hates America. Another example for the need of term limits, he’s worthless! Couldn’t get a real job in the private sector.

I Am M.O.TheR.
3 years ago

This is not the typical ‘friendly’ opposition party agenda afforded in the peaceful transfer of power after an election nor a reasoned and logical political plan for the coming election. This goes beyond politics driven by the desire of the Democrat Party to destroy this Republic! I believe Nadler, Cummings, & Schiff, and et al, along with the propagandists in the media, are engaged in serious efforts to divert the attention of the American citizens from the truth of treason. A criminal attempt to cover up the heinous crimes of the party’s former Presidential candidate, the former President, and two dozen of his appointees, and with willful assistance from career government employees, in our intelligence, justice, and law enforcement agencies. Aiding and abetting in the failed coup d’etat attempt against the duly elected President of this Republic. They will continue their attempts to delay justice for their traitor friends, but justice will come for those involved, including criminal members of Congress.

3 years ago
Reply to  I Am M.O.TheR.

Excellent analysis!

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