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Radical Leftism: Coming to a School Near You

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radicalWritten By: Joshua Charles

Radical Leftism is coming to a school near you under the guise of revamped “civics education.”

But this isn’t the civics of our parents and grandparents. In fact, it’s not like anything prior generations of Americans would recognize as education.

This leftist brand of civics goes by a number of nice-sounding names–terms like “Action Civics,” “New Civics,” “Project-Based Civics,” and even “Civic Engagement.” While you may be tempted to think these describe a good thing—namely, a renewal of civics education in our children’s schools—they are in fact a cloak that is being used to insert leftist indoctrination straight into the school curriculum.

One of the unsung accomplishments of the Trump Administration was the release by a presidential commission of what has come to be known as The 1776 Report, a rousing defense of American history and heritage. The 1776 Report described the left-wing push for “civics” education this way:

New Civics uses direct community service and political action (such as protesting for gun control or lobbying for laws to address climate change) to teach students to bring change to the system itself. Under this guise, civics education becomes less about teaching civic knowledge and more about encouraging contemporary policy positions.

As this description suggests, the basic goal of these left-wing civics programs is to replace learning with activism. The ideal student outcome is not an informed citizen, but an ideological pawn ready to organize on behalf of leftist causes. This approach received tacit federal support under President Obama in 2012 with the release of a White House report called “A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future.

The report offered a vision for the future of education, in which institutions focused not on teaching young people to love and understand their own country, but to school them in left-wing dogma regarding “inequality,” “sustainability,” and “global citizenship.” None of these concepts have anything to do with the history or nature of the American system, which is supposed to be the purpose of civics education.

Not only does “Action Civics” fail to teach actual civics, but the “values” it promotes will not be your values, and they will not be American values. They will be the values of the extreme left, which seeks to remake the world in the image of the so-called “woke.” As such, this radical break with traditional civics education is a grave threat to the American Experiment which we must confront head-on.

To understand why, we can look back to the wisdom of a now-famous Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville came to visit the United States in the 1830s to figure out what made America tick. His famous work, Democracy in America, was the result of that visit. Tocqueville recognized that the American Constitution was not a simple document. Rather, it incorporated a variety of critical features, namely a mixed government that includes elements of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy. With this in mind, Toqueville observed that the U.S. Constitution relies on ordinary American citizens being well-educated in true civics, and devoted to rational thinking.

In other words, he observed that for our constitutional system to work, the citizenry must be knowledgeable. They must be taught how America works, why it works, and what its underlying principles are. If modern schools choose to begin “education” with activism, they skip this all-important step, and instead prepare young people to be unthinking political tools rather than informed citizens.

Genuine civics should first teach rising generations why our Constitution is designed the way it is. Our Founders were among the most well-educated generations in human history. They read widely, and learned many lessons from the histories of Greece, Rome, and Europe. They incorporated these lessons into our constitutional framework. Understanding those lessons, and how they informed our system, is vital to any genuine civics education.

From there, true civics education should teach young people how our system actually functions. What are the powers of each branch? What are their limits? How have those evolved over the last two centuries? How does our system distribute sovereignty?

Only once young people understand and appreciate these fundamentals can they assume their proper role responsibilities as educated citizens. But “Action Civics” reverses this. It takes young, uninformed minds, preys on their idealism, and transforms them into foot soldiers for leftist causes. All the while, they are left ignorant of their country, and taught to despise what makes it unique.

Such mis-education not only fails to instill a sense of patriotism in the young, it amounts to outright indoctrination. Why would future generations ever defend or preserve a nation they have been taught is evil?

In the words of Montesquieu, another famous French philosopher–one deeply admired by our founders–“It is not young people who degenerate; they are ruined only when grown men have already been corrupted.”

With the help of several Republican co-sponsors, Democrats are trying to make this corruption of the young permanent with their recent introduction of the Civics Secures Democracy Act.

This cannot be allowed to happen. This will be the subject of ongoing reporting in the days and weeks ahead.

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Steven Huskey
6 months ago


6 months ago

“unthinking political tools” = mindless liberal drones

T.c. Parkinson
6 months ago

I agree wholeheartedly with article , well written, but he forgot the most important aspect of our Constitution. God s assistance and direction in that entire process. If we openly recognize this fact, I believe HE assist will assist us in our efforts to preserve freedom ????????????????????????

Patty Ann
6 months ago

The fall of this nation began with NObama!

6 months ago
Reply to  Patty Ann

Actually it started with LBJ and his “Great Society” welfare program.

David P Nelson
6 months ago

Ben. What the ‘F’ is going on in our GREAT Country?
Why is the Left trying their hardest to undermine our Culture? I don’t understand.

6 months ago

When Biden began his puppet dictatorship I immediately bought about 10 American history books before the written history of our nation was destroyed. The books range in age from young child to high school. At the present I only have one infant grandson, but these books are for all my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I made sure that the books contained documented history of the United States. I got a little world history also.
I also bought Mrs Butterworth syrup, Aunt Jemima pancake batter, and Uncle Ben’s Rice; and the empty bottles/boxes have been stored.
Most (if not all) people, families, communities, states, countries, have event(s) in their pasts that are ashamed or have learned were wrong. But do not we all learn from our mistakes? If we hide, cover, or destroy evidence of our past (failures or victories) how will it be possible for the person or the nation to learn and grow?
Our country is composed of many cultures and colors, victories, failures, beliefs and ideals. All of this makes the United States not the disunited chaos of “New Civics”.

6 months ago

The LEFT destroys everything it touches.

Sean Richman
6 months ago

Can these entities be called leftists,or socialists or democrats any more or do we address them for what they really are anti AMERICAN marxists.

Wayne Odle
6 months ago

Once again Obama just had to be elected. TWICE no less. He’s a born communist and a liar. Believe the exact opposite of everything he says.

aluminum head
6 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Odle

Barak Insane Obama – TAX – SPEND – LIE – CONTROL = collapse the USA.
Trump needed to have that POS dealt with when he first got to the WH in 2017.

6 months ago

That little brainwashed global warming twit thunburg must have “graduated” from something like this.

Melissa Parsons
6 months ago

Would this “Action Civics” be another name for “Community Organizing”?

Last edited 6 months ago by Melissa Parsons
6 months ago

This is great article. But I think we saw similar situation in the way that Americans have reacted to 2020 election. There are people that agree election was fair & people that say it was fraud & do not accept results including some of our Senators in Capitol. Both sides did not reach conclusion by going to grade/high school!!! So both sides must have been educated by the media or by Democrat or Republican parties. Now ask yourself, what countries would rather see us united or divided??? We are called the United States of America and we must get back to the united or we will fall.

William J Cox
6 months ago

wish i could share to other sites, but there currently a way to do it

6 months ago

why dont parents home school, if they can or get together and make another type of school. this is terrible and can’t understand how it is allowed. also how can biden and his cronies say they are American

6 months ago
Reply to  teresa

Home schooling is best but many mothers work High school kids. Couldcertainly school at home and many are after the virus shut down schools.
Home schooled kids get in college easier too. BUT pick your college well. !!!! There’sMarxist trainings in many!!
This is the work of Satan. YES HES REAL.

6 months ago
Reply to  teresa

They are socialist. They aren’t American’s.

6 months ago

Unfortunately the left does not read or understand history. The great civilizations of the past eroded from the inside, by the exact same circumstances we are seeing today in our country. As a result if this continues are democratic society will eventually be gone as we know it. Very pitiful.

6 months ago
Reply to  par

That’s the nature of far left Communistic thinking. They only care about creating and maintaining a system by which they RULE …. not GOVERN from Constitutional Democratic parameters. Our Nation is too tolerant of these wacko libtards.

6 months ago
Reply to  par

when kids go home from school the parents need to teach them the truth

Nina Rae
6 months ago

If we had a child of school age they would be Home Schooled in a program I could oversee. It would have to be based on true American principles & values! Parents Must speak up and become involved in their children’s Lives & their Education! They cannot safely entrust your child to the Public Education System. It has been infiltrated by Socialist Liberals.

6 months ago
Reply to  Nina Rae

Home schooled is not way to go, the public education has worked for 200-years & just needs to go back to our roots. Public schools are great for the majority of our youth as they make friends, learn discipline, how to get along, & in a lot of cases the only or most meals of day. Not everyone can be like you & home school…………….

6 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

JohnH, homeschooling is most definitely the way to go. If you wish to go the Communist route and centralize schooling than you need to destroy atheistic evolution and bring the Bible back!

6 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

John, I agree that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to home-school but it has proven to be the best option to raise good healthy, well adjusted children for those who can. The idea that socialization should occur almost exclusively amongst a group of like- aged kids, directed by one person who likely does not share the same world view as the child’s own family has proven to be damaging. It removes the love from the shaping of the children and replaces it with a cold requirement of conformity to be included in the group. I raised 8 homeschooled children who are now healthy, productive, and happy Americans. Four have done military service and another is in the process to begin. Three so far have gone to college and are now skilled professionals. All are well-integrated and functioning in society far better than most of their friends who attended public school. Public school has not worked well for 200 years. It was already a dismal failure well before the Obama years. I think the arguments against homeschooling were often times well-intentioned but they are now outdated as they have almost all proven, through trial and time, to be false.

aluminum head
6 months ago

The NEA & AFT unions are nothing but communist dumpholes.

6 months ago
Reply to  aluminum head

1) Both unions should be decertified, if the teachers truly were interested in the best interests of the children they teach and the country both these unions are clearly against. That is the only way to break the back that these unions have over the American public school education process. Which has devolved into a political indoctrination process for socialism and a massive source of campaign donations and raw power for the Democrat party.

2) In the interim, parents that truly care about their children’s education and future should either enroll their children in a charter or private school or, if both economically and intellectually possible, home school them.

3) Once item 1 is done, then finally abolish the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., that has only served as an enabling means for the left to impose their standards and values on the public education since President Nixon created it. His “olive branch” to the left has enabled more damage to our public education system than any potential benefit he could have ever envisioned. Yes, the Democrats will scream and howl, but they always scream and howl anyway. Stop being afraid to stand up for yourselves and protect your children’s future or they won’t have one. Americans have to start pushing back against the relentless onslaught of the left, while they still can. Otherwise, there will soon be nothing left to defend as we become another failed socialist “paradise”.

Last edited 6 months ago by PaulE
6 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

PaulE, we can thank Jimmy Carter and election buddy, the NEA, for the present day catastrophe of The Department of Education.

6 months ago

Have some bad news for you and that is It’s already here and has been here for years. This is why so many kids are home schooling. They are still core educated at home but at least the parents can guide the children in the proper direction.

aluminum head
6 months ago

I sent my kids to Catholic school. They are Conservative. P S – communist B S. Sacrifice and get those kids OUT of public communist education. If you really care.

6 months ago

So many Americans are either tired of hearing all the democratic, leftist rhetoric, lazy or just plain stupid and really don’t give a rats behind to see what is coming. I have friends that would rather watch the mainstream news on TV than actually hunt for the truth in news. They don’t want to be bothered. Everybody is just content to cash their stimulus checks, not realizing that the “free money” is not really free. It is the beginning of the path to socialism. Your children and grandchildren will pay the price. I urge all Patriots that love our country to resist, resist this socialist propaganda. Remember, the 2nd Amendment was put in place to give us a way to resist a tyrannical government.

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