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Racial Preferences At Our Service Academies Are Not Essential To National Security

During oral argument in the college admissions racial preferences cases (Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard/UNC), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts inquired of United States Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar whether the service academies should “rise or fall” with the court’s ruling regarding Harvard and the University of North Carolina. The solicitor general, joined by the Department of Defense (DOD) general counsel, had claimed in briefing that the continued use of racial preferences at the…

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Reprinted with Permission from - The Federalist by – Gen. Arthur E. Brown JR. and Gen. Ronald R. Fgleman

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Rob citizenship
2 months ago

I agree with what is stated at the beginning of the article about how ” Racial preferences compromise combat effectiveness , dilute merit , and are unfair.”

Basically this issue concerns truth, specifically the truth about what is essential to national security and as the title of the article says ” Racial Preferences at Our Service Academies Are Not Essential To National Security.” So , I reckon that is a truthful statement , and I will just say that I believe that victory for truth helps in the defense of liberty.

2 months ago

Racial preference in any form is outrageous and despicable..

David Millikan
2 months ago

So they’re going to put Unqualified people into positions that they are NOT qualified for based on skin color.
Well, we just LOST every WAR because of STUPIDITY, DISCRIMINATION, and RACISM since that’s what it is.
ONLY a FACIST liberal would do that to weaken our country since DICTATOR Beijing biden signed another Illegal and Unconstitutional
Executive Order 12333 yesterday doing the same thing in federal agencies and MORE INVASION of our PRIVACY.
Don’t worry though.
The Unqualified will have access to our
Nuclear Weapons based on skin color.

2 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

This is another way for the Left to gain control of the military so eventually the military can be used to enforce measures/laws that are designed for control of the populace.

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