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Pure Propaganda: “Welcome to America” is More Fake News

time magazine fake news trump America

Image Source: TIME;

TIME Magazine released the cover of its upcoming July 2 issue this week, featuring an image of a Honduran toddler crying as she stands before an illustrated President Trump.

The original photograph of the child was taken by Getty photographer John Moore, and quickly became one of the most circulated images in the media frenzy surrounding the Trump administration’s enforcement of the zero-tolerance border policy.

Newspapers, magazines, and countless online media platforms used the image to criticize the president and decry the zero-tolerance immigration policy, pointing to it as ‘proof’ of the administration’s supposed cruelty.

In an official statement, the editorial staff of TIME explained they had chosen the image as they felt it portrayed “the most visible symbol of the immigration debate in America”.

As the image continued to circulate, readers speculated about the life of the child. It was assumed she was separated from her mother, which the TIME cover and headline – “Welcome to America”, with the president hovering intimidatingly over the child – very clearly suggested.

However, on Thursday afternoon, a bombshell was revealed:

The child in the photo had not been separated from her mother.

Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, the young girl’s father, said he recognized his daughter in the photo and worried that she had been separated from her mother. But after contacting officials, Varela learned that his daughter and wife had not been separated and were, in fact, being held together in a McAllen, Texas family detention center.

A representative from U.S. Customs and Border Protection later confirmed that the mother and child had not been separated. ICE officials also confirmed that the two are being held together, adding that they were never separated upon arrest in the first place.

The anti-Trump media, however, refused to let facts get in the way of their narrative.

Media outlets continued using the photo to advance their agenda, railing against the family separation policy and zero-tolerance border law – despite being fully aware that the mother and child in the photo were not separated by the president’s immigration policy.

The president has since reversed course and on Thursday, signed an executive order ending the policy on separating families at the border – the policy itself being an extension of border security policies implemented by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. President Trump has stated that although the separation policy will end, the zero-tolerance border crackdown will continue in order to achieve the highest level of security for our country.

While family separation may be over, the fake news media is still alive and well.

TIME’s deliberately misleading cover, along with widespread use of the image by other outlets, is nothing but media manipulation. Those complicit in the dishonest distribution of the photograph have shown that they care more about advancing an open borders agenda than the truth, and that they will do whatever it takes to smear President Trump – facts be damned.

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An example i’ve used with the common sense challenged Liberal loons: I tell them we are neighbors, you own a female dog that is pregnant. Your dog comes onto my property and has it’s puppies under my porch. Are the puppies mine or my neighbors? Even though your dog’s puppies were born on my property, it’s your dog and thusly, your puppies. In other words, if the parents aren’t citizens then obviously any children born to them are only citizens of the country of their parents citizenship. Let’s stop with the nonsense already, if you’re here illegally, you are guilty of breaking our sovereign law, send them all back to where they belong. I’m tired of hearing that our Social Security System is nearly broke, especially when former President, Jackass Jimmy Carter made it law that any immigrant, legal or illegal, can collect Social Security benefits even if they NEVER… Read more »

R. R.

Question …

Why do we not charge fake news reporters with Treason? The actions fit the definition (look it up) . We can no longer trust what is spoken or printed by many news agencies (newspapers/magazines/TV/etc). Please do not try to use the free speech arguement as fake news does not allow for free speech ….. IT IS ONLY THE ABILITY TO FREELY LIE.

Definition of treason
1 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
2 : the betrayal of a trust : treachery


You got it right. Fake News. Those parents bringing in their kids illegally should be charged with child abuse. They intentionally put the kids in harm’s way.


The left does not care about the American citizens or the children. They just see them as new voters. Look at CA. The left totally runs that state and that is what is desired nationally. How about Time running a picture of one of the MS-13 victims or countless other victims of one of those “dreamers.” Public safety is the government’s job and Trump is trying to do just that.


The democrats care more about murdering gang member illegals than America citizens! Fake news is driving the country toward civil war!


As a parent, grandparent and a member for the Shriners Children Hospitals,
I look at this BS and can only say,” Judge not yet Ye be judged.” If President Trump’s
proposal is so bad show us yours, oh and it has to be legal not just the same anything
goes. Keeping the Illegals coming in and those here to get the votes only shows how
irresponsible the politicians are to do what is right. We finally get a president wanting
to follow the laws as they were made and the Fake News doesn’t want to go according
to the law. Sorry for ranting, I know many AMAC members and my comment seems like
a recording . Peace be with all of you out there, and stay aware. Thank you


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It’s about time that TIME be investigated.


Everyone knows that Time Magazine is a propaganda outlet for the DNC so why is anyone surprised? Every cover that has featured President Trump has been degrading of him. I don’t recall any covers that featured Obama as being anything other than positive.

Jim H

If the Democrats want open borders, they should open up their gated communities, mansions and vacation villas to the illegal aliens for free room and board.

Vincent Pascale Jr

With the end of the rule of law, the end of our Republic is at hand. Repubs and Dems alike are to blame, and neither cares a whit about the Middle Class. It is time for us to form our own Middle Class Party to advance OUR interests.


How can we hold such a corrupted media accountable? It’s happening every day now. This lie was started by Time Magazine. Tomorrow, another lie will be circulated by one of the networks. It’s relentless. Every day the news media is either insulting Mr. Trump or insulting those who voted for him. They don’t gather the news – they make it up! Do republicans and conservatives have a right to expect honesty in the news media? I guess all we can do is continue calling it what it is “Fake News”. Fake! Fake! Fake!

Sharon Reeder

God help us. What a mess. We are compassionate, how many of the children were separated from their parents before their journey started? What are the real facts?


“The Ends Justifies The Means” has long been a policy of the democRATS. Whether the issue is gun control, medical care monopoly, or allegations against police officers. Leftists do not believe in truth or the rule of law.
When does a nation have enough immigrants? Our cities are overburdened, highways and prisons overcrowded, and many of our children can’t find jobs at good pay. Why can’t our policy be like other’s? You must have a means of support to come here for starters. And probation so that if you commit a felony you and your dependents are deported. Why can’t we start taking care of those who are here? Veterans, the elderly poor, taxpayers working two jobs, orphans, widows, crime victims, unskilled Blacks trapped in Democrat governed, crime plagued cities. Would that the media focus on these groups.

Todd Elder

If they would build the wall we would not even be talking about this.


Honestly, I have never understood why this has become such a major debate, except for the fact that the Liberals want to use immigration as a tool to maintain power. All of this talk about immigration reform is bogus. We already have immigration laws on the books. The only reform needed is to give ICE full authority to act in accord with the law. Dave is correct. Clearly post the laws at the border points of entry. Anyone who tries to cross without a passport is not allowed, and those who attempt it by sneaking across outside of the point of entry should be shot. An open border policy is not in our country’s best interests. Remember how the number of border crossings significantly declined when Trump first took office? The number declined because the word on the street was that Trump was serious about enforcing border laws. The fear… Read more »


The narrative is that we are all bad people because we don’t opt for an open border with no laws, and because we believe laws have to be enforced equally. The media is running the one world order, some people work hard, others get to use their money very hard. If the media cares so much for these people who are trying to illegally cross the border (apparently now known as migrants, remember that word when you break into a house and just move in, it’s ok, you’re a migrant), then the media should start reporting on the problems in these peoples countries that cause them to try and illegally cross the border. Push for a second amendment in their countries, the governments will then not be so corrupt, the drug cartels will then not be so powerful. Perhaps then they can enjoy life in their own country, and take… Read more »


Why doesnt the left care more about the American kids that live in poverty here and why do they support Planned Parenthood killing babies? Maybe take a pic of an aborted baby crying at Trumps feet. Wonder how far that would get.

Ralph Ormsbee

I wonder when the so called law will come into effect in our communist Government. This is a very big ORG, started and operated by the Democrat lawmakers. You say bull . Well get 10 people together and bring stuff up and see how many agree. See if you get any 100% agreement and see how many subjects you do not. Then take a look at things with the democrat lawmakers all are 100% against the closing of the boarder to illegal traffic. Plus we have 100% news media with the same 100% open boarder. We have a coup going on here and they are huge and they are terrorist. The school shooting was covered up till it was done and the terrorist lawmaker almost beat the police there. Now how did that come about

Robert Gastauer

A wimpy response to the left’s position on immigration. The anti-Trump forces will continue as Republicans dither over a politically viable approach.

John Messina

I only hope that in Nov., the voters will remember how their Republican {?} lawmaker stood when it came to supporting the Pres.