Proposed Cuts to Medicare Advantage Could Reach $11B

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JJ Rooney
9 years ago

There is one success story in Obamaland. He has succeeded in largely gutting or eliminating the Middle Class. You remember them don’t you? Those are the people who largely wind up paying for taxes and price increases ( Business does not pay cost increases; they just pass it on). Think things are bad now? Just wait for Obamacare to kick in fully in January.
There’s only one source of money. Tax the hell out of the population. What incentive does Obama have to show leadership and act positively on debt reduction? We’re stuck with him for the next 4 years. The Republican party have their heads up their asses for the last 6 years or so. We need a strong 3rd party to scrap the past and start producing the kind of candidates with track records and are beholden to the people. Along with this, an end to the bloated PACs who can brainwash people into voting their way. This is after all government of, by, and for the people, not the PACS. Get rid of the fricken lawyers who find ways to game the system. Every year, the colleges graduate more lawyers than their are jobs for them. I never met a lawyer on the unemployment line, but I met plenty of decent, hard-working people who were ‘downsized, restructured, restated, or just plain thrown on the scrap heap. As long as nobody cares, people will continue to be treated like commodities.
Exercise to do ( if you care) Start watching the news and pay attention to how the people are heard in many European countries and how the government is reacting. You’ll find in many cases that the government is afraid of people who are informed on the issues.
Others will only react when they are clubbed over the head. It’ll be too late by then.

Maybe if they pass a tax on programs such as MTV,etc will the point be made.

9 years ago

“And I PROMISE it will be better and less expensive”

Note, Mr. O was talking to mostly non-working “Americans”.

greg alley
9 years ago

I guess the adage of you can’t fool all of the people all of the time is wrong. At least, most of the electorate that saw this chi town snake oil salesman as the messiah of the welfare program and voted and voted and voted some more for him. For the 1st time in my 64 years I am very afraid for this country. The illegals and the takers seem to be the majority and those on Social Security will wind up paying the bill. Conservatives must unite and put up a fight before the libs/progs take it all.

jim jalowiec
9 years ago

I watched this whole thing, as much as I was tempted to stop.
It didn’t really talk much about the advantage plans (the blub that it was supposed to address).
And only two people were interviewed, both obviously hand picked to agree with the interviewer.
I soon noticed the fox news connection — that explained everything.
I promised my sister that I would give AMAC my consideration (as I am an AARP member) and I will.
So far, I am very disappointed.

Eugene Varcados
9 years ago

I don’t think you can blame ordinary citizens (the people) for the implementation of this health plan; other than the fact that they voted for Congressional representatives. The people have been victimized by Political Party Politics. This bill was passed by a Congress that puts political party platforms and agendas at a higher priority than their responsibilities of representation. Remember this bill was passed “UNREAD” with little or no regard for it’s contents or the effects that it will have on our daily lives. It was passed to advance an ideology regardless of the fact that MOST PEOPLE WERE OPPOSED TO IT.

Unfortunately, the rules concerning re-election of our Congressional members does not provide enough versatility for the people to eliminate bad representatives. When you add the bias and influence of liberal media propaganda; the people don’t have any chance of effectively change government fast enough to avoid such disasters.

This condition of “ideology supremacy” is currently being demonstrated in the proposals about “Gun Control”. The administration and their congressional backers are trying to implement laws that have already been proven to have no effect on the issues of criminal activities. Their objective is really to gut 2nd Amendment rights and disarm the general public who obey the laws. Criminals, by definition, won’t follow any of the laws being proposed. The 2nd Amendment has only 27 words, not 27000 pages. It is very simple, direct and to the point. But those currently in power DON’T CARE. They want what they want and will do anything to fulfill their objectives; IN SPITE OF THE PEOPLE OR OUR CONSTITUTION.

9 years ago

This will make more “jobs” – My son told me that his company will be hiring ALL PART TIME except for administrative jobs, that way they do not have to put out the big $$$ for obummercare.

9 years ago

No one should be surprised that the Obama administration has pulled of another “bait & switch” scam.
I can’t believe how so many people could be “duped” for such a destructive plan, yet there are a lot of “very=very
un-informed citizens and non citizens in this country—-

9 years ago
Reply to  mollymitzi

You can thank our news media for that and don’t forget AARP !!!

Jake Jose
9 years ago

Whats new? You governent working for U.

9 years ago

I hope the Welfare Leeches are happy.

Ed Scott
9 years ago

This is not right.

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